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Questions from a Beginner Witch/Wiccan? Topic: Choosing a research question
July 18, 2019 / By Brandy
Question: I've recently began my studies and research on it and I have found a great interest in it. Although, while looking at it, I found a website which said I had to choose a goddess/god and find out my element. I was wondering, what significance does my element hold? Does it matter if I'm alone or will it limit me to specific spells and rituals? Also, how would I go about choosing a god/goddess? Do I only choose one? I apologize for any dumb questions I may be asking. Thank you.
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Aleesha Aleesha | 2 days ago
"I found a website which said I had to" Two things wrong with this intro..., the first is that you're going on what a random website says, the second is that the website said you "had to" do something. You don't have to do anything. There are several schools of thought on how to become Wiccan, and none of them (or, I should say, none of the ones that hold any water) involve needing to chose your Goddess and your element... those types of things make it sound like you are trying to fill out some kind of profile, like you are building a role-playing game character... did the website say how many times you had to roll the 8-sided dice to see how many charisma points, wisdom points and strength points you should have? Religion isn't about filling in the blanks on a profile... it's about digging within yourself and finding truth and compassion there. What significance does my element hold? In Wicca, the idea is to balance ALL the elements. If there is any reason for trying to discover which element or elements you are most attuned to, it would be in order to identify which elements you need more work on understanding... ie: let's say I have an affinity for water (which I do). That may mean I need to spend some time working harder with the element of fire in order to understand it better and create balance and harmony in my life. The elements should be in balance... discovering "your" element is only a means of figuring out your weaknesses and strengths and working towards balance. This isn't Airbender or Captain Planet... "your" element isn't like a superpower. Does it matter if I'm alone or will it limit me to specific spells and rituals? Solitaries are perfectly capable of performing whatever spells and rituals are required in Wicca, however, your question here is worded awkwardly. Yes, if you are a solitary, you are limited to solitary rituals and spells. You can't do group-style rituals if you don't have a group... but group rituals aren't necessary. All that said, it can be helpful to have a legitimate, experienced and trustworthy group to help teach you and guide you... but be extremely cautious! It can be very difficult to find a group that is all three of those things, and even if you do, you may find that it's not the right mix of personalities for you, so don't despair if you can't find one. Desperation or over-eagerness can lead to you making choices and commitments that you will regret later and expose you to some nasty people who only want to take advantage of starry-eyed newbies. It's a complicated question, you're asking. If you're young and have no social connections to the pagan community that you can trust to help you find a good group, I would recommend staying solitary for the time being. Also, how would I go about choosing a god/goddess? You don't. They chose YOU. And you'll know when it happens, there will be no mistake. In the meantime, don't sweat it. Just go with what you understand and feel connected to the most. I know that's probably not the answer you want... I mean, it would be neat to quickly figure out which deity's icon to set upon your altar, right? But it's just not necessary. Some Wiccans go their whole lives worshipping a generic "God and Goddess" and I think that that is just a powerful and valid as any cultural iconography. Do I only choose one? No... As I said, you don't really get to chose... Kristen said that it's acceptable to approach a deity of your choice in hopes of developing a relationship and I won't disagree (she's a Wiccan priestess and knows a heck of a lot more than I do on the subject), but I think it's a bit of an advanced teaching that young and starting Wiccans may not be ready to understand... especially because there is a risk of feeling rejected or blown off by the deity in question if things don't go as hoped, which can be devastating to those just starting their journey. If that's something you want to try, I recommend waiting a number of years and educating yourself very thoroughly on the process... and developing a sense of the divine that goes beyond specific deities, as well as a sense of self-confidence in your faith that can overcome a seemingly failed relationship with a specific individual deity. I speak from experience here! Wicca is essentially polytheistic... or rather, duotheistic... or perhaps universalistic? Ok, that question is complicated as well... Wiccans believe in a male God and female Goddess. Their names, shapes and cultural backgrounds and iconography may vary and some Wiccans may even go around talking about worshipping many different Gods and Goddesses... but essential Wiccan theology can be boiled down to a unity between a masculine and feminine divine. However that looks or feels to you right now is perfectly valid. You may never end up having a "goddess" as would be recognized by the ancients or that you can look up in books... but that's not the point of your relationship with Goddess... She will guide you when She needs to... same with the male aspect of the divine.... Have patience. It takes time. I apologize for any dumb questions I may be asking. As the old saying goes... the only dumb questions are the ones left unasked. IF you're asking from a place of genuine curiosity, there's no problem with asking. What books have you read? Have you tried "Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner" by Scott Cunningham? What about "Wicca for Beginners" by Thea Sabin? Have you come across any of the "Wicca for Dummies" or "Complete Idiots Guide" style books? They're worth reading and may help dispel some of the misinformation and odd notions you might have carried into your research on Wicca. And as far as websites go, try this one... it's a highly reputable site that can also help you sort through some of the B.S. and garbage that's out there about Wicca. http://wicca.cnbeyer.com -Scarlet
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Troy Troy
The 'find your element' thing is silly and comes from cartoons like the Last Airbender. In Wicca, no on 'has' an element. The elements represent everything in life-- colors, plants, emotions, careers, etc. They're not meant to box people in. Everyone is ALL the elements-- your breath is air, your body is earth, your blood is water, your spirit is fire. Everything in your life is a combination of elements. If you were 'an element' you'd be a terribly imbalanced person. A key tenet in Wicca has always been finding balance. As for finding deities, Wiccans more believe our Gods and Goddesses find us-- it's not something you should rush. If you don't feel a calling you should do your research, pray and meditate. Traditionally Wicca was polytheistic-- the "all Goddesses are one Goddess" never came from Wicca, it came from Dion Fortune (A Christo-Pagan Ceremonial Magaician), and got popularized in Wicca when a lot of bad LLewellyn books came out to jump on the fad band wagon. There's also a lot of good reasons why NOT to mix pantheons. Research is necessary. I'd get better sources if I were you. Try: wicca.cnbeyer.com wiccansage.hubpages.com
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Reubhen Reubhen
You don't choose your gods. They choose you. You just figure out who is calling to you. But you say it as if it's a burden. If you're not intent on following a god and goddess, why are you looking at Wicca? The god/goddess dynamic is foundational for Wicca. Yes, you need them. If not, you're following some other religion. It's like asking if you can be Christian but not believe in Jesus. One of the problems here is you are equating witchcraft with Wicca. In fact, they are very different things. If you're just looking for magic, that's witchcraft, not Wicca. Being an element has become popularized by a variety of pop culture sources. It has nothing to do with Wicca or witchcraft. Quite the opposite, its contrary to most systems of thought.
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Melbourne Melbourne
Wiccan High Priestess here. First, you do NOT "find your element" or "have an element" in any legit form of Wicca. That comes from teen fiction books. It's just not part of Wicca at all. Second, you do not have to "choose or be chosen" by one God and one Goddess. Many Wiccans work with entire Pantheons of Divine Beings or multiple Divine Beings as a matter of course. Boy, you've really been reading bad information. Each Wiccan ritual honors one God and one Goddess, but they don't have to be the SAME God and Goddess each time and you don't need a Matron or Patron unless you feel called by Them.' Further, I'm going to disagree a bit with Nightwind whose answers I generally really like. You CAN choose to approach a Deity without waiting to be "chosen." It is perfectly acceptable to initiate a conversation and/or relationship with a Deity. However, feeling chosen happens to some of us. Good info: http://wicca.cnbeyer.com http://realwiccaninfo.com http://witchvox.com
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Jojo Jojo
You don't "have" to do anything like that. It may help to find out what element (if any) you have an affinity to because it will help you do things related to that element, but it doesn't exclude activities not related to that element. And while one may choose a god/goddess to work with, again, it's not exclusive - ultimately, all goddesses are the Goddess, but working with her named Aspects helps you focus. I work with Demeter when I'm in my garden, Bastet when I'm with my cats, Hygeia when I do healing work and so on. You don't even have to stick with one pantheon if you don't want to.
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