Are you a procrastinator?

Are you a procrastinator? Topic: Mega papers
July 17, 2019 / By Bevin
Question: I've got this mega paper due soon on Microsoft and l dunno how to tackle it and l've been putting it off. You? its a University paper, not just spelling hw XD
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Ailene Ailene | 3 days ago
.....you and me both :( Let's make a deal, you do your paper and I'll do my English homework......but only if you go first. Edit: It's not spelling, it's Hamlet reading!!! Shall I read you some?? I'll give some advice then that might actually be of use, I'm assuming it's some kind of essay, start by writing out in dot points what you mean to say in each paragraph, so then you know where you're going. You might find that once you've done the introduction, the rest will be easy. If you've already done this........then I don't know. Oh and turn off all distractions including ANSWERS.
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Ailene Originally Answered: I'm a procrastinator HELP?
The key to procrastination is to realize the importance of what it is that have to do, how it will affect your life and how much time you're wasting in your life. Want to take 10 years to get through college? Just do it already. It makes you look bad and it's not hard to put in a few hours to do your homework. Come on, college is easy, get help with tuts if you have to. Drink tea/ coffee, listen to music that isn't distracting, do whatever you have to do to help motivate yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LRb4C-3t... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw5s3CB_1...
Ailene Originally Answered: I'm a procrastinator HELP?
Just do what i did and say **** it, rob some people, and hey if u want to be a pharmacist just sell pot
Ailene Originally Answered: I'm a procrastinator HELP?
Give yourself little rewards if you do it. Tell yourself "I can have a bar of chocolate if I get this done." Or you can do "I can't watch tv until I get this done." Works for me.

Ailene Originally Answered: How can I stop being a procrastinator?
I am the exact same thing. I always say I'll do it later, then end up doing it last minute and that works fine for me, so I do it over and over again. What I realize is that most of the time, if I just stop everything and with all of the force in my body, get up and do that paper or project, it's not that bad and I'm basically on a role, until something distracts me and I'm back where I started... With some of my paper done! I'm sorry I'm hardly helping at all. My advice is to just drop everything and do it, and if you try hard enough, you could really accomplish something. I have an oral due monday and I've only started to research now... o.O But I'm planning on pulling an all-nighter to finish it, that's when I'll REALLY be on a roll ;)
Ailene Originally Answered: How can I stop being a procrastinator?
Keeping a calendar really helps dude like having one on your wall in your room and inside your notebook to keep upcoming tasks in front of you so you'll be more inclined to go ahead and take care of it. I dunno everyone's different. Worked for me. Maybe it's worth a try :)

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