Do people find me boring/annoying/deranged/odd?

Do people find me boring/annoying/deranged/odd? Topic: Essay on i love my nature
July 17, 2019 / By Beatrice
Question: Honestly, 80% of my childhood friends have been guys, and my parents were always away on business trips so I became quite a bit like my brother. That means that I love fighting, video games, hiking, nature, dry humor, political humor, the news, science and perverted humor. My favourite hobbies are art, skiing, kayaking, rock-climbing, and just some good ol' hiking. I'm honestly addicted to computer memes and the interwebs, so I do sometimes say 'Me gusta', 'I am disappoint' and 'Brohoof!'. I wear casual really. A T-shirt with any pants (I prefer them to be darker than my shirt; My periods have left me paranoid as they're still irregular.) really. I refuse to wear miniskirts, and I don't look good in mini-anythings. I never wear make-up, and at most I use a bit of perfume. I despise the colour pink and all things spotty, as well as lizards, snakes and amphibians (Childhood scares). I have the tendency to rip leaves or the ground when I'm stressed, and I'm very skittish in the dark. I have a phobia of injections (Knowing what's in them at the age of 6 is NOT helpful), heights (Quite a few accidents), darkness (Bad eyesight makes you see strange things) and death. I am also an Atheist. I have a brash manner of talking, but it consists of some stutters, verbal typos and loops when I don't know the person I'm talking to that well. My laugh normally goes from a chuckle to a normal laugh and then into a giggle/chuckle. I have a lisp when I say 'r' and slightly bucked teeth I'm 57kg and 162cm, so I'm slightly overweight. I have long, wavy dark brown hair that knots every 30 minutes and I have dark brown eyes. Some of my friends back away from me because unless I'm in total sunlight, they appear black and in certain light 'red-tinted'. My skin goes from tan to beige. I'm usually reserved, but I actually try to make friends. When I'm with friends, I become a total goofball. When I'm with a guy, I'm lost as to what to say for absolutely no reason. There's only 4 I'm completely comfortable talking with, but one is like a brother and the other three probably have no interest in me. I have the tendency to hug or noogie people, but I take things very personally and I always try to be loyal. I can't handle hurting someone unless they really have hurt me. I can get mood swings quite quickly, and some joke that I sometimes have a 'premature meno-pause' xD Although, it mostly depends on how successful I think I am. The only fear I have never been able to die down has been failure. Asian parents can do things to you. I'm not asking this to be an attention whore. I'm asking this because I am most likely the only girl in my year group (Year 8) that has not had someone ask them out, and because I'm treated as an outcast. not many people seem to acknowledge my existence, because I've been in my school for my whole life and am honestly just the little support. When someone is alone, I generally give in and befriend them, which is why I become best friends with a lot of people a year of so before they leave.
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Best Answers: Do people find me boring/annoying/deranged/odd?

Adelyna Adelyna | 5 days ago
You're not an attention whore =) Nobody asked you out because nobody knows how special you are. You're not boring, Definitely not annoying, not odd and obviously not deranged. Your essay or paragraph or whatever this can be called made me laugh. You're funny and you sound very sociable. I don't see why someone wouldn't want to be friends with you. You sound like a great person with depths of emotion and knowledge. Definitely someone worth knowing in one's life. I don't see why you're an outcast either. I know many girls who are like you and they do great where they study and many guys in the long run especially in college will like you. =)
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Teigue Teigue
I understand your situation.. I talk alot around my friends but I just feel that they find me a brag and stuff :( sometimes they ignore whatever I say and continue with true conversation.. Your not alone,there are many of you out there, Do not change for anyone!!! I think your cool,so stay cool! You don't have to have a guy to ask you out.. But have a bunch of good friends who like you for who you are and that's what matters most. Though I'm still trying to find my group of friends... I believe someday I'll succeed
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