I am looking for a book written in 1969 about my great-great grandmother but i don't know.?

I am looking for a book written in 1969 about my great-great grandmother but i don't know.? Topic: Cheques writing a book
July 17, 2019 / By Bibi
Question: ...that name of it by lula reed my grandmother Ella Mae was born Feb 22, 1870 in duck hill ms to freed slave parents. She married a Irish man by the name of James McClain and gave birth to her first child at 15 years of age. Her daughter wrote a book on her life in 1969 as a dedication to her mother for her birthday Feb. 22 and a tribute in the Memphis Gazette in Memphis,Tn. I am looking for that book for a family project. i would love it if someone could respond with a solution for me. thank you
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Ailey Ailey | 4 days ago
...the local history branch of the Memphis Library? Sometimes that sort of book ends up stored there. This is a link to the genealogy department (aka local history): http://www.memphislibrary.org/history/in... Also, because the Memphis Gazette seems to be no more, they might know what it turned into, or where its "morgue" files ended up. Quite possibly if the tribute was in the Gazette, the book may very well have been printed by the Gazette and the newspaper may have kept a copy. You can contact the library in a variety of ways from here: http://www.memphislibrary.org/about/cont... You might also want to check with the libraries at the University of Memphis ( http://exlibris.memphis.edu/resource/spe... ) Their special collections also include local history materials, locally connected manuscripts and limited publications, and at least one newspaper morgue (The Memphis Press-Scimitar). And finally, contact every relative you have to see if anyone got a copy and hung on to it. Unfortunately there is no book like that currently listed in the out-of-print books for sale databases. Good luck!
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Todd Todd
Try googling the name of the author and the year the book was published i.e. "Lula Reed 1969 Book". Be aware that the book has probably been out of print for some time (especially if it was self published) and may be very difficult to find unless someone in your family has a copy.
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Rashaun Rashaun
Go to your local public library and see if they can look it up on WorldCat. WorldCat is a database with all the books from all the libraries in the world. You may be able to find it. Otherwise, you could look up back issues of the Memphis Gazette to see if you can find mention of it.
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Marvyn Marvyn
how cool. the only ingredient i'm able to think of to do is circulate to the Memphis Gazette newspaper documents (on line or in individual) and discover the right article you talk of. additionally, do you recognize any info on the subject of the e book- like the place it replaced into printed? the place did the daughter stay who printed it? call a writer in that section and ask. what's the identify of the e book? Do you have residing kinfolk which could supply you extra strategies? reliable success!
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Jethro Jethro
The following book search links offer a search by year/author/title so if you know at least the author, try doing a search for them.
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