I need advice! Please help me?

I need advice! Please help me? Topic: How to write a formal claim letter
July 19, 2019 / By Avalina
Question: My boyfriend broke up with me because he claims i gave him chlamydia... i didnt even know i had it, and i never cheated on him , the only possibility is from the person i slept with (regretably unprotected) when me and him broke up (he knows all the details of this encounter which took place over 7 months ago) .... instead of talking to me abut it and feeling worried for the both of us...he jus tells me im disgusting...and that he wishes he could get a sex change so he could knock me out.... im on vacation so i dont kno yet if i have it so i have to wait a week to find out 4 sure but for now he is telling me he doesnt want to be wit me anymoer... i understand his anger and im sad to even find this out...because im no longer his sweet girl but some slut who gave him a disease....but at the same time this disease is treatable and it doesnt change us as people or as a couple.... WHAT SHOULD I DO? i want to be wit him...but no matter what i say or how hard i cry he does not give a **** anymore (or so it seems) he says he regretably still loves me but he wants to stay away from ppl like me i can tell he doesnt want me to be his girlfriend and he even said hes scared to meet new girls now (suggesting hes already over me)... i;m heartbroken and ashamed ...but if i gave him something i knew nothing about it and i kno i should have been more safe and got checked earlier but its too late to go back in time....how can i fix this?? I was scared wondering if he made all this up....jus to break up wit me while im away....he said "I jus wana be friends" :(
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Abbye Abbye | 8 days ago
im a guy but i think i can help a bit. on ur bf: well i think that ur bf is over reacting. i mean if that disease is treatable no big deal! now on u: first i would gather all of ur pieces of ur broken heart. write a very formal letter to him. writing that ur a very sweet guy to be with, and would love to be with u, and beg him to forgive u. and say that ull pay for his med bill when getting rid of that disease. Leave this message at his house or e-mail him it. hope i helped. and hope that ull get back with him.
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I'm 13 years old and i'm from a small town too. Very small. And I think if your work is good then yes there is a very good chance you'll get published you just have to believe in yourself and never give up. I'm a writer and talking from experience you might just stop writing this book because of writers block or something, if that happens write a new story with the same concept I hope this helped :) And I don't have friends in publishing either, But at 13 I don't think anyone will publish us yet but just keep writing and hey can I read your story? What's it about?
Abbye Originally Answered: I want to publish my book when I'm done with it. Any advice(HONEST advice)?
Okay...writing is the fun part of being a writer. Marketing is a pain in a certain extremity we won't go into detail about. BUT...to become a published author marketing is something all writers MUST do. Age does not matter. If you are ten or you are sixty it is the only way to get published. That's the bad news. The good news? It's not really that hard to do. First you get a copy of the Novel and Short Story Writer's Market. You can check it out at the library if you don't want to invest money in it. In the first part of the book is a chapter that explains how to prepare a submission package. How to format your manuscript and what to include in the package so you look professional. You will be judged on your writing alone. Editors do not care how old you are, so don't even mention it. Present your work in a professional manor and that is what they see. Marketing is a long tedious process. You present your work, and it sits on what publisher call the slush pile until someone gets a chance to read it. Nine times out of ten you get your manuscript back with a form rejection. Do not be discouraged, even Steven King got rejections when he started out. Make another submission package and send it to the next publisher on your list. Keep it up until you have submitted it to all the publishers that might publish your work. If none of them bite, retire the manuscript. While you are marketing your current manuscript start writing your next book. Then market it too and start your third book. This is what writers do. I know successful published authors that wrote up to seven books, marketed them all in the manor I just described, and didn't make a sale until their seventh or eighth book. Becoming a published author takes persistence, but it can be done. Good luck, and hang in there....
Abbye Originally Answered: I want to publish my book when I'm done with it. Any advice(HONEST advice)?
Hey, I completely feel ya. I just turned sixteen and finished my fourth book without any chance to publish, but I've done a ton of research on the subject since I was twelve. When you're finished, you need to look up literary agents and email them queries, which are basically a summary of your book and why you think they should slave over getting it pushed through to be published. I recommend a book called The Writer's Market, where there's a gigantic list of publishers and literary agents that explain what they're looking for (example: if your book is fantasy, then you should send queries to these people, romance to these people, sci-fi to these, etc.). The only problem you're going to have, if your book is as good as you and your friend think it is, is the fact that you're only thirteen. You're young, no where near graduated, and you have absolutely no credentials that are worth anything to literary agents, hence why I'm still not published yet. But have faith in your writing, like I do, and you'll become published one day. Best of luck!

Stephanas Stephanas
Be there for her and take a look at and get her to speak to her mothers and fathers... By her speaking to them offers her extra choices on wether or no longer she desires to maintain it and even adoption she has extra choices now than she's going to later. Her mothers and fathers will discover out ultimately simply be certain it isn't to overdue. And be a well pal and take a look at and support/advisor her to make the offerings she desires and no longer what any individual "desires" her to do given that she am has to manage it afterward in existence it doesn't matter what she comes to a decision... And like the lady earlier than mentioned her mothers and fathers will develop to the thought and sure there is a hazard they will unfastened it however the will not do any harm her or the youngster. So inspire her to make her choices so they can advantage her eventually.
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Stephanas Originally Answered: Ex-Gf advice long answers pleasr! Very long question! Need some perspective! advice! No jerks right directio?
This girl sounds like she has some serious issues, and she apparently enjoyed stringing you along. She is manipulating the situation to make you sound like the bad guy. She has family issues, and her behavior is not really that of a stable person. Move on, avoid her. Tell her you would like to be there for her but it is too painful for you now because of how she treated you. That should give you the time and perspective you need to see the situation for what it was. You also want to keep a record, like a journal, of any stalkerlike behavior you see from her, in case she really loses it. And block her and her idiot friends on FB.
Stephanas Originally Answered: Ex-Gf advice long answers pleasr! Very long question! Need some perspective! advice! No jerks right directio?
Wow. First of all, don't blame yourself. Your obviously doing everything you think this girl would need. But, in all due respect, is why you keep chasing after her when she has mad eit clear she does not want to be with you. I am here to help, so please dont take this offensively, because sugarcoating it is lying. I think that your young! Many girls dont want to be in a committed relationship without testing the waters. Let her go for a few years, let her see other guys, move on with her life. If you still feel so strongly, reconcile in a few years when she is ready to settle down and maybe things will work out better. You seem like a genuine person with good intentions, just in denial after first heartbreak. It's not wrong, your not bad for feeling this way. I would question your level of commitment if you didn't feel so such heartbreak over this girl. Don't listen to others telling you to move on, let it go. Maybe I'm crazy, but THiS CAN WORK. Just NOt RIGHT NoW. In the meantime, you have every right to see some new women, or not. This is the time to really connect and get to know the kind of person you want to be. Take advantage of it. As far as her confusing Facebook posts, don't take it personally. She is confused at the person she is, and maybe a little insecure. This is normal so young. Again, give her time to reconnect With that and your relationship can and will run a lot smoother. Maybe she's not your one and only, and maybe she was there for a reason, just not to be your true love. Don't shy away from finding that or wait around for her. If she is still acting this way later, move on. You deserve better. Maybe I don't know much, but I know you deserve true love.

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