Any musicians please help?

Any musicians please help? Topic: How to write a harmony on guitar
July 17, 2019 / By Azalea
Question: I don't know why but I get really upset about this, I love music, I want to write music and sing it and play it and I want it more than anything to become my career, sadly, I'm not that good, I play piano to a grade 4 standard and sing at grade 8, but I can only get that officially if I pass my grade 5 theory. which i will be sitting soon. I'm in my last year at school, and in my music class everybody seems to be in a band, doing gigs, and busking, all these things I just don't know how to do, and it makes me feel horrible that I feel so envious towards all of them, even if a perfectly nice person is simply impressing people with an instrument they can play, I feel so jealous!, I'm still nice to them but I hate the feeling, and I feel so upset about feeling that way. I dont think I'm popular enough to just get into somebody's band, Its just, what would I need to busk? what should I do to make myself into the musician that all these other people seem to be?
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Abilene Abilene | 2 days ago
Heeeeey, I passed grade 8 standard (on tuba) at 14 ... but never did any exams. This is because I didn't need a goal to acheive, I just loved music and playing. One of the problems you have is your choice of instrument. I play guitar, and you can just carry that around with you and pull it out at a party ... also it's really easy to learn. Popularity isn't essential for a band ... being good is. You need yourself to busk ... you could sing accapella or to backing tracks. But ... it ain't really that much fun on your own. Find a guitarist to team up with and do the harmonies ;) But above all ... enjoy it
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Abilene Originally Answered: Calling all musicians.i need help?
Help is on the way! For one, you must start studying music theory so that you have some idea of the relationship between the chords and melody you hear in the song. This will help identify the key a song is written in and what chord progressions are used. By learning intervals (the distance between two notes) you can then recreate the melody. None of this involves talent. It involves a lot of listening and testing yourself. It takes time and practice. I relied on my so-called "ear for music" for years, but it wasn't until I studied music theory and got a firm grip on what intervals sound like that I became proficient in tearing a song down. You can learn it too. Recently, I found two fabulous websites that will be of great value to you once you understand intervals. Start with this one to learn about intervals: http://library.thinkquest.org/15413/theo... Test yourself on Hearing intervals: http://www.musictheory.net/trainers/html... BTW, this will help you as a singer/songwriter as well so you'd be covering a lot of bases. And yeah, basses too! Go for it! Kabum

Sweeney Sweeney
Hi =) I'm a lady..however I'll do each ^^ Guys~ one million. Jaejoong ~ DBSK two. G-Dragon ~ Big Bang three. Hyun Joong ~ SS501 four. Leeteuk ~ Big Bang five. Key ~ SHINee Girls~ one million. Yuri ~ SNSD two. Jung Ah ~ After School three. Victoria ~ f(x) four. Taeyeon ~ SNSD five. Ga In ~ BEG ahh I think they are extra at the "lovely" part =P
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Parry Parry
Post an ad on craigslist and go to your local music shops and put up a flier on their message boards, if they have one. Someone might contact you to start a band. Just list your influences or what you envision yourself playing.
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Lonny Lonny
everything happens for a reason, we have to believe that good will come out of it. if you don't get what you want. then its not meant to be
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Lonny Originally Answered: Teenage musicians?
amen brother. i'm a guitar teacher, and i'm bursting with pride to share with you that i have a lot of students that i do my best to expose to all kinds of music, not just the whiney "my dad didnt hug me" bands. i try to let them know that you cant just complain through every song. and yeah, they need to move around and be a showman, at least a little bit. i always make sure i teach my kids to push themselves and learn some solos, whether its clapton, or hendrix, or randy rhoads, or iron maiden, or david gilmour, or paco de lucia, or whatever..... if you're gonna do something, be the absolute best you can be.

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