Where can I find a book that explains the different traditions of Wicca that is accurate?

Where can I find a book that explains the different traditions of Wicca that is accurate? Topic: English information and ideas writing a book
July 17, 2019 / By Bellinda
Question: Some Wiccans I know speak of Wicca as if it is one uniform belief. But I understand there are some differences. Where can I find a book that is accurate? I'm not looking for the explanation here. I am simply curious and would like to read more.
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Adriana Adriana | 8 days ago
Merry Meet, The best clearinghouse of information regarding different Wiccan Trads is WitchVox.com. Click on "world" and then on "Traditions." There are many listed there with descriptions written by people who are members of the various Traditions. To my knowledge, there isn't a hard copy book dedicated to describing the different Traditions. As a matter of interest, if you are intrigued by how the Wiccan religion has developed, I recommend John Coughlin's "Ethics and the Craft." He provides an excellent scholarly time line and also discusses how the ideas that make up common Wiccan tenets and ethics have developed. You should also be aware that there was a period of time that went through roughly the early 1990's when many adherents of Traditional Wicca felt it necessary to defend their Trads by insisting that they had "ancient" roots. An off-shoot of this is the insistence that one is an "hereditary Wiccan," and that their family had practiced some form of proto-Wicca for "centuries." Most of these stories are bunk. So as you are researching, you might come upon such stories. Even in my level-headed Tradition, there was an attempt in the early '80's to claim that we had an "olde Law of the Wicce." It was written in what can only be described as a heinous attempt at Middle English, and (of course) dealt a lot with "rules" about what to do if you were tortured by the Inquisition. Gardner had an "Olde Law" as well which was similar. The real torture is reading the ghastly, juvenile "archaic" English grammar. Fortunately, most Traditional Wiccans have now come to our senses and don't run around trying to cover up the fact that our religion is modern but based on many older (and in some cases ancient) ideas and practices.
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Terrence Terrence
Im not a wiccan but from what i know there are several different versions of wicca all with different beliefs. If there was an original form of ancient Pagan wicca it was wiped out buy the early christians along with many other ancient Pagan beliefs as they spread out through Europe destroying the old pagan worship/holy places and trying to remove all traces of pagan belief. The Pagan religions of today are all revivals of the old beliefs and all we have to go on is the few remnants of information written down by the scollars of old. Look for books by Scott Cunningham im told he was quite knowledgeable on the matters of Wicca when he was alive. Isaac Bonewitts is also a good author in regards to books about different Pagan faiths. Your best bet is to read as many books and sources as you can because alot are different. Just be aware of some of the goups out there whos beliefs are more like D&D fantasy than true Wicca.
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Piper Piper
Wicca as we know it today didn't exist in the Roman Empire-- just the word did, but the religion didn't and the word meant something different then. Just had to point that out. There really is no single book that I am aware of that explains all the different trads accurately or even in depth. You have to remember that all the lineaged (traditionalist) trads of Wicca are oath-bound. They don't publish books on their beliefs... it's an experiential religion that requires training and learning, and since covens operate autonomously there can even be differences within the same trad in two different covens and the way they develop with their own members. Wicca does have some uniform tenets, they're just flexible-- one of which is that we're non-dogmatic and you are not told what to believe. If you want to learn a little more of what BTW is like, try reading A Witch's Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar, or look up works by Gerald Gardner himself. A good website to check out is wicca.cnbeyer.com
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Mahlah Mahlah
Wiccan didn't document their traditions due to the risks of being murdered if word got out that their was a coven in the town, so most knowledge of traditions were burned or lost.You could "try" a wiccan spiritual store located somewhere in your city, thoe I don't suggest them as they are very expensive for nonsense and written by a 30 year old guy writes in his basement. Personally I was taught that putting your own energy into rituals helps the spells become more realistic. Although you do need to find a proper book on which candles, herbs, spices, and oils that are needed during the rituals.
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Jehu Jehu
Wicca isn't that organized. There are core beliefs that unite Wiccans...if there wasn't, there would be no point to calling ourselves Wiccans. But there's a lot of variation in personal practices. That doesn't mean we all have distinct traditions. 99% of traditions require you to be trained in person by another member of said tradition, generally in the context of a coven. The specifics of those groups is generally kept private, meaning that ANY list of them explaining differences should be viewed with suspicion. For eclectics (those who study on their own from books, the Internet, discussion groups, etc) there are no traditions, precisely because we are "eclectics." The one exception I can think of is Seax-Wica, which can be learned through books and not a personal teacher. But it's an exception.
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