Should I write a letter to my friends?

Should I write a letter to my friends? Topic: Types of letter writing letters
July 19, 2019 / By Bonita
Question: Ok I am in high school (11th grade) so do you think writing notes is immature?? Well it is the end of the year and I have had the best school year ever and I really want to write both of my friends a letter saying that I am going to miss them over the summer and how much they mean to me... One of my friends is a girl the other is a guy. I would give this to them on the last day of school at the end of this week. So should I write a note or it it too immature and what should I say in the notes?? Thanks!! We don't get our year books until next year so its not like I can just write them a note in the year books!!
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Alannah Alannah | 4 days ago
I actually think it a very nice idea and not immature at all...I'm 25 and I still have most of the letters and scrap book type things from high school friends! It's nice to have something to look back and remember all the crazy fun stuff we used to do. I say do it! They will love it I'm sure.
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Alannah Originally Answered: Hi friends pls help my friend wants to write letter of invitation 4 me 2 visit him in nigeria?
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Trenton Trenton
I think you should! First off, you won't get your yearbooks until next year, so you might as well write what you wish on a piece of paper and give it to them! I think it's very nice for you to do that, and hopefully your friends will know that you obviously care for them by taking time out of your schedule to write them something so meaningful. I would be really happy if my friends did that, so I think it's great if you do that =)
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Reg Reg
that's crap that you don't get your yearbooks til next year. but no i've written my friends letters before. sometimes they were just stupid, "i was really bored" letters, but some were sincere. it's not childish at all, in face more adult-like if anything, although i think letters are ok for all ages. if you're too embarrassed to give them in school, mail them.
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Maynerd Maynerd
yeah, it will give them something to remember you i love getting letters, especially reading over them evey once in awhile
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Joey Joey
letters arent childish i think there more adulty. also its something ur friends can keep forever! rie all ur memories with them and your inside jokes you share. your feelings and anything else you can think of.
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Joey Originally Answered: The beauty of a handwritten letter: I still write handwritten letters to family members & friends?
How sweet, i love receiving hand written letters, although they are far and few between, hand written thoughts always feel much closer to ones heart, i remember even receiving one sealed with a kiss & scented, from someone here many moons ago, the last time i had one like that seemed like decades,, now the only time i find such archaic wonder are in cards, then sometimes i find a print-out telling of adventures of the past year, it would have a more personal feel if it was hand written, but now technology has made people very lazy, and it seems less time is used for personalizing ones intent, i still hand write my thoughts in my book of pages, not inside a computer, save for what i post on here. Having hand written thoughts brings one closer to that individual than to read something on these silicone monsters!! Not that one does not appreciate having a typed out message, nevertheless, i know what you're saying. yAy for you!! xox ♪ ツ ♪

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