Why does anyone take Kent Hovind seriously?

Why does anyone take Kent Hovind seriously? Topic: writing the doctoral dissertation
July 18, 2019 / By Avery
Question: Do any of his followers even bother to check wether or not his 'theories' are backed up by facts? Do none of them think it's odd that some of the books he recommends and sells were written as hoaxes? Do none of them notice that no reputable scientist has ever endorsed anything he says or that even other creationists mock him for using awful arguments and logical fallacies? I'm asking this because although I've seen many videos and read a lot about him I've never had the chance to speak to any of his followers and it'd be interesting if they're all brainwashed morons or if some of them are just ignorant.
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Abiah Abiah | 4 days ago
I first saw him on cable TV. My first impression was that he was a talented speaker and truly quite funny. But as I watched him develop his "themes", it wasn't funny at all. He makes a mockery of VALID skepticism. We should all question what we study, whether the topics are scientific or not. But he lies about what evolution states, he sensationalizes nit-picking and idiotic points that illustrate his own confusion, and he occasionally throws in his own brand of pseudo-science that involves various things unrelated to evolution and the Bible. (For example, he's into various crazy dietary nonsense.) He DID learn how to make big money -- but not legally. And that is why he is in prison. And contrary to the claims of some, he is NOT a "persecuted Christian" who is hated because he stood up for biblical truth. Even though I am NOT a Young Earth Creationist, I feel sad that good people who HAPPEN to be YEC are judged guilty by association with him. By the way, "Dr. Dino" is yet another diploma mill "Dr." His "dissertation" appears online (or did at one time) and I read it for about as long as I could stomach it. I understand the doctoral process and I have served as a reader on many committees. His "doctorate" has nothing to do with a reputable doctoral degree in any way, shape, or form. The Christian world does NOT need pretenders like Dr. Dino.
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Stew Stew
What Hovind and all the other hucksters do is not say anything that the marks do not want to hear. They will never convince some one with functional brain cells, so they only target those who already have the proper warped mind set.
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Paisley Paisley
He tells them what they want to hear and they let 'confirmation bias with a vengeance' do the rest.
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Linford Linford
If you believe things which are really stupid, you have to accept the opinion of anyone who agrees with you.
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