Anti virus xp 2008 windows?

Anti virus xp 2008 windows? Topic: Cs go case system
July 17, 2019 / By Brady
Question: I have "antivirus xp 2008" virus and everytime I start up my laptop it loads and then goes to system error. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Originally Answered: Why wont my anti virus update? do i have spyware or a virus please help me?
First, Mac's practice security through obscurity, in other words its only safe because the target audience is so much smaller than windows that few hackers want to write software to hit a small number of people. (1) With any OS, run system updates on a regular basis to protect from worms and other vulnerabilities. Have both a hardware and software firewall or an expensive hardware one that does not have a default allow rule for anything going outbound. The firewall on most consumer routers allows anything that comes from your computer to go out to the internet so it does not tick someone off by having an app not work so without a software one to check which apps are talking to the internet, you could be at risk. Get some anti-malware software. There is not really the "best" and since new threats come out daily one that was better than the next could change overnight. Check out AV Comparatives to see which ones have the best detection, the lowest false positives (legit applications that may act similar to a virus), speed, and resources consumed by the program (2) That being said, I recommend NOD 32 for a paid solution followed by Kaspersky. You can get PC Tools for free from Google (3), or the free ones I recommend are MS Security Essencials (4) if you have a legit copy of windows or Panda Cloud (5) for its very easy to manage and non obtrusive user interface. Please check AV Comparatives before you purchase any anti-virus software.
Originally Answered: Why wont my anti virus update? do i have spyware or a virus please help me?
Avast 5 Avast offers a really solid protection against threats. It has protection against anti-spyware & anti root-kit. Using it's Web Shield the computer is protected against browser hijacks blocking access of hijacked websites. also features a heuristics engine and a Gaming Silent mode. The Mail Shield protects the computer from infected email messages, while it's Instant Messaging Shield protects the system from IM threats. It supports a lot of IM clients like Windows Live Messenger, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and others. Another great feature is the Peer-to-Peer Shield, which scans all the files downloaded with P2P clients. Some of the supported clients are: LimeWire, Ares, DC, BitLord. Avast has a Behavioral Shield which monitors the system for any suspicious behavior, and it's Network Shield monitors the network activity in order to stop virus from infecting the system. Main Features - File System Shield Monitors all files and programs stored on the computer. - Web Shield Monitors and eliminates online threats. - Mail Shield Monitors all email activity. - P2P Shield IM Shield Monitors all downloads from P2P applications. - Behavioral Shield Monitors suspicious activity. - Gaming Silent Mode Monitors messages, pop-ups or alert threats get displayed. - Network Shield Monitors all network traffic. http://www.avast.com/

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