Fastest way to get from Phidelpia Bus Terminal to 30th St Train Station?

Fastest way to get from Phidelpia Bus Terminal to 30th St Train Station? Topic: Wilkes barre pa papers
June 25, 2019 / By Asia
Question: I will be traveling from Wilkes-Barre Bus terminal to Philidelphias bus Terminal, then I must travel to the 30th St Train station from there...I am not from PA so I do not know any routes etc... I would like to know. What is the fastest, easiest orr cheaapest way to get to said location
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Zuph Zuph | 9 days ago
The Market East Regional Rail station is located near the Greyhound terminal. Any westbound train will take you to 30th Street. If you're catching Amtrak and have an e-ticket, you can use that for the fare on SEPTA. "Amtrak Tickets | Both Amtrak paper tickets and e-Tickets, purchased for the same date of travel and presented for inspection, will be accepted as a fare to ride on Regional Rail trains between 30th Street Station and Market East Station. Customers with e-Ticket confirmations should present their personal device (iPad, laptop computer, smart phone, etc.) to the SEPTA Conductor for visual confirmation of the Amtrak fare."
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Solly Solly
You should be using Martz Trailways from Wilkes Barre to Philadelphia Bus Terminal (10th and Filbert Street, which is one block north of Market St and 20 blocks east of your ultimate destination. Standard fare for the bus portion is currently about 37.00 one way, or 70.25 for a round trip. There are currently two daily departures from Wilkes Barre to Philadelphia, taking either 2.5 hrs or 2 hrs 50 min per the schedule (link below). The departures from Wilkes Barre are at 7:30 AM and 1:25 PM. On Fridays and Sundays only, there is a special express bus at 4:30 PM which is scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia at 6:50 PM. There are two public transportation options for getting between 10th and Filbert and 30th Street. The regional rail trains are across the street from the Greyhound terminal underground. You would go to tracks 3 and 4, and take any westbound train for two stops to 30th Street station. These trains come rather frequently, usually within 10 minutes or less, and are scheduled to take 9 minutes to reach your destination. The fare is $4 one way, cash on board, but you can also display any current amtrak ticket to receive free passage on these regional rail trains. The train arrives at the upper platforms of 30th street, then you may proceed down a ramp into Amtrak's 30th Street station concourse. When you arrived at 10th and Filbert, you also have a faster cheaper option rather than the $4 fare, (should you be subject to that). You may also proceed one block to the south to the street corner of 11th and Market and pick up the underground blue line, "Market Frankford" westbound (trains toward 69th Street). The cash fare is $2.00. The train comes very frequently and takes only a few minutes. You could also buy a minimum of two tokens for $3.10 at the machine, if you make this trip more than one time or have no change, but they also accept $2 cash, exact change only, at the turnstiles and the window at the entrance. Upon boarding any westbound train, whether A or B or local, at 11th street, you then get off at the third stop. The stops are 13th, 15th, and then express all the way to 30th, all underground stations. Go up the stairs and you will probably be on the southwest side of the intersection, 30th and Market streets, directly across the street from the Amtrak terminal.
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Osbert Osbert
regrettably, there is not any public transportation attainable to the terminal. you will could take a taxi to JFK Blvd, the place you could capture the #10 (run via pink & Tan) or #119 (run via NJ Transit) to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. i've got faith the fare is $4 in case you capture the #10 or $5.50 in case you capture the #119. in case you could not get the bus for in spite of reason, take the taxi to Grove highway and then take the trail ($2 fare) to thirty third highway. From there, you could capture yet another taxi for the acceptable few blocks to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. i'm hoping this guidance became very helpful.
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I take NJT every work day and have always felt safe. The Newark train station can be a little sketchy at night, but keep an eye out and on your first day, learn where the taxi pick up/drop off is and see if you can find a local taxi company, then put the number in your cell phone, just in case. The Elizabeth station (there are TWO on the Northeast Corridor line) is pretty safe, albeit I don't know very much about the taxi situation. As for being on the train itself, the conductors rope off the end of the train sometimes, because if it's late and not a lot of people on the train, they try to confine us to only a few cars to avoid having someone sit in a car by themselves and have something happen to them. I've gotten kicked out of the back of the train because the conductors want to be able to watch us, which, at its core, is a good thing. Whenever I travel late in the evening (I'm in my 30s), I make a point of sitting near the end doors and not listening to music, so I can hear what's going on around me. Odd as it sounds, I sit near the bathrooms. There's always going to be traffic going back and forth to the bathroom, so I'm never alone. (Even conductors have to use the bathroom!) I also say thank you to the conductor who checks my pass and smile at the conductors as they come through. They're more apt to remember the face that is kind to them, and would better notice if something was wrong (for example, if I was missing, the bathroom was empty, and we hadn't reached my stop yet—they'd remember the stop since they took my ticket, the girl who bothered to say thank you). It probably doesn't help and the conductors could care less, but it doesn't hurt! And annoying as it may be, sit near the rowdy people. They are loud and annoying, and you don't have to sit WITH them, but rowdy people mean people who are awake, and the more people in the car who are awake, the less chances of someone trying something (too many witnesses).

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