New Specs, Mild Prescription (I think) & Astigmatism, Good practise to wear them full time?

New Specs, Mild Prescription (I think) & Astigmatism, Good practise to wear them full time? Topic: Essay on my trip to
June 25, 2019 / By Avilon
Question: Hullo people :) I was a bad person and knew my eyes were slightly bad for years, but it hadn't bothered me enough till recently to do anything about it... i.e. I hadn't had an eye test for more than 16 years. and I'd noticed things were a bit more blurry than they used to be, which was only slight before and I could live with that, so trip to the opticians... I have what I think is a mild prescription of... R sph -0.50 cyl -0.50 and axis of 100.0 L sph -0.75 cyl - 0.75 and axis of 80.0 Both for distance, now the Optician said that I would need glasses as I had astigmatism and needed a mild prescription... so anyway got my specs today, put them on and I could see the world again, hoorah, everything was instantly clear again... no more soft edges and 'shadows' and lights that look like starbursts or in double like motion blur, especially on high contrast objects, or something lol. amazed at the detail tbh!!! so much I've actually bored everyone half to death with telling them. anyway was amazing to see again so clearly and not have to squint at distance and sometimes even as short as 10 feet away when things were blurry horizontal and vertically before. and since putting them on, and off even in the first few minutes to a few hours later I've really realised how bad my eyesight must have been as even closer things than I thought are infinitely more detailed, well how the should be really. Anyway I'm coming to my question... I did ask the optician said that I should wear these also for concentrative work, and computer and television, and for long distance. but I never thought to ask if I should be wearing them all the time, silly me. she did explain some stuff but I found it very hard to understand her. Soooooooo, Seeing though I use computers a lot, and I'd like to see at long distance and at the other side of a room lol, had noticed it getting worse (reason I got my eyes tested lol) Am I answering my own question seeing though it has made such a vast improovement from the get go that I should be wearing these full time and I'm silly to make my first post on here? Someone mentioned to me about they wouldn't have bothered wearing glasses as my script was so mild as now they have to depend on glasses as they have made their eyes worse from wearing them all the time ( which sounded a bit old wives taley to me, I'm really not gonna mash up my eyes by wearing glasses am I?) but yeah anyway my original question... loool For this sort of prescription and the improovement it seems to give, is it that i NEED to wear them all the time ?? ( been wearing em since I got em, and guess I will get used to the feel of em more too if that is indeed the case.) Thank you in advance for your time/s/advice Thank you for both these replies and sorry for the essay, I am pretty young, late 20's - and I think maybe I went a bit overboard on my message, I haven;t gotten the hang of this yahoo thing yet, and have dyslexia and tend to over explain my point cause I get caught up in explaining others, I have a spell checker but not a sense and concise checker lol - but Thank you for confirming what I thought and it may be a good idea to get contacts, I quite like the specs, just gonna get used to em, but will for sure consider contacts - thank you again for all points raised and the info :) oh and also the new info, sorry but didn't know what buttons to push on here. you have all been great, I understand much better now. :)
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Best Answers: New Specs, Mild Prescription (I think) & Astigmatism, Good practise to wear them full time?

Abigall Abigall | 7 days ago
Well you do have an astigmatism which would make wearing your glasses full time very much so necessary. That is why even with a small script, you are seeing clearly and sharply. Now this was a very long essay to read just about wearing full-time, and I must answer it this way. If you can see clearly both close and far away with your glasses on, wouldn't you want to see clearly? The other thing that pops into my head is your age. Now if you are young, your prescription would not suggest that you would have problems seeing up close. But if you are in your late 30's or 40's, it may be appropriate to consider a bi-focal. I don't think you're that old so lets just stick with your single vision lenses. But if you're working on a computer without your glasses, you WILL experience eye strain and will end up putting on your glasses either way. I would wear them all the time. what is good is that you are a perfect candidate for contact lenses, many feel very good and can be worn for extended periods. Go back to your optometrist and ask for a contact lens fitting. You will never regret it!
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Storm Storm
You are absolutely right about two of your concerns: 1. You should wear your Rx full time. It is a "distance Rx" but it is meant to be used at all distances. It isn't until you are in your 40s that you might need a near portion to the Rx (the dreaded bifocal line!) Your Rx is "mild" but as you said, it is making a dramatic difference, especially since you have "against the rule" astigmatism. Against the rule astigmatism is when the axes are closer to 90 than 180. Against the rule astigmatism has been shown to have a more adverse effect on vision, making it harder to squint out the blur. 2. Wearing the glasses will not mash up your eyes, it is sort of an old wives tale. :) Wearing glasses will NOT worsen your vision, it will only help to improve your quality of life! Hope that helps. Don't forget to get annual complete eye exams to check for changes in your Rx and to maintain good watch over your overall ocular health!
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Palu Palu
You do have some astigmatism, so all the time you wear them, you will notice improvement. Most eye doctors would say for that sort of correction to wear them as much of the day as you can stand. Some people will have a bit of strain and irritation going from no correction at all to even a little correction. So do what is most comfortable for you. If you are tired from wearing them all the time, then your eyes will hurt, and you will stop wearing them, and that's the last thing you want. So, just wear them as much as you can. i used to advise people to put them on first thing in the morning, and try to wear them all day. After a day or two, your eyes will get used to them, and you will miss them when you don't wear them. As long as the glasses were made correctly, you will only be doing yourself good when you wear them.
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Lionel Lionel
I am going with a different answer than the others who responded. I personally believe eyeglasses should be worn when you need them. I understand that for some people with moderate to high prescriptions that is full time. There are also some individuals with low prescriptions that experience eyestrain and headaches if their vision is not corrected full-time. My prescription is RE -.50 LE plano -1.75 axis 40. I choose not to correct the vision in my right eye because it does not make much of a difference to me. I typically do not wear eyeglasses for near work such as using the computer or reading. I usually wear my eyeglasses or a contact lens on my left eye for driving, watching TV, or going to movies. I was originally prescribed eyeglasses as a teen and did not start wearing them somewhat regularly until I was around 30. Your uncorrected vision will not get better or worse if you wear eyeglasses full time or if you choose to wear eyeglasses when you need to. When you wear your eyeglasses is really your choice. I do suggest wearing them when you need to have clear distance vision e.g. driving.
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Jarvis Jarvis
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Fulke Fulke
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