I want to build a computer can I have some help?

I want to build a computer can I have some help? Topic: Custom computer case supplies
July 18, 2019 / By Beatrix
Question: I am going to build a computer and I'm going to a computer fair where they sell computer parts for cheap. I want to buy the computer parts peice by peice. I already have a keyoard,monitor,mouse, windows vista home premium operating system 32 bits, and a hard drive. what should I buy at the computer fair??? I'm working on a tight budget of no more than $350 of spending at the fair.
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Adena Adena | 6 days ago
You have all the peripherals and the Operating System, which is good. All you have on internal components however, is a hard drive, so we need to work on that. Here are the things you need to custom build a computer. I would like to give your prices but everything is so different depending on brands and clock speeds, features, etc. 1. Case (obviosuly to hold the hardware) 2. PSU (power supply unit to provide power to your hardware) 3. Motherboard (the body of the computer that will hold and route all other hardware. 4. RAM (random access memory, I recommend 1GB AT LEAST for vista) 5. GPU (graphics card so you can see the things going on in your computer(may not be needed if the motherboard has integrated graphics)) 6. Processor (your computer's brain, this is needed to handle all information that you manipulate on the computer) 7. Cooling (your PSU will come with a fan but that is sometimes not enough. If the case does not come with fans, then i suggest you get some or even think about water cooling) 8. CD/DVD drive (needed for installing windows) 9. Knowledge Hope I helped
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Adena Originally Answered: Can my 650w power supply run this computer build that I want to build? or should I get a higher one?
It relies upon what hardware you're putting in there and your definition of intense end. For my type of intense end, you're finding at 800-1000w. appropriate theory is to get a case with out powersupply, and in basic terms purchase that one after the different, finding on what hardware you're installation

Tel Tel
Indeed $350 is not alot, especially when your thinking of booting vista in. It really is a bad time to shop, as ram prices just increase drastically a few weeks back. - A c2d proc by intel or an Athlon x2 by AMD - Motherboard with onboard graphics *note - motherboards are dependant on the processor you buy, due to the socket difference, i would recommend AMD with a 780g motherboard with onboard graphics. - A good psu probably a 400w range - at least 2GB of ram, higher is better. - A good mid tower casing. that should be all.
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Philander Philander
Be careful what parts you buy. You need to make sure the motherboard type will fit into the computer case you get, the RAM type fits the motherboard, same with the power supply and such. Go to google and do your research on what you need in a computer and what kind of parts are compatible and what you are looking for BEFORE you go to the fair, or you will be wasting your money.
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Macey Macey
You need to do a little bit of research yourself here. What type of motherboard do you want, how big a hard drive. do you or will you need a graphics card. How much Ram and what size CPU. These are just some of the things you need to know so you buy what you need not what somebody else is only too willing ti sell to you.
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Jehoahaz Jehoahaz
dont know if you got your mind set on the buying at the fair but check out tigers barebones sytems, they got some decent ones here for cheap http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/...
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Jehoahaz Originally Answered: Help me build my Computer?
Well first I have to know what you are doing with this computer and a few different things. Like would you like phase cooling or Tri SLI GTX 295s that are all water cooled with a fourth dedicated to physics.... There are alot of things to talk about man [email protected] <<<<

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