What is the best paid and best free anti virus software?

What is the best paid and best free anti virus software? Topic: Free case software
July 19, 2019 / By Bet
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Best Answers: What is the best paid and best free anti virus software?

Agas Agas | 8 days ago
Avira Antivir and AVG is the best free antivirus softwares And in the case of Paid antivirus, the best is Kaspersky
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Agas Originally Answered: Which anti virus software is best?
i have used Norton products for 12 years an it hasn't failed me yet, currently Norton Internet Security 2012. MSE is the only freeware with a firewall, but it scans slowly, my only complaint. other freeware offers moderate protection and no fiirewall. A good combo is Avast free and Zone Alarm free firewall. Personally i have never trusted McAfee, and have dealt with a few customer infections using McAfee? Your money your choice, you can google independant comparisons, if you trust them.

Tiberius Tiberius
There are two kinds of anti virus programs: Free and Paid. Obviously, the free ones are less efficient than paid ones. Free: Some free anti virus programs often can detect virus but 99% times they cannot clean it. Nevertheless, some of them are listed below with ratings by me as a user: Avira Home Anti virus: 3/10 Avast Home: 4/10 AVG : 4/10 McAffee:5.5/10 Paid : Almost all good paid anti virus are quite efficient. Norton Internet Security: 8/10 Norton 360 : 9/10 Quick Heal Total Security:9/10 Quick Heal Plus: 8.5/10 Quick Heal Lite: 8/10 Kaspersky Internet Security: 8.5/10 [But makes the PC Very Slow] ESET Nod32 Antivrus: 8/10 ESET Smart Security:8.5/10 Norton Gaming Edition: 8.5/10 Bitdefender: 8/10 Most Good Paid Antivrus Come Along Wih Firewalls, So That is another advantage. Otherwise, ZoneAlarm Is a good firewall. Worst Antivirus of All Times: Windows Defender : 1/10
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Rae Rae
Norton's isn't as good as it was I use Avast home edition registered and its free it hasn't let me down ever. I know of 2 people that have had to pay Norton's $100 to clean out a virus and they were newly bought
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Marko Marko
So far--- AVG (http://free.avg.com/download-avg-anti-virus-free-edition) is the best Free Anti virus Software on earth. For paid service..My favorite is the "Norton Internet Security 2009" (http://www.symantec.com/norton/internet-security) though you might find different opinion.
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Marko Originally Answered: Best Anti-Virus software?
First, Mac's practice security through obscurity, in other words its only safe because the target audience is so much smaller than windows that few hackers want to write software to hit a small number of people. (1) With any OS, run system updates on a regular basis to protect from worms and other vulnerabilities. Have both a hardware and software firewall or an expensive hardware one that does not have a default allow rule for anything going outbound. The firewall on most consumer routers allows anything that comes from your computer to go out to the internet so it does not tick someone off by having an app not work so without a software one to check which apps are talking to the internet, you could be at risk. Get some anti-malware software. There is not really the "best" and since new threats come out daily one that was better than the next could change overnight. Check out AV Comparatives to see which ones have the best detection, the lowest false positives (legit applications that may act similar to a virus), speed, and resources consumed by the program (2) That being said, I recommend NOD 32 for a paid solution followed by Kaspersky. You can get PC Tools for free from Google (3), or the free ones I recommend are MS Security Essencials (4) if you have a legit copy of windows or Panda Cloud (5) for its very easy to manage and non obtrusive user interface. Please check AV Comparatives before you purchase any anti-virus software.

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