My hamster has an inflated abdomen and it is blue, what should I do?

My hamster has an inflated abdomen and it is blue, what should I do? Topic: Essential oils case small
July 17, 2019 / By Ashling
Question: I have already looked it up and I think that it may be constipation. What should I do? I can't afford a vet and I have already given him some drops of olive oil. I am now almost sure (thanks to some informative phone calls) that it is constipation. But remember, I am not an adult, I am just a teenager and I can not drive to the vet. Trust me, if I could I would, but I CAN'T. So please stop saying "IF U LOVE UR PET..." because I don't appreciate it. It is not to my power to go to the vet. I have been asking my mother continuously but we can't afford it right now. So please, only answer if you are REALLY trying to help. Otherwise, don't bother.
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Best Answers: My hamster has an inflated abdomen and it is blue, what should I do?

Zibeon Zibeon | 4 days ago
He has to go to a Vet. He may have a blockage. Please, if you love your pet, take him to a Doctor! A wet tail can also indicate constipation. In both old and young hamsters, constipation is directly related to the ratio of pellets and water they are eating. In the case of the young, they consume the pellets which swell up in their intestines because they aren't getting enough moisture. Babies suffering from this ailment may be saved by making available milksop and juicy greens. In adults, the same cause is attributable. The hamster seems to waste away because it will not eat dry food if sufficient water is not available. Therefore it is essential that clean fresh water is always available. Provide plenty of carrots, carrot tops, other leafy vegetables and fruits. Constipation can be caused by a lack of vegetables and also by lack of exercise causing muscular problems. A hamster with constipation will often walk with an arched back because of discomfort, and will also be lethargic and have a swollen belly. Sometimes the hamster can also be slightly wet around the anal region and a look at the droppings in the cage will soon indicate that this is from constipation rather than diarrhoea. If your hamster has constipation and is eating, you should feed it plenty of greens and vegetables. A small drop of olive oil or liquid paraffin (from a chemist) can also be fed using a clean eye dropper. Within a few days the hamster should recover and a small amount of greens should be fed for a further couple of days to ensure the problem does not recur.
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Sloan Sloan
call up a vet and ask what to do...sometimes they'll tell you you have to come in but I know there are vets out there or even just people who answer the phone who will know what to do and will tell you what to do. Plus, in most cases, vets care about animals so if you tell them that you can't afford to go in but you need the advice, they'll give you a couple of ideas for what you can do. I hope your hamster is ok! good luck, sorry I didn't have better advice, I've never had a hamster
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Orrell Orrell
We used to have many hampsters a long time ago and we never had one with the the problem yours has. But something blue I would think could seem like bruising or bad maybe bad circulation. Books from the Library are a good source of information or if you live in the UK there is an organisation of Vets that only cater for people who are on low income or on benefits. The name for the organisation in the UK is the PDSA .. you can find their website on the internet and they have Surgeries all over the country. I used them for one of our hampsters who needed a leg amputated. I hope you found this useful.
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Lem Lem
a vet trip for a small rodent is very cheap, if its that or your hamsters suffering, you should think carefully. dont give it human medicine without proper vets or an animal charity advice! the internet will not necessarily be able to solve your problem in time... good luck!
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