I was assigned for a speech class to write an intro on subject DATING, i need to choose a topic, do u have any?

I was assigned for a speech class to write an intro on subject DATING, i need to choose a topic, do u have any? Topic: How to write a speech paper
June 25, 2019 / By Becka
Question: Please give me a few ideas, i only have 2 days to do this..I dont understand how to choose a topic, i know my general idea - to inform, can specific idea be TO INFORM + MY TOPIC? please explain and give some examples, ideas..Thanks
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Best Answers: I was assigned for a speech class to write an intro on subject DATING, i need to choose a topic, do u have any?

Adilene Adilene | 9 days ago
- Dating with a large age difference (actually reminds me of a paper I recently wrote on Woody Allen's film, Manhattan) - Interracial dating - Same sex dating - Dating someone with an STD - "Open dating" (Where both people are allowed to sleep with other people) - Long-distance dating - How dating has changed over the years (Length before marriage, types of dates, etc.) - Dating someone with a very different religion
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Adilene Originally Answered: What topic should I write in my Psych class?
Is it an intro to psych class? And can it be any topic at all within psychology or are there limits? Here are some topics that come to mind... Milgram's obedience experiment Asht's conformity experiment Freud's defense mechanisms His dream analysis His personality aspects- Id ego super ego Piaget's developmental theory stages Intelligence and IQ Attraction love and lust Memory ... The first 4 might be easier. Hope this helped :)

Temeni Temeni
Your subject is dating. What comes under dating -- interracial dating, whether its okay for the girl to pay on a date, current trends in what a good date consists of, etc -- are the topic. Suppose you pick dating trends. You might then write a paper about how the latest thing to go do is to go bowling (opposed to going to a movie, or whatever). This is how you would inform. Make sense?
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Phillip Phillip
If it is on dating you have several topics..... Dating an older man/woman, dating a younger man/woman, dating someone from another country (this can be interesting cause of cultures), dating someone in highschool, dating someone in a work place. Dating the same sex. Good luck.
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Mackenzie Mackenzie
Choose eDating and check out some sites like eHarmoney.com; Match.com; Matchdoctor.com Look up the pros and cons of eDating write a speech around that with space for questions.
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Jehoiachin Jehoiachin
nicely my sister did a persuasive subject rely on euthanasia that's whilst a individual has a sort of maximum cancers that cant be cured so thdecidede to kill themselves yet in comparison to fabulous i believeve a guy named jack kevorkian aka death well-being care expert he tried to legalize that yet did no longer artwork heliked over one hundred thirty sufferers on your essay tell the reader whether or no longer you think of the ought to legalize it or no longer desire this helps
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Jehoiachin Originally Answered: Intro for a Speech on Judaism?~?
Sir, that depends entirely on what you are going to tell them about it. Think about using it to tell them what you are going to tell them about. You see there are a few steps in a communication. 1. You tell them you are going to tell them. That part is covered by you standing up to give the speech 2. Tell them what you are going to tell them. That is a preview of what you intend to say. Just the flavour and general direction really, points to be made. Kind of like chapter headings 3. Tell them That is the main body of your speech. 4. Tell them what you told them. Your summation or conclusion. 5. Tell them that you told them. Your thanking them for listening, preparing to step down from the podium. There is one more thing that finishes important communications. 6. Ask them what you told them. What this is about is making sure they got what you said, so you want to hear it coming back to you in their words In an instructional setting this would be a quiz. In a speech or lecture it would be a question period where they get to ask and you get to clarify. . If your speech is not a lecture this step is unlikely. So, as you see, your intro and summary depend totally on what the body of your speech is about. You work it from the inside out sort of. So what are you going to tell them about Judaism?

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