Who do you think is the "voice of our generation"?

Who do you think is the "voice of our generation"? Topic: Fragmented essays
July 17, 2019 / By Astra
Question: I need to know for an essay, but cannot think of one person who fulfills that label for this generation?
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Best Answers: Who do you think is the "voice of our generation"?

Abagail Abagail | 3 days ago
I don't think that there really is one voice for our generation because we're probably more fragmented than any generation in at least a hundred years, in the US at least. Even the hippies and the squares could agree on Simon & Garfunkel, and the Gen-X'ers had Beavis and Butthead... the Gen-Y? Beats me...
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Abagail Originally Answered: Generation Y has proven to be the lost generation. your thoughts?
where am i ????? -gen y lol yeah i do think we're lost. i mean i used to think it was just my problem but it turns out it's quite common. it seems we have a lot of trouble growing up. i don't know why exactly. i mean i don't even have the typical situation of a gen y'er... my parents will be 70 this year and my mother was a stay at home mom my whole life. i have a 45 year old sister who has her own family and has always been very goal oriented. i feel like i lack intrinsic motivation or more so, direction in life. i don't have any role models or mentors but supposedly gen x and back further didn't need those. my parents seemed to work really hard to make me dependent on them, but also resent me for not being independent. i mean i don't know if the typical gen y'er has this kind of dynamic, but that's what i'm dealing with.

Sorrel Sorrel
I don't think we have one. Obama is not even president yet, we don't even know what he'll do or how he'll change anything yet, we'd have to say that after a while. But I don't really think there is one. Maybe it's just the internet itself, I know it's not a person, but obviously it is the biggest thing to this generation and our defining object and is changing the world in a few ways. I think the internet has led us to expanding ourselves to the point that we don't focus or worship people like they could in the 60's. We have a lot more outlets and more people we can individually like for ourselves, so as a whole, we don't all look up to one person. Unless of course you'd say it was Paris Hilton:-) she could be the poster child for our hard party-loving, materialistic, preoccupied with right now and ourselves, totally egocentric, *slightly* dumb but can still make a buck doing Lord only knows what, hyper, society that we now live in.
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Osgood Osgood
2Pac.seriously he was so smart.everyone thinks he was some hood gang banger but he was one of the smartest people for real.he always told the truth.look up some of his interviews on youtube and see what i'm talking about...he went to school of performing arts,he read old english books a LOT and he was just really smart.unbelievably smart.if you had a conversation with him you would've never guessed he's never been to college and was in a gang(gangs are bad,he knew that)i honestly say he is my role model and i look up to him
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Leolin Leolin
If your expecting me to say that moron Kanye West...FORGET IT! That moron couldn't be the voice of any thing but arrogance. Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction was the voice of my generation and still is. I love him to death.
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Jalen Jalen
Well is sure is NOT Madonna . . . .or Sean Penn . . . . or any bubble-headed Hollywood types . . . A Liberal might say Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama . . . A Conservative (like me) might choose Sean Hannity . . . or Bill O'Reily. I'd love to meet either one of them . . . So it depends on your political persuasion . . . Dan in Miami
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