Would this be a good idea for a story?

Would this be a good idea for a story? Topic: How to write a story about time travel
June 25, 2019 / By Becca
Question: I don't expect this story to make it big but I like to write and I'm not sure if it's a crappy idea or not. Three out of four men are put into prison for the wrong reasons. These men have specific superhuman abilities that cuts them above all the rest. (Telepathy, Ability to duplicate oneself, warped traveling, etc) Once they meet in prison, they realize that they possess powers that could benefit one another. Once released and cleared of all charges, they band together and form a guild based off assassination. They continue to rake in quite a lot of cash and end up becoming business men by day and cold blooded killers by night. A journalist begins to grow suspicious of these men and tries to dig in a little deeper. Thinking they're involved in a scandal or something. It doesn't bother them much and don't see the journalist as a threat. Soon enough a dispute regarding split money occurs. (One of the men's wife leaves him due to lack of funds and he does something to get sent to prison again (not because of his wife leaving him but because of a slip up) and is abandoned by the other three men he thought were his friends.) The other three men continue on with their lives as if nothing happened. Still killing and still gaining money from their jobs. A few years later, the other man is released from prison now a bit insane and joins another group bent on destroying men like his ex-business partners. He serves as a spy, coming back to his group in need of "another chance". And that's as far as I got. The journalist is probably going to appear more often and I still need to brush up on the newly released prisoner's motives but it's just a thought. The main character would probably be one of the business men. A man who's father was a magician which grant him the power to teleport and duplicate himself. What do you guys think? They don't just want to throw their identities out there. They share the idea that if they use their powers wisely they'll be successful men with little to no effort. (Hence the reason why they could easily kill people and gain profit from being hit men types.)
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Adenah Adenah | 7 days ago
Erm. Can you please think about this? 1) Why the hell are they in prison in the first place? What are "the wrong reasons"? Do you not see how convenient this is? They're basically in prison because it sounds cool and it's an easy way for them to meet. Yep. 2) How the hell were they CAUGHT? You can't give characters fantastic powers and then stick them in situations that wouldn't hold them unless they're idiots! Doing that's a breeding ground for plot holes! 3) WHY DID THEY STAY IN PRISON? This is forgetting that there would have been all the time before, during and right after their trail for them to get out, too! I assume "warped travelling" is akin to teleportation so what is up with that? 4) Why do they need to be businessmen? If you're that powerful and are becoming rich from a random assassins guild, what the hell is the point? You can control the minds of people around you/teleport/duplicate yourself, why do you all need normal alter egos? 5) How does one of them end up in prison AGAIN? I'm sorry. It's an idiot-plot. It only works if everyone involved is an idiot. And that bit about a guy having powers because his father is a magician is not only beyond ridiculous, but it also brings to light that there are zero reasons for the other characters to have their powers. So, yes. It is a crappy idea. You need to stop thinking about writing what would look pretty cool on a screen and start thinking about what actually makes sense. But if you want to write it, go ahead.
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Adenah Originally Answered: Is this a good story idea?
Good idea? This is a fantastic literary idea. I would have it on my bookshelf. I think you should build on that. (: Good luck! -Kelsey

Teman Teman
Using their powers why didn't they just escape prison in the first place? Sounds sort of like X-men not my type of book but could be good.
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Philip Philip
I accept as true with 2 different solutions to locate some notion and write approximately what you like or look in magazines/papers for notion. the 1st memories human beings frequently write are approximately some thing that has exceeded off to them or somebody they understand. you ought to write a pair of cutting-edge issue, the credit crunch, and how a kin start to lose their wealth by interest loss and investments. it must be emotional and dramatic with according to danger the attitude taken from a teenage persons view factor.
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Macie Macie
that is a really interesting idea. if that became a best seller, they would for sure make a movie of it. i'd even pay to see it.
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Macie Originally Answered: Is this a good idea for a story?
Well anyone can be ambushed; there are often stories in the news, so there is a touch of in the plot. I am sure you can write an exciting story about how the kids make out they are planning but in fact, foil the gang!

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