Medical Bills? Legal advice please?

Medical Bills? Legal advice please? Topic: Hospital case statements
July 17, 2019 / By Belphoebe
Question: My wife got into a car accident a year ago. She does not remember anything that happened from time of the accident to 7 days afterwards. Within that 7 days, they had her sign an agreement to pay the bills for their services. To make long story short; I moved her away as soon as she got out of the hospital because of problems with her family. Today she got served with papers ordering her to pay the bills. Up until today she never was informed of the bills. Are there any legal actions she can take? There was not another car envolved in the accident and she had no insurance I was not her husband at the time.
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Adrianah Adrianah | 9 days ago
If your wife was not aware of what she was signing then you her legal spouse are responsible for her medical bills. You have no case whatsoever. When you moved away did you call the hospital and give them your new address? That might be why she never received a statement.
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In Idaho, there is a service that may be able to give you some assistance in finding low-cost prenatal and delivery care. Call 2-1-1.

Terry Terry
Although her signature on the agreement may not have been made with a coherent mind, and thus may not be enforceable, the fact remains that she did receive valuable medical services, and it would be unjust for her to have received this service without paying for it. Unless the bills are unreasonable, she should pay them. Or, really, the insurance company of the party at fault in the car accident should be paying for them. If there's no insurance, though, she's liable for the cost of the medical services she received, regardless of whether she signed an agreement or not. To answer your question directly, "Are there any legal actions she can take," yes there are: hire a personal injury attorney to pursue the case against the person who caused the accident; the attorney should ask the medical service provider to take a lien against the lawsuit.
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Pippin Pippin
Well, she 'could' argue that she was medically incompetent to sign the agreement to pay when she signed it, but it wouldn't help. If she was an adult at the time of the accident then she's responsible for her medical bills whether she signed an agreement or not. If someone is brough to a hospital unconscious and unable to sign anything, do you think that means they don't have to pay their bills? Richard
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Mahli Mahli
Is it legal for my dentist to charge me interest on a bill I am making payments on? I live in Minnesota. I thought I read somewhere that it was illegal to charge interest on medical bills.
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