What are some really good aplications for ipod touch or iphone (free) :-)?

What are some really good aplications for ipod touch or iphone (free) :-)? Topic: Good writing apps for ipod touch
July 17, 2019 / By Belle
Question: I would like to know which FREE aplications you enjoy and which ones could be best for a 13 year old girl!
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Best Answers: What are some really good aplications for ipod touch or iphone (free) :-)?

Adria Adria | 7 days ago
You have come to the right men Tap Tap - is ok but it really gets boring after a while myspace - its a fun app if you have wifi Lose it - is like a weight program where you count your calories FML - its fun to read its people that write about something bad that happen to them I vote - Where every one with an ipod can vote for questions Race to witch mountain Bowl lite Track for your fingure SHOT GUN - its like the funnest app ever all it does is the sound affects of a shot gun while you move your ipod Armory Jelly Car - but then it gets boring ZIPPO - the lighter is pretty cool AIR COMBAT - This game is addicting an so much fun and thats about it man
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Adria Originally Answered: What should I buy, iPod Touch or iPhone?
Well if internet is something you want too then the iphone is the way to go. The ipod touch is limiteds to only wifi which will be in your house and anywhere its free which isnt many. The iphone will have the net every where you go and its a pretty decent speed, concidering its a phone. The plans arent that bad! the basic individual plan is about $70 - give or take. The minutes for that plan, are approx 700. The iphone unfortunetly only comes in 16gb, the last I knew. The ipod touch comes in as high as 32gb or the lower 16gb. They both have the app store and itunes built in. If you are already a ATT customer then the iphone will cost you $200. If you not i think it cost more, the last I knew it did. The iphone does need a mandatory data package which is part of the $70. There is 2 yr contract but if you do need to ever shut off the iphone they sell like crazy on ebay and you'll get enough cash from it to pay the shut off and then some. Of course, you won't have the iphone anymore, so I guess that's a catch 22. i think the only real draw th eiphone over the ipod touch is the constant internet access anywhere which you cant get with the ipod touch. The HD space on these two devices really isnt that much in my opinion sense you can get 3.5 times the amount with the Classic.

Terrell Terrell
Tap Tap revenge is awesome! If you go to the iTunes store you can view just the free apps - download all the ones that look appealing and try them out. You can always delete them later.
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Pip Pip
I think Tap Tap Revenge is overrated, but you can give it a shot--it's free. I like: AOL Radio Shoutcast Pandora Slacker Clickonradio Last.fm iheartradio Remote TicTacTouch Truveo iBasketball Fastlane Lite Touch4 (like Connect Four) Hangman
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Mahali Mahali
Constantly check the top 25 on itunes or on your ipod. Good ones include scrable abc papi jump papi pole skype im messenger facebook myspace and many more
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Mahali Originally Answered: Iphone question (and ipod touch)?
you will still need to "activate" the phone thru APPLE the $400.00 is a discount price, because AT&T assumes, if you by a phone from them, you will sign for 2 yrs of service. without signing for the cell service, they will make you pay FULL RETAIL PRICE ($600) so you don't have to get the service, they'll make you pay... one way or another. Also, if you're thinking about getting an I phone on-line... be careful, you may not get want you pay for. in either case, all the other functions will work, just not the phone part.

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