What are the requirments for being a journalist in New York Times?

What are the requirments for being a journalist in New York Times? Topic: Paper writers for hire
July 18, 2019 / By Bithia
Question: Hey, I want to be a journalist in the New York Times or The Washington Post. Does someone know the requirments for being one? P.S: I'm not living in the US, so can I still work there? Thank you so much, Liran.
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Ailsie Ailsie | 9 days ago
You need to be REALLY good. Those are two of the more reputable papers in the nation. Most of its staff writers work their way up there. I'm sure they'd hire freelancers who live abroad, granted the subjects are current news or feature pieces they can feature from abroad. The Washington Post and The New York Times both print many front page stories based on the economy from what happens overseas.
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Ailsie Originally Answered: New York Times?
I agree with the first person. Research what news department and editor might be interested in for your story pitch. calling sometimes helps (though the NY Times switchboard and news rooms aren't that helpful). Secondly, you can read the NY Times and see what reporters are writign stories about topics similar to yours (either foreign aid or issues or a particular country). These will likely be your best bet for reporters that cover these beats in general and who might be more interested in your story than a general editor. Sometimes if you get a reporter interested that pitches the story up to their editor, you have a better chance at getting it noticed. I disagree with the second person here. Send letters to the editor via e-mail. Mail over there will just get lost, and no reporters like phone calls anymore. Most reporters specifically request to only be contacted by e-mail, letters to the editor especially. What you can do is look at their site and see if there's an "Editorial Page Editor" name you can copy the e-mail too, as well as sending it to the general "letters" e-mail address. Editorials should be no more than 250-300 words to get noticed. If you want a step up from and editorial to try and give it some real umph, write it as an Op-Ed piece and send to the Op-ed e-mail address/editor. Op-ed's can be mor like 500-600 words in length, but no longer (many papers have rules about what length they'll accept so check those).

Tommie Tommie
Basically, you have to be a journalist somewhere else, and be good. Neither paper takes beginners. Your lack of American citizenship (I assume) might be an issue. Usually, the home office will hire someone and assign him or her for overseas duty. It's not like the Times would go scouting for talent in London or something. There are exceptions, but it's difficult.
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Raymond Raymond
You'll need a stellar writing portfolio, a proven track record and a good dash of luck to get in at either paper. Coming from outside the US probably won't be an issue, especially if you've had success where you are now.
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Mathew Mathew
To work in either of those newspapers, you must be skilled in political spin, left-leaning bias, and plagiarism. You must also be willing to reveal your country's diplomatic and military secrets and betray the nation for the sake of a front page headline. I am sure you can do this from wherever you are at, as long as you are willing to do all the above as a foreign correspondent.
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