Which sims 2 expansion packs are the best? i dont have any right now?

Which sims 2 expansion packs are the best? i dont have any right now? Topic: Wallpaper review
July 18, 2019 / By Belinda
Question: i was wondering if nightlife is one of the best, if u have any suggestions for rreally good ones do tell me! i dont have any expansions, just the sims 2 game (not deluxe verion.)
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Best Answers: Which sims 2 expansion packs are the best? i dont have any right now?

Adrea Adrea | 4 days ago
I have sims 2 pets, nightlife, seasons, open for business and freetime. Everyone will have completely different reviews on all of them. I don't like nightlife, but if you like the idea of letting sims go on dates, you might like it. I absolutely LOVE pets and freetime, but here are my reviews on all of them: PETS It definitely lives up to it's name. You get a really great variety of options, including training your pets, and entering them into work. I would not be able to imagine playing the game without pets around my sims 2 house. It also gives you a great deal of "stuff", such as furniture, wallpaper, etc. It's not all animal related, either. You get some really cool furniture, some awesome outer space wallpaper, etc. Rating 9.0!! ;D FREETIME Newest expansion pack from EA. I have to say I was really impressed with this one. You get a wide variety of things to do, from sewing to playing the violin. If you are familiar with sims 2 open for business, it brings in "talent badges". All this means is that you get better at sewing and making pottery the more you practice. You get a new range of clothes, for all personalities, and more jobs to chose from. Your sims will never get bored again! Rating 8.5 ;) OPEN FOR BUSINESS It keeps you busy for the first few weeks you get it. The idea of having a business really does keep you determined to get a 5-star restaurant! This gives you the option to set most options for sale that you can normally get in buy mode, but you can also sell them to townies and other sims in your neighborhood. Yes, you are taking money from other sims, and yes they actually do get to keep the item. When you play the sim you sold it to, that item will be in their inventory. You get a wide range of clothes, but not so much wallpaper and flooring. This is where the "talen badge" idea was introduced, and it allows you to make your own merchandise, from flowers, to toys, to robots. Like I said above, the more you make it, the better you get at it, and the more options you have for making things. Rating 7.9 ;) SEASONS I was a little disappointed with it to be honest. It gives you a few more interactions, a few new clothes, gives you the option for plants and fishing, makes seasons change, and that's about it. Plants aren't just a little side job like in real life. They are a full time job to take care of, and after you have it for a little bit, it does get boring. I do love it when my sims have snow days, though. I love EA for that! Rating 7.5 ;) NIGHTLIFE Probably the worst one I got. I kind of regret getting it, but the booths for restaurants and cars just lured me to it. I got what I wanted, but the booths and cars were really all I was satisfied with. Unless you like going on dates 24/7, nightlife doesn't give you anything. Nightclubs and restaurants are pretty fun to build, but they get old after a while. Rating 6.5 ;) Stuff Packs Don't get them. They are a waste of money. Go to the sims 2 store online, and pick out specific things from stuff packs that you would want.
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why dont you call an apple store instead? do you know which pizza hut in LA have the buy one get one free special? or is it only in Riverside county?

Terance Terance
Personally, I abhor Pets. There was little, if anything, I found redeeming that wasn't included in sequential expansion packs (re: Bon Voyage, Seasons). Plus, the werewolf wasn't that interesting of a concept, nor was having pets any interest (especially considering your choices were delegated to dogs, cats, a wamrat, and a bird... nothing cool like snakes or such...) Pets, to me, was a HUGE let down. I enjoyed OfB, but I wouldn't call it the best EP (that honor goes to Seasons for me, personally). Owning your own stores was a cool feature, building up "badges" (though it was a limited* feature). Truth be told, I'd suggest University. It expands your life a few more weeks (if you don't do the "aging off" cheat, which i almost always do, anyway...), but opens 3 more interesting career fields (come on, a man eating cow plant... what's not to love about THAT?!?!) * by limited feature, I mean if you are building up your flower arranging, it doesn't help with your gardening skills, nor does your current skill level actually improve your learning ability. Meaning, having a high Mechanical skill isn't going to help you build robots and gain badge points faster...
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Pierce Pierce
If you plan to download items for the game, get Nightlife, University, and Open for Business first. These are the ones I've seen the most that are required for downloads. Plus they're fun. ^_^
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Madison Madison
The nightlife one is pretty good actually, but you gotta be careful cuz alot of people have trouble with their graphics after uploading expansion/stuff paxks (i.e. flashing red walls/neighbourhoods and flahing purple pools) make sure your graphics card is up to date, otherwise it would propbably be a good idea not to get a pack at all (sorry)
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Jehoshafat Jehoshafat
Seasons and Apartments. those are my 2 favorites out of the 5 Ep's I have. But I'd say Seasons is the best out of all the Eps that Sims 2 has. =) edit: I have NL it's pretty good I love that they can go on dates and have cars =)
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Jehoshafat Originally Answered: What are all the sims 3 expansion packs?
Expansion packs: World Adventures: This one allows you to take your sims on holiday to either France, Egypt or China. They can explore caves, and other stuff like that. I'd rate it 6/10. Ambitions: This one gives you the opportunity to watch your sims work. New careers that become available are: Ghost Hunter, Fashion Designer, Firefighter, Architect, Private Detective, Inventor, Doctor, and Tattoo Artist. A new rabbithole job is a teacher, and there is also several skill jobs, including Fisherman, Sculptor, and Photographer. (Also comes with new town, an industrial town called Twinbrook) I'd rate it 9/10 Late Night: Move your sims to the big city! With the addition of apartments, vampires, night clubs, subways, and much more, your sims can have the city life that everyone dreams of. New jobs are actor and director. (Als ocomes with new town, a late night town called Bridgeport) I'd rate it 8/10. Generations: This one adds a lot more stuff to make your sims lives more realistic. Bachelor parties, graduation, memories, midlife crisis, pranks, and even body hair. This also adds the long awaited spiral staircase. I'd rate it 7/10 Stuff packs: Outdoor Living Stuff: Adds a lot of outdoor furniture. High-End Loft Stuff/Science & High Tech Stuff (different name depending which country you're from): Adds modern, futuristic furniture and clothing. Fast Lane Stuff: Adds motorbikes and cars.

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