Do I need registration papers for my dog?

Do I need registration papers for my dog? Topic: Buy papers
July 18, 2019 / By Bonnie
Question: So, I don't really understand the concept of "Reg. Papers". I've heard that it simply 'proves' that your dog is a pure breed or something. So if it's a mix, you don't have reg. papers? But if it's a pure breed dog, is it a MUST-HAVE? And when you buy a dog, do you necessarily need the reg. papers if you're NOT going to breed? Or do you need it at all times, regardless? I'm purchasing a dog and I just really need to know if I need the papers or not. It's a bit more expensive for the papers (by $100, actually), so what should I do? Thanks, and everything is much appreciated. (:
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Alannis Alannis | 5 days ago
Do NOT buy a dog from someone who is offering a discount if you buy a pup without papers! This is terribly unethical an frowned on by the AKC. When this person registers the litter, every single person who buys a pup is ENTITLED to the paper work. They are paying a minimal fee to register the WHOLE and should not be charging extra if you want proof that the pup is a purebred. Not only that, these people DO have papers for EACH of those pups. What do you think happens to the registration papers that aren't SOLD? Well, some that is immoral and unethical, I'll tell you that. Run far away from ANY breeder who charges extra for the papers that you ARE entitled to for NO additional cost. If I knew who these people were, I would call the AKC and report them myself.
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You need to be a member and so does the owner of the horse. You sign the back of the transfer papers (which needs to have your member number) and the new owner fills out the back (includes member number and address) and then send the papers into the APHA office for an owner change. The new papers get mailed to the new owners. I have a friend that is leasing a horse that she wanted to show APHA (the horse needs to be in your name to show it). So they wrote up a contract and "sold" the horse for $1 so that they would have a bill of sale. I'm sure you could do something like this with your family. Even if you don't need a bill of sale (I don't think we ever got one and we transferred our papers just fine), some states require a bill of sale to transport the horse across state lines. To become a member of the APHA for one year it is $40. For the kid to become a member of the AjPHA it is $20. Transfer papers come with a fee (I'm thinking $15 but I'm not readily finding it on the APHA website). If you call APHA they can tell you any fees that you might run into. (They are very helpful.) This page from the APHA completely explains how to go about transferring papers. http://www.apha.com/forms/PDFFiles/howtransfer.html Beware, you might need to get a transfer signed by the guy who dumped him. Or at least work something out with the APHA. When I bought my mare (double registered AQHA/APHA) three owners had not transferred her APHA papers because they only wanted to show her AQHA. We had to spend 4 months going through trainers that knew these people to find them and get transfer records filled out. It was a pain in the butt.

Trev Trev
Totally agree with Julie D. I think she has explained quite clearly just how much it costs and why someone shouldn't be charging extra for papers. If you mean however that you have seen different litters for sale and they vary by $100 if registered then do still consider the paperwork, especially if it is a breed that can have problems. Make sure along with the paperwork that both sire and dam were totally health checked. So many badly bred dogs (and that would be purebred but unpapered) need so much veterinary work that it becomes expensive and heartbreaking to the new owners. Hence to me, paperwork is necessary and especially large breed dogs.
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Reggie Reggie
You were not unsuitable to inform him. One hundred and 5 kilos is surely an American Bully mutt. I do have got to say even though earlier than I hold that every one dogs even mutts are complete blooded, within the occasion that they were not they probably useless, the right time period is purebred. Yes all breeds have obstacle with unhealthy breeders placing/forging papers. If they get stuck, AKC will ban them. So they simply cross to a few crappy registry that they papers for are valued at not anything. I do not need competencies with humans forging papers, i don't dangle circular those varieties of members. I additionally do not think in continuously rescue, on no account acquire. I bear in mind i've each and every correct to get whatever puppy i could like, if I wish a well bred purebred from a reputable breeder that's nobodies alternate however mine. I don't rescue, nonetheless I do support rescue with my coins and one of a kind donations.
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Mayson Mayson
The breeder should not be charging you extra if you want the registration papers. A responsible breeder will not do this, they care more about the homes for their precious puppies that the income they generate. Have you seen the health certificates (if required for the breed) for the puppies parents? Unless you are going to compete in competitions or breed from your dog then you do not NEED the registration papers but it is nice to have the dog in your own name.
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