Is this an appropriate Dog Schedule?

Is this an appropriate Dog Schedule? Topic: Case schedule
July 17, 2019 / By Becci
Question: Can someone tell me if this is an appropriate schedule for a dog that is 11 months old? I'm trying to make a strict schedule for her so that she can have a routine she can adjust to. This is the schedule I have come up with so far. I do not work so I am home 24/7 but I'd like to know if I'm taking her out too often, not enough, or waiting to many hours inbetween. Here is the schedule. 8:00am - Potty 8:30am - Breakfast 9:00am - Half Hour Walk 3:00pm - Potty 8:00pm - Dinner 8:30pm - Half Hour Walk 12:00pm - Walk Thanks so much for your help. Luckydog: She has classes every Saturday & Sunday an hour long each to show me how to train her and she does to the dot park Monday, Wednesday, & Friday for 2 hours from 11:30am-12:30pm. She also has frequent play dates with other dogs in my apartment complex. She is a border collie so constant work is something she loves. She gets training every day in 10 minute intervals periodically throughout the day. Oh and as for the half hour walk its actually a run so it does burn enough energy to keep her calm and mellow throughout the day. Also I meant 12am (Midnight) not 12pm (Noon)
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Adene Adene | 8 days ago
Depends on the breed (s) of dog...and if your dog has a high energy level and/or a desire to work, herd, scent or whatever. This is similar to my schedule when I am working (2 days). On days that I am off I do a 1pm and a 4 pm..dinner at 6 and looonnnngg walk at 8:30. My guy is not so high energy but as part Bassett he has incredible endurance and can walk forever! What I do not see is an exercise or training period. You may or may not be doing that, but if not I highly recommend both as part of your dog's day. Depending on breed or energy level a 45 minute play/exercise once a day would be a good idea. (NO, not 45 minutes straight necessarily, more like playing chuckit with a few rests as your dog seems to need it). Or teach him how to jog next to your bike, fun nose work...something you can interact with. You will both enjoy the play and he will love the exercise and the mental challenge. Also, whether or not you have done obedience training...you should always include 15 minutes a day of going over commands with him. Sit stay down come off leaveit and watchme. I would definitely include that in a daily schedule. ****In that case, it sounds like a GREAT schedule! I have been doing obedience for 3 years, social skills e very weekend...and have dabbled in Treibball and fun nose work (which another Yahoo turned us onto). Treibball for your dog would be amazing!! It was invented to give herding dogs those herding skills and challenges that they need. Yes, I have a Bassett mix who doesn't feel the need to herd..so we just concentrate on getting the commands correctly, not the speed. Very important to enjoy your dog, and let him enjoy his life! Good for you, and many happy years to come!
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Adene Originally Answered: I work freelance. I make my own schedule. My SAHM wife is cutting into this schedule with "emergencies"?
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Temani Temani
That looks pretty good. Dogs need routine. All of my dogs are on a schedule. They are adults now, but the schedule has been there since they were puppies. I usually take my dogs out at 6:30am to use the bathroom. You may want to take your pup out sooner than 8am.
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