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July 18, 2019 / By Belynda
Question: Recently, I have become very interested in the Disney college program. I don't know what I want to major in... Maybe entertainment or buisness... But ever since I was little, I have ALWAYS loved Disney World. I am a junior in high school, and since college is approaching, I am thinking about how cool it would be to do the Disney college program. I have a few questions though... 1. Does the semester at Disney count as credit? 2. What types of things do you have to do to get in to the program? (is there singing/ dancing) 3. What types of things do you do in the program? 4. How hard is it to get in? 5. If a person does the program, are there chances better of getting a job there? Thank you all very much for answering these questions! I am looking at the website and researching as much as I can!
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Adriane Adriane | 10 days ago
Okay I'm here to help!! I did the program about 2 years ago. I loved it soo much, it's an experience of a lifetime and I think everyone should do it. I just talked my cousins into doing it and they leave in four days!! Anyways.... The semester there can count as credits if you take classes. I only did 8 credits, and all i had to do was write some journals every month and send them in. There is the Disney university right by magic kingdom you can go to and take classes pertaining to your major or something you might like to take which will count. You can see a lot of cool behind the scenes stuff that way too. First you fill out an application.You can get a character audition but that is separate and really hard to get into. You can be a lifeguard if you have the qualifications once you get there you have to take a test. But for all other jobs you will have an interview at your college or over the phone. I had mine with a college program rep. They ask you simple questions about customer service.Then you can ask questions and you pick 3 jobs you would want. They won't be major specific. I'm in accounting and ended up in retail I worked at downtown disney at about 6-7 different stores. In the program you work. You get into the parks for free. And you can take those courses I mentioned above. Since doing the college program it has opened up doors for me. Since Disney is one of the top 100 companies to work employers tend to love it if you have been trained and worked for disney. You will leave in a apartment with up to 1-7 other people. The more people the cheaper it is. I lived with 3 other people and it cost me $85 a week which came out of my paycheck. You get paid minimum wage and will work 40 hours a week and you can get overtime. I would plan with going down with some money. basic things are given to you in the apartment but you have to bring most things. TVS computer, bedding, towels etc. Cable is free and internet. The apartments are nice. They are big. You won't have your own room but I went with a friend and we got to share a room!! Perks: You can get into the park free, 10% discount. and discounts on hotels for family etc... You can get 3 people into the park for free. And once you end you can stay "part time" all you need to do is work 2 days a year. so if you go back and have a vacation just work those 2 days and you can keep your perks. I would recommend bringing your own vehicle. There are buses to take you everywhere on DISNEY. But you have to wait for them plus if you need grocers the bus doesn't come that often for that and only about once a week to go to wal-mart..... it saves a lot of time. Plus you can go to beaches and stuff if you want too : ) This was an experienceI would do in a heartbeat if I could now. I would tell everyone to do it. It teaches you a lot. How to be away from home (if you never have) manage money and be independent. It's great and you will meet people from all over the WORLD. I still keep in touch with the people I did it with. I hope that answers your questions and you decide to do it!!!
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Adriane Originally Answered: Disney College Program questions?
Hi, I was accepted the DCP for this Spring 13 season but didn't go...I did however find out a lot of information about the program. You can still go to parties (the party complex is Vista Way) but you should not drink or smoke while there because it is VERY easy to get terminated. Also, if you are terminated Disney kicks you out immediatley and you have to find your own lodging until you can find a way home. I am not in the program but yes I can imagine that it is hard to balance work and classes because Disney is infamous for over working it's college program participants...a regular schedule for a "peek period" is over 60 hours. It does depend on what class you decide to take though, if you are going to take a Disney sponsored class then they only meet once a week and they do not meet during "peek periods" If you choose to do distance learning then it will be very difficult to handle your online class and work hours because you are only allowed one slot for it each week and traditonal online college classes requre at least 9 hours of work per week. Any class that you find interesting and could have a passion for will prove to be the easiest because you will actually be enjoying it. I've heard that the Disney heritage class is fun and pretty easy but it won't really count as credit toward your degree. I've also heard that creativity/innovation is a very popular class...take a look on the college program website, download the course syllabus and pick which class suits you. You do not have to earn credits for the semester, you are not even required to take any classes whether it is with Disney or through your college. Many people like to though because the classes can be used for their major and some degrees (usually hospitality majors) can use Disney courses for their major credits. I decided not to do the program because I wasn't too keen on the heavy workload and low pay. I am also far more interested in being a Disney entertainer than I am working in merchandise (that was my offered role). I've heard a lot of good things about the program and then I have heard some very bad things like being terminated for "stupid things", heavy workload, and not enjoying their job or coworkers. Please, give my question a try if you can (Disney college performer auditions) http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AtON.8RHMh4vQZJ7G6jm8vrty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130221235131AAFUPwm

Tex Tex
Good thing you asked this before going. It is not hard to get in since Disney wants to have young people working for them. Many of their credits do not transfer to other colleges, you don't have to know how to do much but if you know how to sing and dance, that will get you a better position than laundry person or the person who handles things below Disney (there is a whole world below Disney that only the workers know about) they will work you very hard but you have fun, you must attend classes, you must pay for your stay and they take it out of your paycheck (which is not a great amount). The program is great, you meet people from all over the world. When you attend college, Disney will send someone out to that college and you can apply then. Many of my credits did not transfer so I had to take 10 classes over when I transferred out of there but it was still work the experience and to have it on my resume.
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Placid Placid
i would love to do the program as well, but i'm confused as to what it really is. is it just a side project from college? so you go to regular college at the same time? and it would only make sense that it would be easier to get a job there, because you also work during the program.
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Placid Originally Answered: Arriving at the Disney World College Program!
I would have to disagree with the previous answer. They do not accept just anyone. I completed the program in the fall of 2001, and then worked as a Campus Rep for 3 years afterward. My husband and I met on the program and we highly recommend it for college students! Now, to answer your questions: *You do not have to bring bed linens, as they are provided. However, we recommend that you get your own. Theirs are like a hotel variety - scratchy and not very comfortable. I assumed you are flying in, so you'll want to get your set of Twin Sized sheets at Wal Mart. The busses they provide will take you there anytime you wish to go for groceries, supplies, etc... So just buy them there. * You are typically paired with someone arriving around the same time you are. They like to pair students who have the same arrival and departure dates from the program. But of course, you do have a say and if it doesn't work out, you can request a room change. *Always dress professionally to an interview. For guys, we recommend dress slacks and a button-up dress shirt. A tie is optional. You'll need professional attire while on your program as well for training, Traditions class and any Disney courses, should you choose to take any. *I recommend you fly into Orlando the day befor your scheduled arrival date. Book a hotel room at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort, which is located just across the street from Vista Way. Take Mears Transportation from the MCO Airport to your hotel and the following day, simply check out and walk across the street. *Your role, or employment will have nothing to do with how many people you bring with you. You can arrive with friendsor family or come by yoursel - it is completely up to you! Be sure to visit: http://www.easybreezyplanning.com. Click on the College Program Logo. Also, feel free to email me directly at: [email protected] I have a document which lists a pack list and tips for college program participants and would be happy to share it with you upon request. Good luck and enjoy! The College Program is a blast!

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