Why is this fact ignored by unbelievers?

Why is this fact ignored by unbelievers? Topic: Applied data research
July 18, 2019 / By Bobbi
Question: Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? Why is not all nature in confusion instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined? ... But, as by this theory innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?… Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and serious objection which can be urged against the theory. Why do evolutionists ignore and even deny this fact? The argument that Darwin proposed in the face of the lack of intermediate form fossils—to the effect that "there are no intermediate forms now, but they may be found through subsequent research"—today no longer applies. Present-day data show that the fossil record is extraordinarily rich. Based on hundreds of millions of fossil specimens obtained from different regions of the world, some 250,000 separate species have been described—many of which bear an extraordinary resemblance to the approximately 1.5 billion species alive today. Given the absence of any intermediate form despite such a wealthy fossil record, it is impossible any such intermediate forms will emerge from new excavations. The fossil record offers not a single example of an "intermediate form" that evolutionists can use as evidence, but does provide millions of specimens that demonstrate the invalidity of evolution. The most important of these are "living fossils," of which living specimens are in existence today. They can be seen from the fossil record to have lived in differing geological periods, and are proof of creation, since no difference exists between the living things of hundreds of millions of years ago and present-day specimens. Darwinists are helpless in the face of this situation. Do you ignoramuses even know who said this? It is a quote. This is a quote from Charles Darwin. No John B, the problem is you are willing to accept anything to sustain your belief. There are no transitional fossils, only fossils and interpretation and conjecture made to fit the data. "It is therefore essential to inflict an intellectual defeat on the materialist world view, and to this end it is essential to reveal the scientific invalidity of Darwinism, which constitutes the basis of that view. This is an easy task, because Darwinism lacks any scientific foundation. Not one scientific proof to back up the theory of evolution has so far been found in any relevant branch of science. The findings which have been made all show that evolution never happened. All that evolutionists do is to distort certain biological phenomena, observations or the fossil record, none of which actually constitute any evidence for the theory of evolution, in a prejudiced manner, and sometimes even wage their propaganda campaign by engaging in scientific fraud. In order for the true face of Darwinism to be revealed it is therefore essential that the effect of this propaganda be nullified and that the scientific facts be made available to as many people as possible"
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Alana Alana | 1 day ago
I always wondered about the fossils that exist in different layers of rock. How did they manage to to that if it took thousands or millions of years to compile the levels of rock and strata?
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i'm not sure what you're meaning by "turn off". Are you meaning just cause them to cease to exist? That's exactly what the Jehovah's Witnesses *teach* will happen -- for those who don't go to Heaven to be with God & for those who don't qualify for an Eternal Paradisical existence on the New Earth (*if* i am understanding their doctrine correctly). Obviously those who are teaching an "Eternal Hell" are blaspheming the True God & do not understand He/r Pure Love due to having been seriously misled by fallacious translations of their scriptures -- or by fallacious teachings of Mohammad (and others, in Hinduism, etc.). i'm not any fan of the New World Translation -- but at least they've got *that* part right. My understanding is that your spiritual essence is *eternal*. When you "die" out of this life, it's much like a butterfly flying free of its cocoon -- having once been a caterpillar. Indeed, this very *process* of metamorphosis is a recurrent Divine Sign pointing to what happens with *each* of us. The vital question, to my mind, is: CAN your "soul" be still contaminated when you metamorphosize out of this meat-body -- or is it only the mind & passions of the *ego* of this life that are contaminated? Is your soul essence really, in its ultimacy, totally *pure*? Does your ego *continue* after you metamorphosize .. or is your ego a part of the cocoon that is left behind? Generally-speaking it appears to me that people cling to their sense of ego-identity & *want* to be the ego they are *after* they "die". *That's* what they most want to *continue* -- the sense-of-self that they now *are*. Does clinging to that *attach* that to the soul essence? IF so (& it *does* appear that such-is-so) -- then that's going to affect "where you go" -- by the nature of the *continuance* of what you have been. If what you *are* at the time of transition (as an ego, here, with those attachments & memories) is enabled to *continue*, then absolute Divine Purity & a Total Love Vibration is unlikely to *be* what you *are* at that point. What you truly *are* is going to take you to the afterlife dimension that your "vibration" is attuned to. If you are not Pure Love, Pure Peace, you cannot *enter* those dimensions, because you're *not* what those *dimensions* are. You're not functioning at that vibration. If your vibration is filled with anger, fear, hate, unforgiveness, prejudice, false judgment, distortion of others, that is going to *suck* you into an afterlife dimension where *that's* what exists, for you're *clinging* to that as being your "real self"... & you'll be with people like *yourself*. It's not a matter of "God" putting you there; it's a matter of what you're *attached* to putting you there. There'll be more spiritually advanced souls who will put-in compassionate *time* in that dimension, willing to teach you how to "raise" your soul's vibration so you can get to a *pleasanter* dimension . As for "sin" -- people are falsely judging all manner of things as being "sin" that there's absolutely *nothing* wrong with from a more advanced spiritual perspective. Where there's no *victim* -- suffering from what you did to them -- there's really no "sin". We've got *lots* of people trying to cram their values down other people's throats -- when no true wrong to another has been done. And a number of the "scripture" writers were doing that too, *falsely* representing "God" as condemning such -- whereas the reality was their *own* disapproving & condemnatory ego was their real "God" when they wrote that. This belief is accepted around the world because very powerful religious organizations *indoctrinate* it into their followers from as young an age as they can understand -- & threaten them with hell (or whatever else) if they don't believe it. And all the believers *reinforce* those beliefs. So unless you break *free* of that gestalt & learn to think *differently*, the gestalt will trap you. So if the intrinsic*ness that you *are* causes suffering for you now, unless you change that *inner* circumstance -- & you cling to what you are in the transition -- you will be causing your *own* suffering (from within yourself) in the next dimension. And i see no indication that you're going to escape the consequences of all you have done that has *truly* harmed others that you haven't given a d*mn about. That indifference, that uncaring, that inner *coldness* & *harshness*, that lack of compassion & loving is a part of what you truly *are* -- so you'll take it *with* you, & that *cannot* take you to a pleasant place!

Travers Travers
It is a shame that you allow opinion to be confused with fact. The world and the fossil record is full of transitional forms. Every dinosaur was a transitional form on the way to something else. You are a transitional form since your children will not be identical to you. What walks the surface of the earth today are the successful experiments from millions of years of trial and error. The bonobo and the common chimpanzee are very similar but are no less different species. The problem is that you are looking for gross characteristic changes to discredit evolutionary change when the reality is that evolution consists of different family lines following different development paths. I really would suggest reading the works of Darwin or any realistic text on the subject to actually develop some facts upon which to base an opinion.
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Reed Reed
Gee I'm sure I read somewhere or other in the bible "Thou shalt not bear false witness".... The fossil record as it is known today is absolutely full of 'transitional forms'. Not that they are even needed to establish evolution, as Darwins book, written when the study of fossils was only just beginning, demonstrated. Yet they offer overwhelming support. By the way, why did you end the quote-mine there? - why didn't you include what he wrote next? The answer can only be in order to better deceive. Funny how the 10 commandments are always less important to religious fundies....
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Max Max
The fossil record is full of such samples. Which is amazing, since it takes pretty specific processes for a fossil to exist. Most things that die are eaten by animals or decay into dust. So if a few transitions are not found, that is to be expected.
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Jody Jody
Your argument is pure creationist propaganda. You and others like you keep stating it to each other, and you all believe it to be true, but it is not. Read the pages at the links below. Spend some time checking out how science has reached these conclusions, and see for yourself the huge web of evidence that supports these scientific theories. If you do this, and are intellectually honest, you'll see that evolution is far more sound than your current understanding.
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TCU is affiliated with, but not governed by, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Its mascot is the "horned frog." The university is classified as a Tier 1 institution by U.S. News and World Report'. East Texas brothers Addison & Randolph Clark, together with their father Joseph A. Clark, founded what was then called the AddRan Male & Female College in 1873 after the brothers had returned from service in the American Civil War. The college was named after AddRan Clark, the first son of Addison. The boy died of diphtheria at the age of three. His name was derived from a contraction of the two brothers' names. That name is now preserved in TCU's AddRan College of Liberal Arts. It memorializes the university's connection with its founders. They planned to establish their college in Fort Worth on five city blocks purchased for that purpose in 1869. However, from 1867–1872, the character of Fort Worth changed substantially due to the commercial influence of the Chisholm Trail, the principal route for moving Texas cattle to the Kansas railheads. A huge influx of cattle, men, and money transformed the sleepy frontier village into a booming, brawling cowtown. The area around the property purchased by the Clarks for their college soon became the town's vice district, an unrelieved stretch of saloons, gambling halls, dance parlors, and bawdy houses catering to the rough tastes of the Chisholm Trail cowboys. Its rough and rowdy reputation had, by 1872, acquired it the nickname of "Hell's Half Acre" (the heart of which is today occupied by the Fort Worth Convention Center and the Fort Worth Water Gardens). AddRan College (TCU) was one of the first coeducational institutions of higher education west of the Mississippi River, and the very first in Texas—a progressive step at a time when only 15% of the national college enrollment was female and almost all were enrolled at women's colleges. The inaugural enrollment in Fall 1873 was 13 students, though this number rose to 123 by the end of the first term. Shortly thereafter, annual enrollment ranged from 200 to 400. The college formed a partnership with what would become the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 1889 and was renamed AddRan Christian University. The church does not own or operate TCU; TCU is self-owned and self-governing. The church partnership is based on a common Disciples heritage and shared values. The need for a larger population and transportation base prompted the university to relocate to Waco from 1895 to 1910. A featured speaker at the Waco welcoming ceremony was the president of crosstown rival, Baylor University. The institution was renamed Texas Christian University in 1902, though almost immediately it was dubbed with the unofficial moniker by which it is most popularly known today: TCU. The architecture at TCU is consistent with much of the architecture of older buildings throughout Fort Worth. Most of the buildings at TCU are constructed with yellow brick. Nearly all of the buildings feature arches and red-tile roofs, while the oldest buildings on campus, including Jarvis Hall, Sadler Hall, and the Bailey Building, are supported by columns of various styles. TCU is listed by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education as a medium-sized, Doctoral/Research university. The university offers 100 undergraduate majors, 54 master's programs, and 12 doctoral programs. TCU has strived for a greener campus by launching the “Think Purple, Live Green” Campaign. So far, the campaign has been moderately successful and has had over 1800 signatories to the “TCU Live Green Pledge." Incentives have been offered to students that find innovative ways to live more sustainably on campus, and the university is also converting some of its lighting to low-flow fixtures.TCU competes in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sports as a member of the Division I Mountain West Conference. Over its history, TCU was a long-time member of the now defunct Southwest Conference. TCU will be moving to the Big East Conference in all sports on July 1, 2012. TCU's varsity sports have a long and storied history of excellence, boasting eight men's and ten women's varsity squads. Men's sports include baseball, basketball, football, golf, swimming & diving, track & field, cross country and tennis. Women's sports include basketball, volleyball, golf, swimming & diving, cross country, track & field, soccer, rifle, equestrian, and tennis. In recent years the university has made significant upgrades to its athletics facilities, including construction of the $13 million Abe-Martin Academic Enhancement Center, which was completed in August 2008.

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