Any Ideas about how to write a rap song for the Greek god Hades?

Any Ideas about how to write a rap song for the Greek god Hades? Topic: How to write a rap songs
July 18, 2019 / By Avalona
Question: its for a project in our freshman humanities class we get some extra points if we make up a rap Give us Some ideas for lyrics and a song for the background
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Best Answers: Any Ideas about how to write a rap song for the Greek god Hades?

Abelia Abelia | 1 day ago
Just add up a repetitive rythm and repetitive rhimes without any deep meaning and you'll have the rap "song" you need.
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Abelia Originally Answered: I want to write a song, but I need ideas?
Lets beggin by making a statement: The most important part of a song is the melody you sing and what you say when you sing it. So, I always recommend my students to focus on the sung melody, rather than on anything else. Rule#1. What to say: the theme of the song It is crucial to bring two things together. Spoken rythm and sung melody. This marriage is very important. It is the core of any good song. So, think of one phrase that you would like the song to say, and then start trying different rythm and melody patterns on it. Use the guitar to find proper combinations if you need to. Dont focus on the chords just yet, we┬┤ll do that later. Just strum a single chord and focus on getting one melody to go along with a single line of lyrics. Once you have something you feel confortable with, you have a theme for the song, and we can move on. Rule#2. Musical elements: What to use. I find useful to identify one musical element and then make use of it throughout the whole song, in different ways. I mostly use the guitar, so in my case(and in yours apparently), this element could be an arpeggio, a strumming pattern, a certain use of chords(open, add 9th, minor...), a riff, etc. Look for an element that goes well with your theme and then start developing the theme into melodies with lyrics. This will get you ready for the next step. Rule#3 Put it all together. Whats first, music or lyrics? In my opinion, lyrics first, but very closely after, comes the music. Its like this: hopping with one leg is harder than just using both to walk. One step music, one step lyrics, so it all comes together well. Some people find useful to have a bunch of related phrases (lyrics pool) ready beforehand, so when the time comes to make melodies, they can fit any melodic idea to an already written phrase, from the "lyrics pool". Some people have the talent to come up with both melody and lyrics at the same time. This is very personal, but the goal is always the same, to develop a chorus, a verse and (not all the time) a bridge. Once you have this, you'll be almost done. Rule #4 Chords are not as important The chord progressions are not as important and can be modified "on the run", while developing the theme (or themes). Just use a basic chord progression, and then, after the song is ready, you can modify it to your taste. Chords (and overall harmony) to music are like dishes to cooking. You can prepare any recipe and then serve it, from the cooking pan to the serving dish. Depending on whats your purpose and what the ocassion is, you can serve it in a square white large dish, or in a round transparent dish, or even eat out of the pan. Chords work the same way. Once you have the song ready, you can look for better chord progressions to fit your melody and lyrics.

Steve Steve
If you watched Hercules(Disney), you could write some facts about him. I agree you should write everything you know about him, but if you watch this cartoon, you could write a funny song, too! If this does not help you, write how you imagine Hades! Good luck!
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Page Page
Wow, that's awesome. You must have a great teacher who could come up with such an original idea. Well, anything you know about Hades, just write it down..good luck
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Lindon Lindon
I don't think its a good idea to write a rap about any god. If I were god and someone wrote a rap about me I would cause something horrible to happen to them.
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Write about problems, write about stuff like oppression, emotions, past relationships, stuff that's going on in the world right now (like the war in Iraq, and the recent earthquakes), or you can write about people in the past. For example, 'Angel of Death' by Slayer, is about a scientist at Auschwitz death camp who was known by the prisoners as the angel of death. You can write about anything you want, just be creative. Good luck!

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