How reliable is a 2004 GMC Envoy?

How reliable is a 2004 GMC Envoy? Topic: 2004 gmc envoy transfer case seal
July 17, 2019 / By Astaroth
Question: This car has 28,000 original miles, is 4WD and has the 4.2L engine. It has a totally clean history (I know the owners very well) and has hardly been driven. It sits in a dry climate. Oil is changed probably too often, and the thing runs beautifully. It is garage-kept and has stock...everything (battery, lights, intake, etc). Super nice SUV with a new car smell inside, but I was wondering how long these things will go for? I've always loved GM but want to make sure before possibly purchasing. Does anyone have any major issues with theirs? Any concerns or expenses that might raise a red flag? Thanks for any helpful answers, irrelevant/rude ones will be reported. Thank you for the information so far --but what do all these mean? Are they important parts? Does anybody have an Envoy that they can relate with? Thx
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Abaegayle Abaegayle | 1 day ago
The Envoy has some reported complaints involving the electrical system,some people are claiming that the cluster gauges don't work,repairs for this could cost $700,this typically occurs when the vehicle is near 89,000 miles.In some cases,this vehicle may have failure of the Air Injection Reaction Pump,02 Sensor,and AIR Solenoid.The cost to replace these in the event they fail will depend on your mechanic's prices,and what they charge for labor. It may cost $202.00 to replace the Air Injection Reaction Pump,the cost of repair for the 02 Sensor is around $60.00 and to replace the AIR Solenoid may be somewhere around $22.00,all these prices may be without labor charges. In vehicles with 4WD,you may experience failure of the Transfer Case Control Module,and one or more of the Front Axle Seals.Cost to repair the Transfer Case Control Module may be around $275.00,repair cost for the Front Axle Seals,is around $30.00,but you may pay more in labor for this particular task. In some Envoy's the Mode Door Actuator may fail,repair cost for this fix is around $60.00 There are 2 recalls for the Envoy,one being on aftermarket parts,which will not effect you,or this particular vehicle,and one for the turn signals,whether you are signaling left or right,the turn signals may flash rapidly resembling that of hazard lights.
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Sonnie Sonnie
I don't personally have that much experience with Envoy's but the information the first person posted detailed problems a number of envoy users have experienced. It's not to say your truck will have those problems, but a number of people did experience them. Every make/model has those reports, some are worse then others. From the sounds of it, the Envoy you're looking at was taken very good care of and will be an excellent vehicle. Check out GMC4x4.com - a lot of Chevy / GMC owners on there that might have better information then me.
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