Why are so many people on Yahoo answers so LAZY?

Why are so many people on Yahoo answers so LAZY? Topic: Facts on homework
July 19, 2019 / By Avelina
Question: I've been on here for a few weeks, and I see some really stupid questions. I know, people will say there is no such thing... But it is not the question itself... It is the fact that they ASK it instead of looking it up! My biggest concern? People ask life-and-death questions about NEWBORNS, and sit around waiting for an answer instead of looking it up or calling the friggin DOCTOR! These people should be arrested for child neglect! If there is some reason they have to go on a site like this to get answers for that, I think it is rather suspicious. These people may have kidnapped a kid, or know of a child that was poisoned and they are scared to call the cops. Who knows? I wish there was a better way to deal with the people who ask these questions.
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Abi Abi | 2 days ago
i agree completely. this is a place for opinions. the internet is a great tool to use to look up facts. you can do your own homework and not rely on a collected bunch of idiots to give you information. it drives me crazy! Heckel freaking rocks
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Abi Originally Answered: Do you think its ok for people to use yahoo answers for research, or are they just being lazy?
I understand how you feel. I use it for questions that I've personally looked up and could not find the information I needed. It also gives people a chance to show their stuff. I know that I always like helping out. As for the whole homework thing, well, it's up to your discretion to answer a question and sometimes its better to get an answer from someone else than no one at all. I wouldn't leave my grades at the mercy of someone randomly answering the question over the internet without doing my own research

Steven Steven
true i can agree with you but sometimes people find it better to ask other people instead of professionals. here theres so many ideas where as if you ask a pro he'll give you one answer
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Pahath-Moab Pahath-Moab
Hey who is Dave calling an idiot? I resent that. By the way, do you think I could be pregnant? *
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Lindsay Lindsay
HI JAMIE!!! THIS IS CEASAR!!!! ON YOUR ACCOUNT CHECK THIS IS SCHOOl!!!!! how is 1st period jamie? anyways i just got you an extra 2 points for this uhh answer.. oh yeah ppl are lazy because... YOUR LAZY JUST LOOK ON WIKIPEDIA OR SOMETHING FOR THE DAMN ANSWER anyways qrite me on myspace jamie :]]
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Lindsay Originally Answered: Are ppl on yahoo answers just lazy?
yes i do alot some peoples question on here are not to help people but help them selfs like a bunch ofchildren wanting people to help them with home work all the time im not your father on yahoo answers i have 2 children i help with home work every day that goesfor you college student to do you own home work your self i agree that there are alot of lazy people own here alot ask you mother in father for help instead of cheating in getting your anser the right way i hope people start to give out the wrong answers so you can fai in learn the hard way in life big dummies

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