My stepdad calls me fat I don t know what to do?

My stepdad calls me fat I don t know what to do? Topic: Sleep disorder research paper
July 19, 2019 / By Ayn
Question: I m 15 and my stepdad has made at least 5 remarks about me being fat and last night I made a list of pros/cons for my mom on vegetarianism because she told me if I did my research she would let me become a vegetarian as long as I stayed healthy. I brought out the paper and my stepdad saw it and said "ha yeah right your eating habits suck" so I started crying(stupidly) and asked him why he thinks I m fat and we got into an argument and I ended up crying myself to sleep. I want to lose weight but I don t really know if I can...I ve actually been struggling with an eating disorder but nobody knows except my best friend Anyways I m 5 1 and 110 lbs
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Originally Answered: Is my stepdad crazy?
Umm, no. You are not. I'm sorry, but he sounds like.. Well, like he's not very "pleasant".. It kind of reminds me of Cinderella, but instead of it being a step mom, it's a step dad.. Honestly, if I were you, I wouldn't be a very big fan of him either. Have you tried talking to your mom about him? I mean, come on.. He yells at her, and you, he says rude remarks to you, he kicks your dogs? That's not cool.. And him being in jail for cocain makes it even worse.. You have plenty of reason to dislike him, don't worry. But I guess just try to make the best out of it.. You can be out of there in 2 years.. I'm sorry that you have to go through this.. I wish you the best of luck hun, be strong.
Originally Answered: Is my stepdad crazy?
no reason what so ever.... my stepdad molested me everynight on a similar time as i replaced into sleeping and finally broke into the bathing room whilst i replaced into attempting to take a bathtub and threw me on the floor and tried to choke and rape me. and hes black and my mos white and he or she had 3 teenagers with him and that i admire all of them and my mom suggested it replaced into my fault that this all befell and he kicked me out and enable him stay. and he says im racist and he wnt enable me see them and as quickly as I infrequently do, it doesnt and not making use of a combat. he sleeps all day and is long gone all night at events and is sleeping in each and every single place and that i think hes on drugs. he under no circumstances does something and ive considered him postpone my little brother whilst he replaced into 7 by making use of the neck against the wall with him dangeling a foot interior the air... I hate him. I even have reason to hate him. yo? nicely, ill agree he sounds stressful yet be gratful u have one that doesnt attempt to kill you.. actually. hes additionally tried to place cameras in my bathing room to attempt to capture me taking a bathtub and hes tried distinctive situations to bribe me into intercourse. i discussed as the police and that they dropped each and every thing and no person believes me and im caught with my grandma and grandpa and my grandpa is like your stepdad yet worse... under no circumstances touched me or completed something sexual tho... merely naggy and impolite... yet heavily. be grateful.

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