Can I use the same essay for more than one college?

Can I use the same essay for more than one college? Topic: Business school example essays
July 19, 2019 / By Augusta
Question: What I mean is, say one has gotten accepted to numerous colleges. I'm sure not many people or anyone writes 20 individual essays prior the university they've applied to. Also, can one use the same teacher/counselor recommendations? For example: I'm applying to Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, Notre Dame, Villanova and/or Rider (lowest choice). Do I need individual recommendations, if so, how do I beg the same teachers to rewrite the letters if they used the name of the school in the letter? Same with essays, if the essays are based on similar topics.
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Abbigael Abbigael | 10 days ago
Just be sure that the name of the particular college is mentioned in the appropriate essay or letter. The letters may be identical otherwise. The teachers who write them know this. Be sure to give to each teacher a stamped, properly addressed, business-size envelope for each college. Essays may need to be tailored a bit to fit the prompt which must be answered as well as the strong points of the particular college and how you will fit into the program so that the college will benefit from admitting you.
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It is pretty good but you should watch out for spelling mistakes like "here" when your meaning is "hear", or forgetting a -t from thought, since its and SA. Try writing came to an end instead of "come to a close" -My older cousin Jenna has been going (needs a "there" here) for nine years now You also might try to rephrase "My older cousin Jenna has been going for nine years now, and preparing for my senior year in high school this past summer, I was finally old enough to attend the camp" that sentence, its up to you but it sounds really bad to me and when something sounds bad to be, it usually is so. I packed my bags - change that to "I was packing my bags" - As the first night of camp ended, every doubtful feeling I (insert have) had (ceased) (try replacing with "ceased" so that you dont put two 'ened' in the same sentence :P) -so it would look like " As the first night of (the is optional in this case i think) ended, every doubtful feeling i have had ceased, and started to understand just how lucky I (was instead of "am" keep it in past if you started in past) While Tari still clung to me, and as I too started to cry, I knew this (was not "is") something I wanted to do. (try explaining "this", since you have gone away from what you intend it to be. Its obvious but your prof. might not appreciate it.) -Being told (by not "from") the parents years old - switch the "s": year olds, (:D) Im sorry for the bad formatting ive given my answer but hope you can read it well enough. I also apologize if it was just a rough draft and you would have corrected those mistakes on your own but hey, at least you have less to worry about. Other than that it seems good enough.
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