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I want to be a writer? Topic: Books on developing writing skills
June 25, 2019 / By Barbra
Question: Ok well I always enjoyed writing out of all my creative habits. I love to write stories in general (really long ones), but everyone is telling me that being an author might not be the best career choice. Can anyone tell me other careers dealing with my writing skills? I know I dont want to be a journalist, but is there anything out there for someone like me? Other then the usual novelist.
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Adele Adele | 8 days ago
There are loads of "careers" that writers go into that utilize the same skills, habits, and joys inherent in the writer's personality. - Editing: there are about six gazillion types of these and they work everywhere. - Advertising: This is good for the "idea" writer, the writer who is quick to think up a narrative for a variety of topics. I've recently joined the advertising club at my university and it's been more fun than any writer's group I've ever been in because it's strictly focused on the creative aspects. (though the career, obviously, has many more facets than just creativity) - Teaching: This is a standard among writers. The idea is if you like to write, you probably love to read, and like talking about books even more. - Library sciences: Another one with a similar reason as above, but this also appeals to the writer who really enjoys history, and job opportunities aren't limited to libraries. Museums, Corporations, Law Firms, etc all employ librarians. (Librarians are often hired as researchers, a skill most writers develop along the way.) - PR: very closely tied to Advertising, but with a different emphasis and different client base lots of times. There are others, but those are the ones on the top of my head.
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Adele Originally Answered: If you're an "aspiring" writer, or a published writer or just a plain writer, open this?
How do you come up with ideas for your story? i use many different aspects of life for story ideas. you need to think outside the box. example. say you see a couple argueing. thats an idea thrown at you. whats the reason behind their argueing, are they a couple on the verge on breaking up or divorce? How do you start up with a chapter? when i write chapters for stories i tend to go over them every so often. changing ideas so it suits the story. remember you need a hooking title that represents the story line and the first chapter will hook them into reading to find out what happends next. read alot of books depending on your genre of writing to see how they start of their books. How many revising's do you go through? many. i will keep going back and changing ideas, situations and dialoug so it fits the story line How long does it take for you to write a chapter? depends, can take a long time or a short time, it depends how long your story is and how long you want each chapter to be and how many chapters you want for the story as i say, i will always constantly go back and change things for my story Do you research? yes! people love a well researched story. research is the backing up of your story. its no good writing about a place where your story is set if you know nothing about it. a way to resolve this is depending on your genre of writing. if horror, watch alot of horror films and read alot of horror books to see how the scene is set. Do you use a pen and paper or just your laptop? i find a laptop is easy to use because you can go back and change things very easily. just remember the BACK UP YOUR WORK! else your gonna die if you lose it in a virus or somthing How do you come up with the dialogues and such? artists and writers such as shakespear used real life situations and dialogs for his story as he walked down a street (watch shakespear in love then romeo and juliet to witness this) how does your story progress? read alot of books to see how they structure out their story lines. remember it has to make sence! check back up and take notes on what i wrote for tips and take notes on any ideas you have start of with a sheet of paper and just jot down ideas as they come to you, then start writing about how you can use them in your story. then start writing your first few drafts. then get people to proof read these and check for flaws. keep practising and good luck! i know how hard writing a first proper novel is but with enough practise, you will probably become a modern day shakespear. good luck :D

Tayler Tayler
I swear Why is it that everyone always wants to crush peoples dreams so Annoying!!! First of all you can do whatever you put your mind too Second I graduated high school w/ someone who became a manny and is now a famous author ~ you may know him Christian Burch he has written many childrens book http://www.epinions.com/review/The_Manny_Files_no_author_listed/content_252218084996 Third Do NOT let anyone crush your dreams ~ why are "they" telling you this and who are "they" anyway? You could write for soap opera's or movie/television You could write for a fashion magazine Childrens books but if you want to write Novels write Novels I will tell you that you may want to take some test on line to see what type of personality you have as well as if you would like tell me your birthday and I have this book that will tell you some of the things that your personality fits because I read this only to find out that every suggestion they said was exactly things that I have interest in more than any other career Here to help as I feel it is the most important decision you make in your life but do NOT let anyone tell you it is not a good idea
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Peter Peter
You could be a contributor to a literary magazine or ezine. That can be fairly good money. It has to be short stories though. If you want to write long fiction, that isn't going to be for you. Long stories are pretty much the sole domain of published authors. No one goes to a magazine, literary or otherwise, to find a full-length narrative. You might also consider becoming a playwright or script writer. The latter is creative, but it still maintains the steady paycheck 9-5 routine that most people seem to favor. The former is not so steady, but is nonetheless something you might consider if you really don't want to be an author. That being said, I don't know who is telling you that becoming a successful author is a bad idea but they clearly haven't been to a Barnes & Noble recently . . .
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Luther Luther
I love writing, it's my one huge passion in life. But, of course, writing doesn't bring in a paycheck until you publish something. So, in the mean time, I'm planning on starting college next year to become an English teacher (I'm a language freak. I'm that girl everyone thinks is a dork 'cause I actually like learning grammar haha.) Try: Language Teacher Creative Writing Professor (this is a good one--they actually pay you to write! The psychologist I talked to about careers told me I should go for this career, but I didn't want to go to college for that long--seven years, I believe.) Editor Wow, I'm drawing a blank here. Talk to your school counseler or go see a career psychologist. They should be able to help you out.
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Jeff Jeff
Personally, I think a career as an author is the best choice, but I also like these ideas, too: Screenwriter Playwright Lyricist Poet There are probably more out there, but I hope you like these ideas. Good luck, and keep writing!
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Garfield Garfield
Weigh your answers and if you can afford to (financially, time-wise etc), then definitely go for it. There's no better guarantee to success in any field than a strong desire to do what you love. If you need to supplement your income or want to test the waters, there are a number of other options- sites like Helium allow to select topics you're interested in and write on them. You could write creative copy for ad agencies or write for ezines and online publications. Check out job sites like Genuinejobs.com. Good luck!
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Deryck Deryck
I do not aid asking different humans for suggestions simply in view that it is lazy (despite the fact that that's side of it). I consider the method of constructing your possess suggestions - discovering them, inspecting different books or the arena or something - teaches you and makes you a bigger author so a lot more than taking different humans's plots will. Writing a tale is not all, additionally it is having a deeper information of it subsequent time you do it. And I do not quite consider that obtaining plots from different humans with coach you that.
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