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June 25, 2019 / By Aurora
Question: My husband and I are talking about having another baby soon, and I would REALLY like to try and have him or her naturally. I was so disappointed with how the hospital handled my son's birth that I don't want to go through it again. My husband isn't comfortable having the baby at home, and I was just wondering if anyone else had any experience with Blue Cross and midwives? I'm not sure if they're covered, and I can't get a straight answer from Blue Cross. So, anyone else who has been through this and has any advice on how to handle it, I would greatly appreciate it. We have Blue Advantage of Arkansas through my husband's job, but we live in IL.
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Abbygael Abbygael | 4 days ago
This would be based on your insurance plan. You don't specify a state or if its an employer insurance or self bought plan. Blue Cross only runs in a few states (a majority of states had Blue Cross Blue Shield but in some state Blue Cross is separate from Blue Shield), so thinking maybe you like in CA (the most common BC). Would need to know more on the plan to determine if covered. The state can make a difference if it's a completely funded group then state legislation can be a factor. I recommend calling your insurance company and asking for a benefits letter on coverage for a midwife. This way you have proof what they quote you.
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Stanley Stanley
It's going to depend heavily on where you live, and which plan you have. You're probably best off calling some local birthing centers and/or local midwives, and asking them about it. If there ARE local midwives that take BCBS, they'll know the ins and outs of it. Also, many, many midwives will offer a prepayment plan that's so heavily discounted, it's less than your deductible/copay combination, for a birth. So look at it from that angle, too. Lastly, men can be very uncomfortable about midwives and home births. You can probably make him more comfortable, with raw numbers and data, about how home births are actually much safer for both babies and mamas, than hospital births - less mortality, and less morbidity. There are gobs of internet sites with numbers. The main thing to remember, is midwives are for LOW RISK births; and their trained in DELIVERING a wide variety of babies, they've actually had more experience than most ob's at delivering with cord around the neck, breech, shoulder distocia, twins, etc. Ob's, if it's not a textbook delivery, they just flat out want to operate - it's easier and faster for them, plus, med schools don't train in anything besides C section any more. Midwives, they know how to work with your body to get the baby out naturally, and if there's a problem that REQUIRES surgery, they can identify it early enough to get you to the hospital on time. Even labor in a hospital, if you need a C section, they can't get you in before at LEAST 20 minutes.
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Oz Oz
It probably actual relies upon on your plan. I actual have Highmark Blue flow & they actually cover midwives. actual on the city that I stay in there are in basic terms 2 place of work's that deal w/ being pregnant & at those workplaces the dr's there in basic terms cope with particular circumstances, i.e. fertility, being pregnant issues, and so forth. each and every thing is dealt with via the midwives. I artwork for an insurance company & can enable you to recognize in the event that they are no longer providing you with a rapidly answer, it relatively is b/c they do no longer understand what a midwife is. or you could have your answer via now. i did no longer precisely understand what a midwife grew to become into till I have been given pregnant even although I knew a great number of human beings who used one, so i'm no longer able to blame them for no longer understanding. even if, it relatively is their interest to make sure. i do no longer understand each and every thing at my interest yet whilst i do no longer understand the respond, i'm going to discover it out. no longer make something up! deliver an digital mail or write a letter to the insurance company so which you have something in writing whilst they provide you your answer. If that would not artwork, call & ask for a supervisor.
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Lew Lew
As long as you dont mind 4 different midwives and a couple different doctors making a decision about your labor, I would stick with the hospital.
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