How marvelous is the nuclear power plant that God created for all life to exist?

How marvelous is the nuclear power plant that God created for all life to exist? Topic: Photosynthesis is life
July 18, 2019 / By Billie
Question: The sun is the center of our solar system and makes up 99.8% of the mass of the entire solar system. If the sun were as tall as a typical front door, Earth would be about the size of a nickel. Since the sun is not a solid body, different parts of the sun rotate at different rates. At the equator, the sun spins once about every 25 days, but at its poles the sun rotates once on its axis every 36 Earth days. The solar atmosphere (a thin layer of gases) is where we see features such as sunspots and solar flares on the sun. The sun is orbited by eight planets, at least five dwarf planets, tens of thousands of asteroids, and hundreds of thousands to three trillion comets and icy bodies. Without the sun's intense energy there would be no life on Earth. The temperature at the sun's core is about 15 million degrees Celsius (27 million degrees Fahrenheit). . @ Sonya.... the majority of the biomass on Earth resides under the ocean sustained by the heat of Earth's core... Without the sun there would be no plant life. the majority of the biomass on Earth resides under the ocean would NOT be sustained by the heat of Earth's core... Source: Deep-Ocean Life - El Camino College www.elcamino.edu/faculty/tnoyes/Reading... Most of the sunlight is absorbed near ... Most of the animals who do not live at the surface live pretty close to the ... to violent waves and other motions near the surface of the ocean. ... The amount of food available in the deep ocean can change dramatically with ..... these communities could not exist without photosynthesis. .
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Ailsa Ailsa | 7 days ago
No matter what you say, no one that do not believe in God, will listen. For instance, without the sun being the exact size needed to sustain life on Earth, we would not be here. And with that size, located precisely 93 million miles from Earth, it sustains life on Earth. Change either one of those factors and we would simply not even exist. Yet people will not accept that as design. One even claims that in 6 billion years, earth will be gone. Well, in twenty or so years, my car will be gone, and IT WAS DESIGNED. Just because something dies some time, does not mean it was not designed. WHAT, are humans to live another 7 billion years or so, and get destroyed by the collapsing sun? We have only been here a few thousand, so in 6 billion more years, I sincerely doubt we will be here. You can show how design created life, the solar system, the galaxies and anything, and YET, no one wants to accept it. EVEN if God Himself came down and said, "I AM God," they would not accept it. So let them be. Walk away, and simply, let them be. ------------- @Sonya. Without the heat of the sun, Earth would be a frozen mass of ice. And if the Sun on the other hand was too close it would burn up the Earth, and the biomass from the water that never existed in the first place, since there would be no water.
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Ailsa Originally Answered: How do you search for a suitable site for building a nuclear power plant?
Stability of the ground (that thing -WEIGHTS- a lot). The zone has to be absolutely non-seismic (not subject to earthquakes). Easy access to water (river?) for cooling. Economy of the country is not even the main point, when reasoning about a suitable site. You wouldn't be considering building one at all if the economy of the country wouldn't be able to support such an expense.

Tom Tom
Actually the majority of the biomass on Earth resides under the ocean sustained by the heat of Earth's core, not the Sun. You fail. edit- I'm talking about deep ocean life, you dingus "chemosynthesis" http://ocean.si.edu/ocean-videos/hydrothermal-vent-creatures you still fail.. edit- scurbag, you might want to take a look at europa.. do you christians read anything else but the bible? why does it even matter? using your logic: -Our Sun is a third generation star, meaning the previous stars could have collapsed the wrong way and never have made the Sun and our solar system, therefore we never existing. And this isn't uncommon, by our standards the majority of star systems are failed star systems --Most (95%) of the "normal" baryonic matter in the universe is in the form of multi-million-degree "hot cluster gas" that forms an intergalactic medium in clusters of galaxies. So in the Universe as a whole, there is 20 times as much hot intergalactic plasma as there are stars. Stars are an accident. --The known universe is composed of less than 2% baryonic matter (matter consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons... the stuff we naturally assume to be "stuff"), which makes dark matter the most common form of matter in our universe and shows that our universe is far more suited for the creation of black holes. ..therefore the universe was not created for us
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Raven Raven
Its very true that Nuclear Power Plants are helping us far better way to live life using other alternative sources of energy that nature created for the mankind. Nuclear energy is not only clean but also can be re-cycled. At the same time there are other means of renewable energy generation ways that are also as better and clean as nuclear like the solar power which can be generated only using sun energy using solar panels, also we have wind power using wind turbines. God / Nature has surely been taking care of us and shall take care as man learns from mistakes and advances in life.
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Mat Mat
Yes, this proves the existence of Yahweh. Yes, this proves the existence of Allah. Yes, this proves the existence of Thor. Yes, this proves the existence of Zeus. Yes, this proves the existence of Shiva. See the problem here? Besides, a theistic creator who makes a nuclear power plant that is bound to malfunction and explode at some point in the future, killing the people who use it, is not someone I'd like to worship. Now, if you're using this to support the existence of a deist god, you're supporting the strong anthropic principle.
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Jimi Jimi
And? G2 stars like the Sun are found everywhere in the galaxy. There is very little that makes our Sun special.
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Goliath Goliath
In about 6 billion years, the sun will go Red Giant, and destroy all the inner planets, including the Earth. So much for intelligent design.
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Goliath Originally Answered: Scared about the nuclear plant in japan?
Im pretty scared too. I live in new york, and ive read enough articles, and done enough research the past 2 days to think it wont have an effect in the U.S. But i still cant help be a little scared about it, so we in the same boat. Pray for the citizens of japan.

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