I want to change careers?

I want to change careers? Topic: How to do a research project for marketing
July 17, 2019 / By Bambi
Question: I have made the wrong career choice and I'm looking to learn a creative skill. I'm a great writer with strong grammer skills, but I don't have a portfolio. I thought about getting involved in freelance proofreading or editing. I was also thinking about learning desktop publishing web-design, or computer graphics, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions for me???? Thanks.
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Addie Addie | 3 days ago
Look to your local community colleges for classes in graphic design software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Painter, QuarkXPress or even Corel. These, and other tools are the basic ones used in today's design market. A semester or two should give you a pretty clear understanding of how these tools carry a project from concept, through production and into the market. What ever position you find yourself in, a year or so from now, your knowledge can be directly applied without needing an understanding and sympathetic supervisor standing over your shoulder, guiding your every move. If you take a close look at some job descriptions in the design industry you will see phrases like, "Self starter," or "Hit the ground running." Without knowledge of the basic applications in current use, you may not ever get the opportunity to get in the door. In the meantime, I am a great believer in doing serious research before starting ANY project. In your case, I suggest you find a book titled, "Artist and Writers Market." It offers good advice on how you can market yourself as a freelancer. It also contains a comprehensive list of publishers and agencies that are known to work with freelance artists and writers. Best of all, it includes the names and addresses of the art directors and editors, plus the type of work needed and the formats prefered. Desktop publishing is great work, but highly competitive. It also requires a significan investment in hardware and steep learning curve software.
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Addie Originally Answered: I have been teaching elementary school for 7 years and I feel that I am ready to change careers. Help?
Looks like you need a degree, or you can take a diploma/certificate program at a community college for a year if you already have a related degree. For a career change, the best type of resume to use is a functional or combination style, rather than the typical chronological. Although there are not huge similarities between teaching and paralegal work, you would be using your advising and assisting skills, and maintaining accurate records. Visit your local employment centre and talk to an employment counsellor there. They can advise you about updating your resume, and just in case you decide that paralegal work is not for you, they can administer an interest and aptitude test. Good luck

Talbot Talbot
Before you go in this direction, you should get a job as a proofreader at a newspaper. See if you even like it. You will also get a feeling for what the career will pay, too. You will also be able to see how freelance will work and how much you will be paid per page.
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Percival Percival
Hi It is never too late to change your careers. Most of my family changed their career when they were in their thirty and they are happy and very successful because they are doing what they love doing most. My advise is this: One of my friends wanted to change his careers and he wanted to go into the design area and also writing. So what I did is sit him down and listen to what he wanted to do then an idea came to me and we began shaping it up for him. We got a list of all the newspapers in the city. Then we got all the list of community newspapers and newsletters, and magazines. The goal was to have as much articles printed in most of these newspapers, newsletters and magazines. We got some copies of nearly all of them and some we could find in libraries too and most newspapers are free due to the advertising paying for printing. We looked at the type of things they write about and followed the newspapers, newsletters and magazine for a month by looking at what they are covering. When that was done, we knew, the type of articles and style they were looking for. One of things that were in all of them is interviews of people who have a story, who have maybe achieved, or something happening in schools, colleges or businesses and even local artists. He liked meeting people, so we concentrated in him going out there but he needed a camera. So I let him have my small digital camera for a while to get his ideas of the ground. He started going out more, visiting clubs, community centres, business forums, arts forum networks and he kept his ears to the ground and found stories. He collected some names and contact to call them. He called them a few days later and lined up some interviews. In two months, he had taken photographs and written 22 interviews and they were brillaint too, humourous. The articles had his photographs he took of the people he interviewed, posing doing their work or events. He got quiet a few printed and he kept doing that until he had quiet a nice portfolio and oneday, a job was advertised in one of the magazines he wrote for every month. So he applied. Due to his portfolio he created, and also because he took time to learn how to use design software such as Photoshop, Indesign which most newspapers use, he got the job. He learnt how to use the softwares by video tutorials he found and they are free. He also used this skill to do website designs. He teamed up with someone who can do programming and who knows how to use flash and he concentrated on layout design. You can do it mate. It is never too late and think of it this way - at least you now know exactly what it is you want to do. All that is stopping you now is learning.. 1. The design software called Photoshop. 2. Learning skills in designing websites and using software called Dreamweaver. 3. Having a portfolio and having work printed in magazines and newspapers. 4. All of the above can be learnt if you really want to do it. In 5 months down the line you would have gained these skills and have a job or even freelanced your skills. Even network with fellow designers and pass work to each other. Go for it. You'll never know until you just go for it. Life is short mate and it won't happen again. So...go and pay the price a little to learn, to write, to make some mistakes and grow to achieve! I left a link of a website to learn all the design software for free. Video tutorials!!!
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Lowell Lowell
your strong grammar skills will have to be complimented by an improvement in your orthographic skills too in order to be a proofreader. Proofreading is terribly monotonous, alas, and in my opinion requires no creativity. if you have broad literacy skills a creative urge, and a big fat wedge of objectivity, JOURNALISM could be for you. i wish you well in looking for a skill to match your creativity to!
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