My girlfriend just dumped me, need advice?

My girlfriend just dumped me, need advice? Topic: How to write a romantic love letter to your girlfriend
July 18, 2019 / By Bambie
Question: I have been together with her for 7 months, everything was smooth but every now and then, she would tell me how I'm not romantic, I try to be, but she's like my first girlfriend and I have no experience being good at that. So today she dumps me because she says I am not affectionate and romantic to her. She's the world to me and I love her too much to lose her. How can I get her back, what can I change in myself to get her back. By the way this is a long distance relationship, she lives an hour away from me
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Addison Addison | 4 days ago
Wish my boyfriend lived an hour away from me. He's in TN and I am in FL.. Don't listen to those that say long distance doesn't work. Because I was already dating my boyfriend for 2 years before he joined the Army, and now we are going on 4 years being together. Long distance just isn't for everyone. Don't let them get in your head. Anyway! I know where you're coming from with the long distance relationship. Randomly write her an actual letter and mail it to her letting her know how much she means to you. Surprise her and show up to her house in the middle of the night just because you want a goodnight kiss. Invite her over and make her dinner. Send her flowers just because. Take her out for a mini vacation on the weekend. Take her to the beach in the morning and cuddle with her as you watch the sunrise. It's the little things that count. I love it when a guy is affectionate. I like it when a guy holds me close and tight, or holds my hand, plays with my hair or tickles my back. Gently Caress her. Show her that you just want to be close to her. Compliment her, make her feel that you're the luckiest guy ever to have someone like her. Let her know she's always on your mind. Good luck Hun :)
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Addison Originally Answered: Relationship advice: Dumped 1 month before we're together again after long distance relationship?
You haven't really been dumped. She'll be back and you may be able to patch things up. At least she's being honest about what's going on. Jealousy is a very powerful emotion. See other girls, and let her know that you're going out and meeting them. You don't need to really be into it to do it. You can even talk about your girlfriend, or go out as friends if you want. Once she realizes that not being exclusive with you may mean loosing you, she may reconsider the level of commitment.

Talmai Talmai
Well alot of the time long distance relationships dont work, so i try to avoid them at all cost. However you made a strong point saying that you cant be romantic as you cant see each other enough. So my advice would be to move on as it was never ment to be if you fell apart. So get a big tub of ice-cream a couple of movies and invite your friends over and have a awesome night. Hope this helped :)
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Percy Percy
i don't think of you're able to desire to positioned your interest in this female in any respect brother! i don't comprehend the variety you seem, the variety you behave and no rely if there is something incorrect with you. yet one ingredient i'm advantageous is, you seem trueful approximately your emotions and had to devote your self in a dating. some ladies are fooling around searching for interest from adult men. some ladies desire to have extra bfs to instruct themselves typical. the two a sort of at the instant are not worth of all people's interest. they gets drained oneday. make investments your self in something extra long-term, i'm not basically talking approximately dating, yet something approximately you. Self progression, practise, your dating with households, or possibly a activity which may lead on you to be an expert! forget her and ultimate desires
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Loyd Loyd
How can you be "romantic" in a long distance relationship? You can't. Move on to find someone that appreciates you.
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Jeb Jeb
living an hour away does make a relationship difficult and she probably thinks its not worth it if she can't see you a couple times a week at least... Yes, many women love to be held and cuddled with , which she is not getting from you... so I can see her side of it... It will come naturally to you with the right person, hopefully closer to home.
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Jeb Originally Answered: HELP! Need ex girlfriend advice, what do I do?
I don't know the situation of how you guys broke up or who broke up with whom but I will try my best to answer. She could be wanting you back. She realizes, through facebook stalking your songs you post, what she is missing. The good ole saying "you don't realize what you have until it's gone". But all this depends on the break up situation. So she is writing this message to simply state without actually stating it that she wants to start talking again. ~this is my best girl-knowledged guess! If you want to response which I kind of get the feeling you do, just say thanks and talk about the song and what she said it was about and just start talking like friends. If you don't, however, want to respond then don't. :]

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