Rare seared salmon?

Rare seared salmon? Topic: Cold case season 1 cast
July 17, 2019 / By Avaline
Question: how do i cook salmon so that is raw on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside, i have a 1/2 lb fillet... also what are sone good ways to prepare it?
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Abegail Abegail | 9 days ago
Get a cast iron skillet, or heavy bottom saute pan screaming hot. Having your salmon out at room temp for at least ten minutes, covered, as to not have an ice cold center. Season with Kosher salt and fresh ground White pepper. Add a little blended vegetable oil (just no olive oil or butter) to your pan, it should smoke slightly, carefully lay your salmon (rounded side down) into the pan as to lay it away from you in case of any splatter. Allow to sear for one minute and carefully turn onto other side with very thin spatula, again turning away from you. At this time you can add a knob of whole butter and let it brown while spooning the hot oil/butter mixture over the top of the fish for one minute. This should yield a nicely warm rare salmon.
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Abegail Originally Answered: Does steamed salmon taste anything like raw salmon(sashimi)?
No, nothing like it. Actually, cooking most any fish will make the flavor stronger than raw. Poaching Salmon is a pretty good and easy way to cook it, or marinate it and cook over wood coals.
Abegail Originally Answered: Does steamed salmon taste anything like raw salmon(sashimi)?
One is cook, One is raw. There will be a difference. If your going to eat salmon raw, make sure it's been cleaned and try it in sushi:)

Stephen Stephen
Cut the fillet into 2 inch slices. If the skin is still on LEAVE IT ON. Get some olive oil hot in a pan. Season one side (if skin is still on- the skin side) liberally with salt. Place it salty side down in the pan and do not touch it for 3 min or until its crispy and golden brown. Flip and cook for another couple minutes. This will be very pink but not too rare. I love it just plain like that served with lemon.
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Pace Pace
aww yes, thats the way to do it.... i would just season it with salt pepper and lemon juice, maybe a little dill. u can do it on the grill, or a just a sautee pan. good luck,
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