Nice GF and my snobby family. What do I do?

Nice GF and my snobby family. What do I do? Topic: Business plan for college students
July 18, 2019 / By Audrea
Question: My family is comprised of 2 doctors and my sister the lawyer. I’m 19 and still in college. I’m pretty smart, not like genius level, but I’m pretty bright( hoping I don’t sound arrogant). I’m a freshman Business major. I got to school in August and my roommate and I went out to lunch and there was this pretty waitress. Well, turns out our hometowns are near each other( we’ve been dating 4 months). My family didn’t get a chance to meet her until last night ( first night of Xmas break). She met the family, ate dinner with us, chilled with me, and then left. I didn’t ask anyone’s opinion, they just started giving it. I do have to exclude my dad, he liked her. My mom: Does she go to any kind of schooling? Me: Well, she plans on community college in the future and then a 4 year school nearby, maybe UIC( University of Illinois-Chicago) Her: So no education. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very pretty girl, not much in the brains department though. Answer me this: Are you dumbing yourself down to her level in any way? You shouldn’t dumb down for an uneducated girl. My sister: She’ll make a great 3rd wife one day. Me( mad): And you’ll make a great one night stand one day. She’s a very nice and sweet girl. You saw that tonight. My mom: I just wish you were dating at least a college student. What is their problem?
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Best Answers: Nice GF and my snobby family. What do I do?

Abbi Abbi | 8 days ago
They want someone at your level. I dealt with the same thing when I married my husband. My husband was a marine (no education) but had a stable career none the less. I was a college student and all I came with was 2nd hand furniture and a lot of college debt. His family freaked! Accused me of being a gold digger and warned him I would get pregnant to keep him around. A year later and I have a BS and a $100,000 a year career (oh, and not pregnant or planning to become so!). So who is holding who back now? Your family is looking out for you, but in the wrong way. Your happiness and health should be the most important thing to them, not what they think of your girlfriend.
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Stacey Stacey
they just want what is best for you and no one holding you back. They want you to be your very best and they dont think you could with someone who doesnt have a good job or a bright future like you.
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