Help Writing A Speech For Running For Vice President At School?

Help Writing A Speech For Running For Vice President At School? Topic: How to write a funny speech about myself
July 17, 2019 / By Belita
Question: I am running for vice president at school. I need to write a speech that doesn't exceed one and a half minutes. It has to include the school themes pride and respect and why people should vote for you. I'm not sure what to write because a really popular girl is running for the same thing as me, so i have to try to convince people to vote for me, not her, so i need to have a really good speech. i would like it to be funny, but also obviously appropriate, and serious at parts too. Any suggestions or things i should use???? i'll pick the speech i end up doing or the idea i use as a best answer. thanks[: *and sorry i probably chose the category Well it's not really a normal presidential speech. you just say ur speech over the intercom and people write their votes on paper.
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Adreea Adreea | 5 days ago
USE A BRITNEY SPEARS JOKE. I did and it won me my election as student body President. I said, quote: "Now we know homework's not going away. It's just one of those sad facts of life, like death, taxes, Britney Spears...." Also, talk about how you care deeply about the opinions and the rights of students and that you are going to stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to get them what you want, that you are going to fight for them. Find some issues that are important to them that the administration doesn't like and say that even though this is what the administration thinks, you are going to be a voice for the people and get the students what they want. If you have time (and if this is true), say something Joe-the-plumber-esque about a person who approached you on the campaign trail and asked for something, especially if that something is important to a lot of people, and tell them that that's important to you and you will work for it. Hope this helps and hope you win. For the themes, say that you have pride in the school and think that such a good school needs a strong 'vox populi' (voice of the people), and you have so much pride in this school that you would be honored to listen to everyone's opinions and change the school for the better. And for respect, say you respect everyone's voice, everyone's opinions, and no one will be shut out by you and everyone will be listened to.
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Adreea Originally Answered: What to include in a speech when running for vice president for the student body?
Here is the link to a great website, Student Council Speech Idea Top 10. http://www.speech-topics-help.com/studen... Basically, it explains that your goal is to write a short 1-2 minute long -personal- logical explanation as to why you are the best candidate for the position. What make's you a better choice among your competitor? Your teeth may be whiter than theirs. You may be in a higher math class. You may understand or have better experience in the issue at hand and know what the students are going through. * If you know what the issues are, for instance, you could already be making arrangments to have the problem solved. Just imagine the difference this would make in your speech. If the student body desire a new roof in the gym, your speech could begin like this: UR Best Construction, Co. is ready to repair the leaky roof in our gym. They are willing to stand behind their work with a 10 year money back guarantee. No more holding an umbrella over our heads while we struggle to drubble the basketball up and down the court.... Whatever you advantages are concentrate on them. To accomplish this, follow the guidline offered on the site. To help you better follow the guide, list a couple of issues important to you votes. There may be many, but eliminate the small one's and select the major concern. Once you have made this decision, the rest of the speech should fall in place. NOTE: By you running for a Vice President position, you should be working in close community with the President of the student body, if one. He or she may have already proposed a solution to the students main concern. I suppose, as Vice President, you would want to empower yourself to assume the duties of the President in the event the President is absent ill. So, in a sense, this would be fairly easy. Just pretend you are already the Vice President. What would your priority be then? Hope this answers your question!

Terence Terence
Start with a joke You: Knock Knock Crowd: WHo's there? You: Impatient Cow Crowd: Inpatien C...? You: (Interrupting) MOOO! Then tell them the other girl favors excessive teacher and parental regulation. Quote the Bible verse that says "Pride goes before a fall" End by singing Aretha Franklin's "R E S P E C T"
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Pierre Pierre
Mention how much you love your school and that people should vote for you because you are the best candidate. Share some traits about yourself 1. that you focus on work with extreme intensity 2. you have alot of energy 3. you have alot of conviction 4. humor - offer to buy rounds of drinks at the bar when everyone turns 21....
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Mahala Mahala
Hopefully you are a girl, stole an election, misused your power, have a boyfriend without a real job, a pregnant unwed, teenage daughter, refused to use proper english, shoot moose, went to six different high schools, before you could fine one to graduate you, call yourself a dog, and the baby....well you get the picture. Then you win.
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Mahala Originally Answered: Catchy slogans and sayings for running for Vice President.?
"I am special because I am" "I strive for my goals and I'll tell you its not easy" "People come up to me and ask where are your friends, there never around?. I tell them, I have no friends" "People come up to me and ask why are you so nerdy. I tell them, I do my homework and I study" "People come up to me and ask how do you become popular. I tell them, it requires genetics, you have to look hot" "They Laugh..." "People come up to me and ask me, What do you want to be. I Tell them, I want to be a Graphic Designer" "People come up to me and ask me and ask me what are you going to do now." "They Laugh..." "I tell them, I am going to shine" And silence. "My name is Ali Parks, I want you vote" Read this in chronological order P.s Unknown person you don't want to know

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