I need hair care tips for thick coarse hair?

I need hair care tips for thick coarse hair? Topic: Aloe vera research
July 17, 2019 / By Ash
Question: I have thick coarse hair and i HATE it. Does anyone haave any tips to make it silky and smooth ? for example, should i wash my hair everyother day? or just shampoo/condition it every other day? and if i brush it more often will that help it get more silky and smooth? thanks!
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Zeph Zeph | 9 days ago
Well first thing, make sure you have a moisturizing shampoo without sulfates or at least without sodium laureth sulfate aka sls it dries out thick coarse hair. Then grab a good conditioner something by aubrey organics or any other moisturizing or smoothing brand. Leave it in for about 10 minutes, or longer for a deep condition and then go ahead and detangle or you can do it after you put the leave in. Rinse out the regular conditioner. Use a leave in conditioner herbal essences long term relationship leave in is good and their hello hydration rinse out has good reviews. After that use a moisturizer like mango or shea butter, a moisturizing spray or pomade, aloe vera gel, even coconut oil and then style. Picking the right one for you may require some trial and error, I like melted shea butter and coconut oil in fall and winter and aloe vera in summer. After styling use some oil like jojoba, olive, grapeseed, or avocado to seal in your moisture and EVERY NIGHT regardless of your race use a satin or silk pillowcase or scarf to preserve the moisture. If your hair maintains moisture it will be smooth and silky. The only brush you should use is a paddle brush or even a denman brush *make sure if you get a denman it has wide bristles* or as one answer said use a wide tooth comb and when they say wide it doesn't mean long teeth it means the space between the teeth of the comb should be a larger than normal amount, try going to ebay or hairsense.com and search seamless comb or goody detangling comb, whichever one you choose to use make sure your hair is somewhat wet it doesn't have to be dripping wet with water some like it that way but I find nothing comfortable about water dripping all over my clothes, so hair should be at least semi damp, you can use a spray on detangler if you like or regular leave in conditioner to dampen your hair then begin to comb or brush starting at the ENDS, if you start at the roots you'll rip hair and it will look really dry. As far as how often you wash it this should be judged by your scalp. If your scalp is oily wash it every other day or you can do the curly girl method and use conditioner to wash your hair everyday. I don't because of build up. If you have dry scalp wash it every 4 days nothing bad will happen you can even research that yourself. If your scalp is normal wash it whenever it feels icky maybe every 2-3 days. I say pay attention to your scalp due to the fact that shampoo IS for your scalp conditioner is for your hair unless you're doing curly girl method and if you are you'll probably still need a clarifying shampoo once a month. Last but not least check your water to see if you have hard water, if so invest in a shower filter it will help. I've tried two sprite and aquasana I like aquasana better. Hope this helped you out.
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Zeph Originally Answered: I have poofy,coarse,thick, and straight hair. What works?
I have the exact same kind of hair you do. I would use john freida products. They have a straightening shampoo and conditioner the relaxes the hair and smoothes it as you condition and shampoo. Works great. Let your hair air dry so it doesnt get poofy as it probably does when you blow dry it. After you do that go over it with a straightening iron. Also a good tip-sleep with your hair in a braid. Itll give you hair a nice wave to it and the poof won't be as bad. Good luck:) Lemme know how this works!

Sky Sky
NO BRUSH!!! it frizzes it out. Get a wide tooth comb. Washing it everyday MAY dry it out so you need a great leave-in and moisturizer and heat protector. Get a good blow dryer and flat iron. Flat iron: chi Leave-in: Infusium or garnier products for moisture are good Heat protector: CHI YouTube Thick course hair styles/ regimen for how-to VDOs so you cane see how others handle it
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Oran Oran
i think you should shampoo it every other day, my favorite hair product would be PANTENE it makes it silky and it smells wonderful. Leaving your hair normal without using gel or hair spray also helps, a good treatment would definitely do the trick. GOOD LUCK!
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Leeroy Leeroy
Use conditioner with your shampoo. Then when it's dry (either if you blow dry it or not) you straighten it, then it would no longer be frizzy and as thick as it is and as you state.
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Jade Jade
Buy a comb. Buy keratin mist. Buy REDKEN, REAL CONTROL (in a purple bottle) Wash it every TWO days, having it be greasy is good for it.
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Jade Originally Answered: I hve thick wavy hair n i wanna get my hair silky straight naturally at home.r der natural remedies plss thnx?
If your heart is set on having that type of hair I would suggest to use a texturizer because it's not as harsh as a relaxer and it won't make your hair bone straight but it will loosen the curls/waves as well as make it more manageable. I do WARN you, it is a permanent change to your hair and you will have to keep getting it re-touched. Also, if you go with this you have to keep your hair in good health, like trimming and keeping it well moisturized so it doesn't dry out. Or for the natural way, there are many products out there to help you get silky smooth hair and lots of serums to use before you straighten it to prevent it from burning your hair too much. I suggest you do more research before you make a final decision.

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