What has been your experience with online colleges? Did you get a degree?

What has been your experience with online colleges? Did you get a degree? Topic: Mba research topics
July 19, 2019 / By Bernadette
Question: Were you able to use your degree to get a job? Was it worth the time and expence? What would you recommend to someone else? I live in a small town with no college.
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Best Answers: What has been your experience with online colleges? Did you get a degree?

Aeron Aeron | 5 days ago
“What has been your experience with online colleges?” My personal experience as both a student and an instructor has been excellent in an online environment. Of course, I am only referring to fully accredited institutions. “Did you get a degree?” Yes. I earned my MBA and almost finished my PhD through hybrid programs. Most of the course work was done via asynchronous online methods. If you think about graduate work is mostly research. “Were you able to use your degree to get a job?” Yes. I would not be teaching college and consulting all over without it. “Was it worth the time and expense? “ It took me a little over a year for my MBA and its going into 3 years for my PhD. The expenses were similar to regular schools. That may be an indication of fraud, when the price is either way too high or low. “What would you recommend to someone else? “ I always have three recommendations for everyone looking into online/distance education. They all have to do with exploring after all you have to defend your assets. 1. Make certain that you have triple checked their accreditation. First, they tell you what it is, then you go to that accrediting bodies website (not through the link provided by the school), and thirdly you would visit the department of education to see what they have to say. Do your diligent research into the institutions once you have narrowed down to a couple. You can look at the Better Business Bureau for more information of the college. 2. You must have extreme self motivation and be able to teach yourself per say. This means that you will not have someone telling you verbally, so it is up to you to get the information from the course room, text, and other resources. The best way to look at it is like a guided independent study course. 3. Review your goals, personal and professional. Make sure that the school that you are going to offers the programs that match your goals. Do not settle. There are many programs that are similar, but you have to make the ultimate decision. Do not let be based on finances and length of program, but the fact that when you are finished or near finished you will be able to assume your proper place in the career field sought. “I live in a small town with no college.” Many students seek distance education for this same purpose. I have many students that live four or five hours away from their nearest school. Sure you can move and leave your job, family, and other adult responsibilities behind. Going to college live is for recent high school graduates that need a little more disciplined course of study. Distance learning is geared towards adult education, which is a totally different educational model. (That’s another topic altogether). There are many traditional universities offering degrees that can be earned through online methods. Look at that if you are truly concerned with the name of the school. Good luck on your search!
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Thane Thane
Just print out a piece of paper that says "degree". It is worth the same & much cheaper. Go to a real college- many of which now offer a number of courses online.
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Preston Preston
Online colleges are a waste of time and money. If you want to get a good career, actually go to college! I'm a college student myself majoring in accounting. Being in the classroom is the only way to near your future career! My college is 90 miles from my home, but I go there anyway!
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Malachai Malachai
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