Paranormal or Just Normal?

Paranormal or Just Normal? Topic: How to write a book ghost writer
June 25, 2019 / By Brandi
Question: 1. What has been the strangest experience you've ever encounter that has scared the living daylights out of you? Can it be explained? 2. on a scale of 1 - 10 please rate it 1 weak 10 strong
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Alease Alease | 10 days ago
I would say a 5. This is true and totally true and I will try to keep it brief. We took a trip with my brother and his wife to stay on the Haunted Queen Mary ship/hotel in Long Beach harbor near Los Angeles. We were told we were on deck A a good deck and that the heavily haunted deck was B. We spent two nights in this freaky room. Here is what happened too me. The first morning I took a shower in the tiny ship bathroom off my sleeping room. I checked it first to make sure it was real clean and even the black toilet lid shined like glass. I took a hot shower and the room filled with steam. As I stepped out of the shower I look down at a huge bare footprint on the toilet seat. It was a mans print, perfect in every way and about a size 13. You could see each toe. He had just stepped out of the shower with me but he stood on the lid. I kept staring in shock, naked. I ran to get my husband but the steam disapated and you could not longer see it. Oh my, I just took a shower with a ghost. My husband was so sick that morning he could not get out of bed. I went to eat with my relatives. We just left him on the bed and came back 4 hours later to check on him. We woke him up. He sat up on the edge of the bed and started babbling about the spirits on the ship. How they want to be called spirits and they get angry when called ghosts. He started yapping about the history of the ship and what happened here, the deaths, the ill soldiers who came back from WW2, and more. It was like a history lesson in 15 minutes. Then he snapped out of it, remembered all the infor but said he felt better. We left the room to go on a tour of the ship. During this tour the guide gave us much history about the ship and its pasengers and it was the same stuff my husband recited. How in the world would he know all that stuff? How a little girl died in the swimming pool and was pushed in. And how 5 men died of food poisoning, and more. It was actually incredible. Either a spirit was talking through him that day or they brought all the information to him. Something made him ill and none of us ever got sick. And he got better right after he spilled the history lesson to us. We have been contacted by a writer who writes books on the hauntings of the Queen Mary. We will be giving him our stories to add for his next book. Neat. And I am not sure I want to go back. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. I do not rate it high because I am not really fearful of spirits. But you must admit it was an experience to remember.
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Tristin Tristin
Last year in the middle of the night I was washing my hands. Then after looking at the sink(the lights were off and only a small bit of light was in the dorm room) I looked up. Last of all I jumped and gasped but not loud enough to scare my roommate. I had seen my reflection in the mirror. Hours before I went to bed I had been reading scary stories on the internet just to get the Halloween feeling. Halloween is still my fave holiday even though I'm too old for trick or treating. The main stories I read were about Bloody Mary. A witch, demon thing that would snatch a person into a mirror or scratch my eyes out. I would put this moment in time as a 7 mainly b/c it's more of my stupity then a real huge scare.
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Reilly Reilly
One night I woke up and next to the side of my bed was standing a tall figure in a long white robe, with a blue tie around its neck hanging down. It was just standing there perfectly still, and I was so scared, I looked to see where my German Shepherd was, and there he was at the foot of my bed laying there on his back like NOTHING was happening sound asleep!! I looked back, and there it was STILL standing there! At that point, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Then suddenly the blue tie started moving toward my lamp on my nightstand, and then the whole figure just disappeared into nothing! That scared me pretty good, I would say that was about a 9, and I don't know if that's a nine, if I could possibly stand a 10!! It happened about four thirty or five am. and I was too scared to go back to sleep. It took a while before I wasn't afraid to go to bed after that. That was about 2 years ago, and I haven't seen anything like it since, thank goodness!
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Meed Meed
at circumstances we are able to observe a variance in temperature in certain rooms yet lots of the time there is an reason behind this going on. some rooms are positioned in an portion of the abode that faces faraway from the solar and when you consider that the solar instruments it does no longer get as a lot direct solar as different rooms and places in a particular property. Rooms with no longer as many abode windows frequently also are a touch cooler than different rooms to boot. in the experience that they sit down a touch decrease in the floor than different rooms this would also make a contribution to a variance in temperature to boot. unusual odors will be a touch more suitable complicated yet can be investigated as to the position they are coming from. Wall to wall carpet will be notorious for holding odors locked in or some section rugs too. If someone has walked in this carpet with stinky socks, this would guard those smells. also some smells will be trapped in woodwork as timber is porous.nutrition, cigar , cigarette and different fragrances can get trapped in an section and resurface a lot in a lengthy time period. i'd do all you are able to to be sure in case you won't be able to clarify the reason behind those circumstances. They unusual tugging is curious and that is certain yet there also would nicely be a reason behind this happening to boot. If those products nevertheless proceed to take position and also you won't be able to come to a end quite, you are able to commence to think about them paranormal. many persons come for the period of unusual occurrences and some can clarify them and others won't be able to. in case you do sense that you've a presence, you are able to also attempt to seize some evidence of a few style. using an difficulty-free digital camera, a video recorder or likely an digital voice recorder could likely yield some evidence. You under no circumstances recognize, you are able to certainly seize some evidence of the magical. Take care.
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Johnnie Johnnie
I have had a few experiences. I guess the last one was in the 9's I was renting a house, i had a couple of bad vibes about it but i needed a place to stay.. i found out it had something else living there besides me. And it would wake me in the middle of the night with scrapping noise down the window beside my bed. As many times as i went outside and checked and looked though the glass window itself i could see nothing, it built the fear in me slowly till i found i was getting quiet scared at nights. I still tried to ignore it, till one night it (i don't know how) found my friends place, she was up late cleaning her house and heard the noises down the front of her lounge room window. She went outside to check nothing there. she called me and told me to do whatever I'm not doing, or to stop doing whatever it is i was doing. I cleansed my house the next day and it was gone.. BB. ALD
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Habakkuk Habakkuk
I waved at my aunt in the dry cleaners she worked in while walking home from high school. When I got home my mother told me she had died in her sleep the night before. (9)
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