Advice on publishing my first novel?

Advice on publishing my first novel? Topic: How to write a contract letter samples
July 17, 2019 / By Avital
Question: I am between 9-13 years and I am currently writing my first novel. Please, I need some tips and advice on how to publish my first novel.
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Abigil Abigil | 9 days ago
To the first answerer - why can't she write a novel? Judging by her proper use of grammar and punctuation in the question, I'd say she's mature enough. Anyone can be published. Well, you're going to have to do a LOT of editing once your manuscript is done. You can hire an editor, but why do that when you can do it yourself? Editors cost money. Here's an effective way to edit: Once completed, don't look at your manuscript for atleast 2 weeks. Don't look at it, don't change anything, nothing. Then, after 2-3 weeks, go back to the beginning of your book and start editing little by little. *Tip: It helps if you read it out loud. You'll know something wrong if it comes out sounding strange or grammatically wrong. It also makes sure your eyes don't accidentally skip over sentences. I also suggest you give your parents a copy, or even a few friends. Ask them to give you a review of what they thought of it. Did the plot seem okay? Is there anything they didn't like? What DID they like? Is there anything that didn't make sense? etc. These questions will help you improve it to the audiece's interests. When editing, keep in mind that sometimes it's necessary to remove or add large sections of your writing. And, that's okay! Do whatever you think would improve it. It'll be all be done with eventually. Since you're not a legal adult, I believe you will need your parents' signature on the publisher's contract. This is perfectly fine, though, so don't worry too much about it. Your parents will understand. (: When you're ready to publish, you send out "query letters" to publishers. Think of these as like samples of your writing, as well as introducing your story. If you write horribly in the query letter, they'll immediately turn you down. Like when writing a novel, the first sentence is the hook. It is key. One last thing hun - don't be put down. When you send out query letters, you will receive more rejections than acceptances. This is normal. Publishers have different tastes.. some only allow certain genres (which you should have reseached earlier). Also, some publishers are turned off by first-timers. Which is okay, too. Just keep trying. They cannot reject you because of your age.. but because you're a first timer, nobody knows you, and it would be difficult to sell books from an author nobody knows, right? Just keep trying. You'll get it eventually. (: Good luck! EDIT: One answerer suggested self-publishing. ANYONE can self-publish, so if that's what you want to do, that's fine. Keep in mind, however, that bookstores will not sell self-published books. Like I said - anyone can publish, which means not all of the books are "good". If you use Lulu.com to self-publish, I believe you can make a deal with them to have your books sold on Amazon.com .. but they will receive a LOT of the profit. When working with an actual publisher, they'll only ask for a small percent (such as about 10% or so .. the actual percent will be discussed with the contract). Just pointing that out. :} [ I apologize for the long answer.. apparently I'm just as much as a chatterbox as I was yesterday. ]
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Abigil Originally Answered: Help me with self-publishing advice please?
Try bookemon.com if you want to self publish your books. It's a new site, but compare to the other two more famous self publishing sites: blurb.com and lulu.com, it has its outstanding advantages: 1. It provides an online book builder so that you can purely make your book online without downloading any software and install. 2. The book builder provides free and easy to use book page templates in all themes so that you can create your book easily by starting from the templates. 3. It provides clip arts, background and other art Gallery for authors to use freely. 4. It allows authors to upload and convert word, powerpoint or pdf file into (part of) books. 5. It provides online book reading so that all people can read your book online (you can also control the privacy so that only friends can read it, or not readable by others) 6. It provides book widgets so you can share your book on myspace, facebook or other social networks. You can also share your book through email or social network messages. The best way to learn about Bookemon is to become a member and upload some photos, explore the site and share your creations with your friends. Our membership and utilities are all provided free of charge and there is no obligation to buy. The only cost to you is when you decide to order bookstore quality books that have been published by you, your friends or other members. (Any copy number is OK!) Welcome to Bookemon, Make Books Your Way has never been more enjoyable and easy. http://www.bookemon.com BTW, according to your question, ISBN is never free, you have to pay for it because it has cost when the publishing company buys it. On bookemon.com, it costs 50$. (but you don't have to buy it for publishing) Bookemon.com can satisfy you all the other items.

Stuart Stuart
Self publishing is more common these days. Save your money and do it yourself. Not cheap but you would be published. However you might submit a cover letter and first chapters to a youth publishing company or have your parents obtain an agent. You are not legally old enough to sign a book contract for yourself. Sucks to be a youth huh?
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Paris Paris
Greetings, nice to see someone so young attempting. Always finish the book before publishing. Finish the book, then find agents online that are taking books. Write a 1-2 page summary of your book, do NOT try to sell it to them, just say everything that happens. Even the ending. If the agent likes it they'll ask for a manuscript, send them the entire story, if they like that they'll find you a publisher!
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Lon Lon
check out no longer to shop for it, cross to the library and do the study, recall the announcing , you wont Know till you check out, write a brief synopsis of the booklet, probably a chapters valued at, out of your record of publishing residences opt for those who submit for your style, ship off your paintings/synopsis, begin with the closest paintings in circles of supply to the farthest, pin up all of the rejection slips , write a enormous card to your self reminding your self that for each and every no brings you towards a sure. well good fortune LF
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Lon Originally Answered: Help with publishing advice?
How, oh, how are you getting different answers for these simple questions? Unless you're getting your answers from non-credible sources? If so, then that's your first problem. Learn proper research techniques and only get your info from credible sources. Sorry if I"m not answering but it's because these are questions that can easily be answered by simple research via credible sources. Who you can send your query too is something you can put in time researching, too. It is YOUR novel after all.

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