Whats wrong with me? do i need help?

Whats wrong with me? do i need help? Topic: How to write an email to an old friend example
July 18, 2019 / By Berlin
Question: im always worried about what people think about me, at school i hate people sitting behind me in case they do something to my back or through stuff at me( i feel like they are going to do that) i hate walking past people because i feel like they are going to talk about me ones i have walked passed, i feel like no one likes me and it makes me really sad in shops i do not ask people for help finding things because im to scared to i feel like they are going to walk of ant talk about me. i always feel like someone is talking at me and it makes me feel really scared and worried, i am really self-concision and because of people judging me and talking about me this has led to self harm, if im in a situation that i find scary or overwhelming i cant keep still i just sit tapping my foot of twisting my fingers,im really fat i hate getting in to bus's, cars, trains, lifts in case it goes down when i get on it, this has made me really self-Constitution and ive started starving myself because i feel so fat, i feel like im the fattest person im my year and I HATE IT! every night i wish i could be skinny and better like im not good enough sometimes i even cry myself to sleep i hate myself that much. i feel so ugly, worthless, disgusting like im not good enough. the other day my sister told me she would prefer to be an only child and that shed prefer it if i was dead, so i had a bath and truthfully i tried to drown myself i also burnt myself but i stoped for my friend i couldn't bare the thought of leaving her. i hate myself im so spotty,ugly,alone,anxious, confused,scared my hair is so greasy its horrible if i walk past a mirror i wont look in it when i have a bath/shower i dont look at myself i have my eyes closed all the time i hate myself that much. i want to be happy with myself i really do but i just cant, i put on a face smile at school all day i sometimes do it at home too im so stressed its unreal all the school work and looking after family members its all to much for me i cant cope! i think i need help but im to afraid to ask i think they will think im just doing it for attention. ive always hated myself for as long as i can remember for example when we just got back to school from a holiday i would watch all the other people in my class laughing and having fun but them when i walked in i felt like they stopped laughing i felt like id ruind there day because i was still fat and ugly. i really dont know whats wrong with me please help?! all this has made me self harm and i really want to stop but i cant :( sorry about the bad spelling and it being so long but please help me i am 13
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Adrie Adrie | 4 days ago
I'm 13 too and this is EXACTLY how I feel too, i was reading your question and thinking 'someone else feels exactly as i do, no one else should go through this.' I cut myself a lot too, and the only thing that helps me with that is twitter. It may sound silly but whenever i feel down or upset i tweet and it distracts me! I have people on twitter who support me and help me through everything, i am now trying to stop self-harming for one of them, we are trying together, I have gone 6 days without cutting so far... Here are somethings i have learned to do that help a little: I'm a Lovatic, Demi Lovaot's story inspired me and tought me that i am worthy enough,( if you havent heard about what she has been through, i sudggest you google it, it helped me lots:)) Find something you love doing, it could be a sport, listening to music, playing and instrument, reading etc whatever, and whenever you feel like cutting or are upset, do what you enjoy and try and distract yourself. Tell someone. i haven't told my family or friends yet but a few people know (aside from the people on twitter) it really helps! Tell a close friend, a relative, anyone. I wouldn't advise telling a teacher because they have to tell your parents, but if you want your parents to know, that may be something that works for you. If you tell someone, you are one step closer to recovering and being happy again, it may seem a long way away but it will happiness will come sooner if you tell someone. Write songs about how you feel, write poems, or stories or even draw etc. Try and find some other way of expressing your pain other cutting. You could even find some old cloth or something and try to tear it and if it tears, tear it again and again until you feel a better. Cutting releases endorphines which make you feel better, so does exercise, even if it's just dancing around like a silly person to a good song, trust me, it makes you feel a lot better than cutting does. Every morning, tell yourself you are beautiful, even if you don't believe it at first (i didn't) the more you tell yourself you are beautiful, you start to believe it, i am starting to believe it too! It may seem hard, but try not to give a s#!t what anyone else thinks, you have your real friends and if they don't like you, that doesn't actually cause you any problems, it only causes problems for them, this is something Demi helped me realise and at first, i couldn't help but care what other thought, now i'm caring less and less. I'm sorry it's so long but i really don't want you to feel like this, because you are WORTHY of happiness, you DESERVE to know how amazing you are, start the day with positive thoughts and smile even if your sad, because you deserve to smile! remember, i BELIEVE in you! if you ever need anything or anyone to talk to email me or tweet me @PerfQueenvato
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Thady Thady
Honey, Your problem is in your head. Nobody can make you feel inferior. I'm sure nobody thinks you're worthless, fat or any of the things you mentioned. Girls are always underplaying their good features. Your sister loves you, no matter what, and I know this because I yell things at my own sister all the time, but we always make up and fix our issues. I promise, in a few days time, she'll apologize and take back what she said. There's only way to feel better about yourself, and I think that would be being around the people you love, and if it's really necessary, losing weight in a HEALTHY way (this means working out and eating the right amount of food). This sounds mean, but I got told this all the time by my mother. Nobody has the time or energy to talk about you behind your back. Don't flatter yourself. Until you regain your self esteem, here's a tip: think up something funny a person said or did every time you feel as if someone is staring at you. In my case, it would be the thunder buddy song from Ted :P. You may look like an idiot just smiling alone, but at least everyone knows you have a sense of humor. If you really feel like you need help, I think you should get help. You know yourself better than anyone, and you know that people have no lives of their own if they think you're doing it for the attention. Sooooo, I hope this helped and good luck! :)
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Premyslas Premyslas
When i was at school i felt the same way, i would try to make myself invisible so no-one could notice me. but i was and still am quite big so i always got noticed and bullied ! It sounds like to me you have been bullied for a long time and because of that you are now unhappy with what you look like. Do not starve yourself it actually makes you more fat at first and it is not healthy for you. I would get the courage and write down what you have put here and go see a doctor, if your scared take your friend, just hand the paper over to him. I did a confidence course and am doing another one now there very good and make you feel so much better, your doctor can show you where they are and they are free.
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Malach Malach
All your problems come back to low self esteem, you have to realize that you are who you are no one ( at least not everyone) is going to hate you for it those that do leave them out of your life. Being a teen (I'm assuming) is hard your peers can be mean. It never hurts to go to a psychologist and it is covered under most health insurance plans. I went through a similar thing while I was in high school but once I got to college where no one really cares things got a lot better! I now have a wonderful boyfriend and am doing research on RSV at my university. I hope everything gets better for you, but remember self harming is never an answer it will only leave physical scars to remind you of your emotional ones.
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Jephtha Jephtha
Hi :) I know how you feel, but you do really need to talk to someone. It helps SO much! I can't even explain how much it helps. Why don't you talk to a teacher or a councellor, or go on ChildLine and talk to a councellor on there? Councellors have to keep things completely confidential unless they think your life is at risk, so talk to them about confidentiality first. You said you had a friend who stopped you from drowning yourself? You obviously care a lot about him/her, so to try and stop self harming why don't you write his/her name where you'd usually hurt yourself? About your weight, I know it's hard and I understand that. Maybe it would boost your confidence to start eating more healthily and excercising? Starving yourself will lead to an eating disorder, which will do nothing but lead to lower confidence levels. I speak from personal experience, eating disorders are horrible things to put yourself through, and they don't help you lose weight in the long term, and really skinny is NEVER a good look. You shouldn't ever feel like you're unwanted. There are people that would miss you so much. I don't know you, but I care about you and I really don't want you to do that to yourself. Remember, that's a permanant solution to a short term problem. I really do care about you and you're so young, you have your whole life ahead of you, please please please don't kill yourself. Please talk to someone, maybe that friend you mentioned? Maybe he/she could help you. If not, a councellor or teacher, or ChildLine would be a good idea. They won't think you want attention, you obviously genuinly feel insecure and they will know that. Councellors are very experienced in things like this, they know when someone's telling the truth or not. I wish you all the best, and I hope I've helped :) xoxoxo
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When you are young your body is still developing physically and sexually so your hormones will be all over the place and you will not always get your periods or get them at a regular time. If there was no blood then it was not your period, your period is when the walls of the uterus break down and exit from your vagina in the form of blood and small pieces of the uterus lining. You always have white or clear stuff from your vagina, this is discharge and it is how your body keeps itself clean and healthy by flushing out excess bacteria from your vagina and keeping the walls of your vagina moist – you will also notice slight changes in this throughout your cycle, you will see fertile quality cervical mucus when you are fertile, and lubrication when you are aroused. As long as your discharge does not smell bad, have an odd colour, have an odd texture or there is a lot of it, all signs of infection, then you are absolutely fine. You have a lot of menstrual options, in fact you have over twenty different things to choose from, not just tampons and pads, I am going to take an educated guess and say you use commercial pads like Kotex or Always – in which case this is why it feels uncomfortable, I'd highly recommend you switch to cloth pads as these are a lot more comfortable as well as safer, they will be a lot better than wearing what you are wearing now. Different cloth pad brands; http://www.lunapads.com http://www.gladrags.com http://www.reddyspads.com http://urban-armor.org/urban-armor http://www.wen.org.uk/sanpro/reports/makeyourown_web.pdf You really do not want to use tampons, these are very bad for your vaginal health because they stop the discharge from cleaning out your vagina, they also give bacteria a place to multiply and grow within your vagina, there are other health problems as well as tampons being unhygienic – thus why they are linked with TSS, vaginal infections, vaginal splitting, etc. If you are young then you are at higher risk from tampons because your body will not have the same antibodies adult women have to help protect you against infections, also the walls of your vagina are more delicate so inserting something dry like tampons can cause much more damage to you. Tampon dangers; http://www.spotsite.org http://www.toxicshock.com http://www.tamponalert.org.uk http://cookiepuss.tripod.com/tampons.htm http://www.web.net/%7Ewilli/uspoltam.htm Stick with pads for now, when you are a little older and if you still want to use internal options I'd highly recommend you get a menstrual cup, these are internal and can be left in for up to 12 hours without leaking, they can also be worn for sports like swimming, worn at night and worn before your period is due to avoid mess, they are far safer, more hygienic, environmentally friendly, more convenient, cheaper and body-positive than tampons – they also offer money back guarantees from 3 – 12 months so if you don't like them you can send them back and get your money back. More information on menstrual cups; http://www.menstrualcups.org http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_cup http://www.lunapads.com/productfaq/divacup.htm http://www.divacup.com http://www.softcup.com Take time to learn about your body a bit more and look at your different menstrual options, then decide if tampons are what you really want to use. Menstrual options; Commercial tampons – e.g. Tampax Organic tampons – e.g. Natracare Sponge tampons – e.g. Jade & Pearl Soft tampons – e.g. Gynotex Homemade tampons Padettes Commercial pads – e.g. Always Organic pads – e.g. Organic Essentials Cloth pads – e.g. Gladrags Pad belts – e.g. Ready's Homemade pads Padded panties – e.g. Lunapanties Period blankets Silicone bell-shaped menstrual cups – e.g. Divacup Rubber bell-shaped menstrual cups – e.g. Keeper Softcups – e.g. Instead Diaphragms used as menstrual cups Homemade menstrual cups Free-flow Free-flow layering Free-flow instinctive Extraction More information on your body and menstruation; http://www.scarleteen.com http://www.the-clitoris.com http://www.myvag.net http://www.vaginaverite.com http://www.menstruation.com.au http://www.mum.org http://www.sisterzeus.com/teensection.html

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