English paper topic?

English paper topic? Topic: English thesis paper topics
July 17, 2019 / By Bettie
Question: Which work would be easier to write a 7 pg. paper, find a lot of information on, and develop a thesis for? Thanks! William Shakespeare- Sonnet 18 & 130 Emily Dikinson- "march madness.." "I heard a fly buzz" and/or "because I could not stop for death" Herman Melville- Bartleby, the Scrivener Nathanial Hawthorne- Young Goodman Brown, Minister's Black Veil, or The Birthmark ... and if anyone knows a possible thesis that would be SO much help.
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Aideen Aideen | 8 days ago
Friendly neighborhood English teacher here. :) All of them will have a wealth of information on the web and in books. Shakespeare will probably be the most accessible, because, well, he's Shakespeare. My advice to you would pick the one that you hate the least (I'm feeling your pain with these ones, dude... I like modern lit, myself), and work with that, since you'll have to spend a lot of time analyzing the acutal pieces and researching. Good luck!
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Aideen Originally Answered: English research paper topic? topic of concern?
Firts of all, you might get better results if you put this question in "Homework Help." Second, what grade are you in? (This will help us answer your question better as well.) There was an interesting segment on Dateline where Brian Williams talked about online predators. Perhaps relate it to how teens relate too much information about themselves on MySpace and on the Internet and how teens relate to strangers online more than they do with the people they talk with in person. Research how many teens use the Internet, how many give out information such as full name, address, or phone numbers, etc. Then, relate how many online predators that are caught each year and how teens could protect themselves better on the Internet.

Tiras Tiras
William Shakespeare because he wrote alot of poetry and plays http://shakespeare.mit.edu/ thesis: how William Shakespeare work has fascinated people around the world hope it helps =]
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Randall Randall
track video clips and their consequences on american custom animal rights beauty surgical treatment gay marriage option capacity resources global warming (there are actual diverse human beings arguing that it doesn't exist... weird and wonderful, yet there ARE 2 aspects) First landing on the moon (back, diverse human beings imagine it grow to be a large hoax) the morality of corporeal punishment (that is, case in point, mothers and fathers spanking their youngsters--actual punishment.... at what factor is it abuse?) the shortcoming of life penalty desire that list helps... enable me recognize in case you want extra :)
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Marshall Marshall
doing your homework on a sunday? watever, go ahead and giv me a thumbs down. too sensititive these days
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Marshall Originally Answered: Topic for english lit paper?
"Together, these four works illustrate the development of feminism and how society's perception of women evolved over time." Of course, the more specific you are, the better, but I haven't read all of those so I'm not sure what common points you are drawing from. Hope this gave you something to start with.

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