How can I motivate myself in school?

How can I motivate myself in school? Topic: What is a letter of application for teaching
July 19, 2019 / By Bijou
Question: Please take the time to read this I really could use some help... I'm currently a High School junior and it's been the most difficult year of my life. While it should be difficult because I would be doing massive amounts of work like a lot of people, I've put forth nearly no effort. I don't know why... and everyone is telling me the same exact things and none of it is helping me. I keep hearing all about my 'potential' and 'ability' and etc. and how I don't put forth any of it and I'm tired of that and probably more tired of the fact that they're all right. At this point I'm just so chill... it's unhealthy. My current cumulative GPA is an 83.85 and that's significantly under my peers and is by no means due to our intellectual differences or capabilities. I could realistically have a whole letter grade higher or more if I was able to actually have the motivation to do so. My schedule is as follows: 1: Russian III 2. US History 3. Honors English 4. AP Biology (college course, only class I give a **** about and still don't even try) 5. Gym/AP Biology Lab 6. Accelerated Pre-Calculus (senior class) 7. Biotechnology Simply put: School. Work. Is. Torture. I do well on tests, and they are what hold my grade at a "reasonable" level. But even still I don't really take notes or study to really make them shine or anything. My greatest struggle is with my Honors English class. English isn't a weakness or anything of mine in concept, but the class is designed for a work ethic entirely in contrast with mine. We're juggling 3-4 topics and assignment plans at once, accumulating by far the greatest wealth of useless busy work out of all my classes. It's been nearly three quarters of the year and I can honestly say I've gained little to nothing from that class except the demoralizing effects of watching it pull my GPA like an iron weight. I've gotten straight C's in that class and I think this will be my worst quarter yet, but was able to get a 95 on the midterm. The thing about my biology class is that it's taken right from Uconn, our local University. It is taught in such a way consistent with college learning. It's one of few classes I don't hate dealing with, and yet I do minimal studying for the infamously impossible course and do average. That's what I like: 1. Listen to ****. 2. Prove you understand ****. 3. Grade I don't know what exactly I'll gain from sharing this with the yahoo community, because I've heard it all already and the basis of my worry is that none of it does much to phase my actions. I just wish grades were based more upon ability and application of our knowledge on the subject rather than a test of labor tolerance. I've heard it all... Think about the future, think about your parents, doing the work is the easy part, it's better in the long run, blah blah blah etc. None of it seems to matter to me. I see problems in the system and use that to justify my actions (or lack thereof) as a form of laziness reinforcement. Don't get me wrong I love learning and most of all having a productive intellectual conversation with one who has an interesting opinion to share. What is unfortunate is nearly all my remotely revelatory or stimulating conversations on things we SHOULD be learning in school are entirely separate from that pointless "educational" building I can barely force myself to wake up and attend. I feel fortunate that I don't the the world in the same monotonous, purposeless way that many of the worker ants at my school and in most of society do... most people go on living the generic mold that Americans are expect to pursue, but my opinions and incessant need to contest every assignment (at least in my mind) is hurting me. *breathes* Can anyone help? I'm notoriously the 'bum' of all my friends because I don't try. Does anyone have advice that goes deeper than "write your assignments down"?
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Ailith Ailith | 6 days ago
Well it started out this school year with me in 8th grade. I thought i'm going to try and get good grades. So i was getting good grades, and turning in work. But then we just keep on doing the same work every week. And i hate school anyways, so i figure whats the point of doing this if this is 1.same work every week 2.doesn't count because i'm in 8 th grade 3. if i don't do the work, then i get a 3 day vacation (suspension) from school. and i don't even like school on top of that! its just...... its just really hard to manage. SChool causes me depression because its so boring and we forget the stuff on every weekend. thats why we have to take the tests on friday, because we already forget in 2 days. i know its for the future but i'm only in 8th grade middle school, and the work is so easy, but i'm so lazy and i hate school anyways, and i get no reward for getting good grades, i get no punishment for getting bad grades. the only time i get punished is if i don't participate then they give me out of school suspension for 3 days and offer me to go half a day if i refuse. this is designed for us to fail.
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Ailith Originally Answered: How can I motivate myself?
I had the same problem! I believe that many people face that situation. think about what your doing the school work for....... so you can live easier. If your religious pray to Jehovah(God). what motivates me is how I want my future family and I can live comfortable.

Tolly Tolly
You've set up a mental scenario that can ensure you won't do well in college. You don't understand the purpose of those other classes which we all had to take to get our degrees. Without those other classes, you're not a well rounded person who can talk on a variety of subjects with intelligence. Also, many of us change professions later in life, and you won't be as capable of doing so without the well rounded education that you consider GE classes just there to steal your $$. The only true incentive for you has to come from within. External incentives really don't work. Needing to put food on the table is incentive enough for most of us. Only YOU know what will motivate you. We can give you all sorts of suggestions, but you can easily shoot them all down if you wish to have all our ideas fail. My best suggestion is to find what subject excites you and use THAT as your motivation. The other classes are to make you a more desirable employee. The best employee is the one who is not only good at their job, BUT ALSO: - a good self starter - a good self-motivator - has a good work ethic - is a fast learner of new aspects of the job - can talk intelligently on a variety of subjects with customers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds - can interact well with other employees who have a variety of interests... work conversation is stale if only work is what one can talk about... - can interact well with supervisory personnel. This includes being able to converse with them on things other than just work. The kind of person will advance and be able to manage other workers under hiim. If achieving those attributes are not enough for you to motivate yourself, then maybe you want to fail. Only you know the answer to that question.
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Rastus Rastus
You sound like you really hate school. I hated it too, it was hell. I can tell you to try and take each day one at a time until you graduate. I can tell you to find a college you wish to attend, and make that your ultimate goal to work towards. I can tell you to get ritalin because it sounds like you may have ADHD/ADD. I can tell you to see if you can test out of high school and get your diploma immediately. I can tell you to just go take your GED test. But perhaps I don't know enough about your situation to give you good advice. Good luck and try to hang in there. I know my jr. year of HS was my best because I made the varsity soccer team, and that boosted my confidence to get my highest GPA I ever got in high school.
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Masterman Masterman
Contemplate repeating one of these questions every day for the rest of your life: Would you like fries with that? Welcome to Walmart, would you like a cart? Excuse me, could you spare some change? Or the ever popular, I'll do anything you want for $50
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Masterman Originally Answered: How to motivate myself?
I have this same problem with my horse. The best way I can get motivated is to find someone to ride with. Riding with a friend is entertaining and helps pass the time especially on a slow ride.

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