How are The stories, Robin hood, Medea, and Things Fall apart, related?

How are The stories, Robin hood, Medea, and Things Fall apart, related? Topic: Things fall apart essay help
July 19, 2019 / By Bernice
Question: I'm doing a Essay on how these 3 stories/ plays are related. How are The stories, Robin hood, Medea, and Things Fall apart, related? I can't find anything. **Anything helps.
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Best Answers: How are The stories, Robin hood, Medea, and Things Fall apart, related?

Aerynn Aerynn | 7 days ago
there all related by a lazy kid writting an essay on them but is to insipid to draw out any other relations between them. figure sh#t out for yourself
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Aerynn Originally Answered: Robin hood plot! it's a homework?
essentially, it's about a renegade archer who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. see, the king had to go off to war, leaving his kingdom behind. the king's jealous brother took the opportunity and stole the throne while his brother was away and started imposing enormous taxes on the poor to appease his greed. Then robin hood came in and started stealing from the king and the king's nobility and returning the money back to the poor. then there's this whole thing about him going into an archery contest to get with the princess of the original king and that part's pointless. it was essentially a rendition of a medieval superhero making the kingdom better because of the high taxes in real life.
Aerynn Originally Answered: Robin hood plot! it's a homework?
you may likely lease a action picture which will inform you all you may desire to appreciate. i could propose the Disney version. it extremely is a comic book strip, whether it keeps to the spectacular tale line rather lots. i could usually inform you to purely do the artwork, yet i'm guessing which you do no longer decide to. Friar Tuck, Little John and Maid Marion are the optimal sturdy human beings and of direction Robin Hood. The king is the undesirable man or woman. in case you do lease the Disney version, be recommended, in actual life, Robin Hood replaced into no longer a fox.

Theobald Theobald
Francois Villon, the fifteenth century French poet, advance into properly-basic as a thief and violent criminal, he advance into imprisoned quite a few circumstances. Ned Kelly, the Australian outlaw, is a properly-liked persons hero. In united statesa., Butch Cassidy and the Sundance youngster, Billy the youngster, and Bonnie and Clyde are all criminals who've captured the favored mind's eye. And in england, apart from Robin Hood, an 18th century highwayman referred to as Dick Turpin grew to advance right into a properly-liked persons hero, all varieties of exploits that have been actual finished by using different highwaymen have been attributed to him.
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Prince Prince
@ Edward...Im sure Tyler Perry would LOVE to do a his own Robbin' in da Madeas 'Hood, er...Robin Hood story.
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