A serious question for Christians.?

A serious question for Christians.? Topic: Creative writing a level yahoo answers
July 17, 2019 / By Aura
Question: God is all powerful and all knowing right? He knows who exactly will believe and go to Heaven and who will not and go to Hell right? Here's what I don't get and perhaps you can help me... Is it not sadistic for God to create humans knowing before hand they will not accept the level of "evidence" He'll provide for His existence? Seriously, why would He do that? He knows there's NO WAY I'll accept Christianity, why allow me to exist then? Please, really ponder this. Thanks : ) @Kar- Yes and I have pondered a deistic God before but found myself unable to define this "god" properly and ultimately realized it was simply wishful thinking.
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Abbigale Abbigale | 2 days ago
Pondering comes with depth... but first answer is coming to you as a form of a question... Would you be able to ponder God ... and forget Christianity? There is a need for me, to discover the root of this.. ((defacto...please answer)) Love Kar see... why ... it is pointless to speak on yahoo? Once on a question, like this... how can one be sincere... this thumbing down is ridiculously sad... will write on this personally or in a blog... If you love anyone, then you understand... how they define YOU... it is a wonderful exchange of heart KNOW>> such is an understanding of God, a union is formed... and I do Know this, you KNOW... of Love... ... we just gotta walk beyond our intellect and turn the intellectual cheek... to accept LOVE, for whoever argued Love when one felt this awesome Creative thang? Do babies refuse love? Somehow we must have the heart of a child to see God's preciousness. When you love someone... is there logic, or does this go beyond intellectual reason..? How do you define Love? God is Love! We can only try to define something that is beyond us, one thing I do know is this.... for CERTAIN!!! is that... we are defined by this essence... God's essence lives in all that is life! Our every you and me, finds expression... in God's LOVE! Because of His enduring Love.
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Abbigale Originally Answered: Christians, I dare you to answer this question! It might be toughest question up to date! Do you know?
Same response I gave to a nearly exact same question somewhere else on this site: There is a complete difference between knowing and affecting. God lives outside of time, and therefore is able to see and therefore know everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen. However, he doesn't cause evil things to happen. Because of free will, God has allowed people to do things, good or evil. Evil people murder other people. God may know that those crimes will happen, but God neither condones those actions, nor does he cause them to occur. Someone killing another human is not "part of God's plan," but God does use all things for his good. If you believe in an all powerful God, you must believe that he has the ability to change events if he wills. Therefore, prayer has an effect. We can't mess with God's plan, but who are you to assume you know what that plan is? For all we know, God's plan involves prayer to prolong someone's life. Also, Prayer doesn't "mess with God's plan." God's mind can be changed on subjects. Read Genesis chapter 18, how Abraham pleads with God to spare Sodom if there are righteous people in the town.

Standish Standish
Any question can be posed in such a way that the answer is always wrong. Here is the deal. You are posing a question that makes so many assumptions (mostly wrong ones) that it is almost meaningless. Please don't take offense here. If you are open to an actual answer that means something, you will need to reconsider some things. These things include the nature of God, Heaven and Hell, the nature of man and the whole concept of evidence. This is not impossible, but usually takes years of thought and study, with willingness to change. It can be done through one of the traditional religions but this way requires a lot more faith, and a willingness to have God reveal Himself to you in prayer and meditation. Of course, if you want to hang on to your current concepts and have your question mean anything, then you will need to rework it entirely. The facts are not as you state in your question. And if you are just picking a fight, then I apologize for disappointing you. Many blessings.
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Ottis Ottis
. I do not have to ponder this - I KNOW. When God created beings that can think for them selves (Angels and humans) He gave us "free will" which is the ability to choose for ourselves. God wants everyone to choose the right path (even some angels didn't) God allows you to exist because He want you accept Him and be in heaven Your "wishful thinking" about your inability to define God is exactly what Satan wants you to do . . . .
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Lev Lev
First of all--I pray that one day you will know the truth, and accept God as your Heavenly Father, so I can meet you in Heaven. God has given all of us the power of choice, everyday we make some kind of small choice that may have changed our path to salvation. God's thoughts are so expansive, that we have no clue what His logic is. We just have to have faith that He is doing what's best and right for us. God Bless (: P.S. How could you not accept Christianity, if you believe in Heaven and Hell?
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Jamison Jamison
A Christian is every person who believes that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died for our sins and became raised from the ineffective, and believes on Jesus on my own for salvation, confessing Him as Lord and Savior. (a million Corinthians 15:a million-4 and Romans 10:9) there are various stuff which could denote a "severe" Christian. perhaps it starts while one reads their Bible as a replace of basically being informed what it says. God speaks to us by using His be conscious. And our eyes are opened, and we see it relatively is all approximately Jesus...
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Jamison Originally Answered: A Question to Christians, Why do you not Question your Leaders about This?
We are to call each other Brother or Sister, That is a command from Jesus please read..... ” No authority for using the title “Father” for Christians is given in the Scriptures. Indeed, the title is expressly condemned! By whom? By Christ himself! Speaking of the title-loving clergy of his day, Jesus said: “They like the most prominent place at evening meals and the front seats in the synagogues, and the greetings in the marketplaces and to be called ‘Rabbi’ [“My great one; My excellent one,” footnote] by men. But you, do not you be called ‘Rabbi’, for one is your teacher, whereas all you are brothers. Moreover, do not call anyone your father on earth, for One is your Father, the heavenly One.”—Matt. 23:6-9, NW. Did Jesus mean what he said? Certainly! He was not uttering idle words. Does it take a mental giant to understand his command? No, his words need no special interpretation, for Jesus was speaking no parable. He was giving clear-cut instructions about creature-exalting titles: “Do not call anyone your father on earth.” The Roman Catholic clergy water down the force of Jesus’ command by saying that his words cannot be taken literally, otherwise we could not call our male parent “father.” Is their reasoning sound? Hardly! Read the context. From the setting it is unmistakably clear that Jesus was not condemning the use of “father” for the male parent, for he himself repeatedly referred to the male parent as “father.” (Matt. 15:4-6; 19:5; 21:31) His condemnation was of the honorary title.

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