I have a bad gpa, but what are my chances to get into University of Maryland, College Park?

I have a bad gpa, but what are my chances to get into University of Maryland, College Park? Topic: How to writing a film score
July 20, 2019 / By Betsy
Question: I have a 2.57 gpa unweighted but a 3.0 weighted gpa. I have a 1920 overall score in SAT, and I have taken a lot of AP classes by getting 4s and 5s. I live in Maryland and I am DESPERATE to get into there. I have excellent teachers who wrote marvelous recommendations and I have a guidance counselor who highly recommended me to college park, because in my senior year I have gotten great grades. I have a 3.57 unweighted and 4.1 weighted right now. In my past, I've moved around a lot and my emotional and family status has affected my grades. What are chances of getting in? I've applied to: University of Maryland, College Park University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) Towson University Virginia Tech. I have some extracurriculars. I was the President of the Film Club for a year now. I have done JV Wrestling for one year during my junior year. I also did STEM club for a year and I did an internship in a company. I did a short film for the Howard County Film Festival last year and I got into the final around. What are my chances? Anyone? I applied to Maryland for early action, as same as UMBC and Towson.
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Agnus Agnus | 6 days ago
I think that I think you have an okay chance at college park and a better chance at UMBC or Towson, and Virgina Tech is kinda a stretch. You should go on the college board website and make an account and you can match to what the universities specifications are and how much they consider each thing like how important it is. I think you have a pretty good shot, any admissions officer can see that even though your gpa is low your very well rounded with everything else. Nice SAT scores :)
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Agnus Originally Answered: What are my chances of getting into the University of Maryland in College Park?
University of Maryland is a hard school to get into. Its not nearly as easy as it used to be. I am currently a student at College Park. Some of the little things that make a difference are you home state and major. Applying as an childhood education major increases your chances. Any of the sciences makes it harder to get in. You are good on extracurriculars, Maryland loves that. Your SATs have to be raised. They are a school that does NOT look at writing. You should have a 1300 total between reading and math...so 650 each is a fair goal. Also, Maryland does not go for weighed GPA. They do take the difficulty of classes in consideration...but they look at your GPA unweighted. The minority fact is very helpful. Also, letters of recommendation are not to be looked over. Get a)teachers that know you very well b) someone with a nice title(dr.etc) and c) Someone that can speak about you in relation to your major(its always helpful but not necessary. The main thing is don't worry. I was stressing out forever...and it doesn't help. What happens, happens. You obviously did and are doing all you can. I'm sure you will do fine at any school you go to. :)

Timo Timo
Im currently a student at UMCP and you have a fair chance ONlY if you get that SAT up to at least an 1800. CP looks heavily on SAT (reading and math only). I believe the avg applying gpa to CP was 3.85. Last time I checked out 90% of students apply with that gpa. But you should really work on your gpa. Being an African American should increase your chances as well (no racial). Anyways, good luck!
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Ranald Ranald
your chances at university of Maryland college park are pretty low ..(well it also depends on your class rank) your senior GPA is good enough but your overall 2.57 GPA is pretty low .. but you should still try ..maybe with a really good essay also they might see your progression throughout the year but overall its okay to low because your SAT is pretty average for that school too .. but again try ..your class rank might be good and might help you.... You have a better chance in getting into University of Maryland, Baltimore County since your SAT is a little below high average of people admitted ( class rank again might play a role..) your senior year GPA is higher than the average of people admited there but again your previous GPA is low (average is 3.64..) In towson you have a good chance because your SAT is higher than average high admitted (mid 50%) also your senior year GPA is higher than the average admitted which is 3.5.. the essay is optional unlike with the other schools but it might further your chances in getting in virginia tech your SAT scores are pretty good for that school but like the others ur overall GPA is low while your senior year GPA is higher than the average GPA accepted of 3.67... o and your EC's should also help with all the schools
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Marquise Marquise
As a Maryland resident and a Towson University and University of Maryland alumni, i am going to tell you that your chances of getting into College Park are extremely low. However, you could very well get into Towson. UMBC you probably have an alright chance of getting into, if you write an awesome essay and if you go into the interview really well dressed and really obviously have yourself collected and know what to say. Also, explain your grades. Explain why you have poor grades, explain that its not for lack of trying, maybe College Park will take that into consideration? You could though always go to Towson and then get very good grades and transfer to College Park. Honestly, Towson was my undergraduate degree and they did a good job with it, they also do great job placement and internships, which is something that i cannot say i experienced at University of Maryland. But it also depends on your major, if you're going into the sciences i would say transfer from UMBC or Towson to College Park as soon as your GPA allows it. However, if your major is something like education or english i would stick with UMBC or Towson.
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Marquise Originally Answered: What are my chances with the University of Maryland College Park?
I think you have a really good chance to get in. I was accepted coming out of high school and your numbers are comparable to mine. I am also a minority as well. Focus on making a good personal statement and you will be fine. Applying early can be helpful as well. I live in Maryland and I know a lot of people at College Park with credentials not nearly as good as yours....good luck!!

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