How to find A,B,C?

How to find A,B,C? Topic: How to write a function equation
July 19, 2019 / By Breann
Question: A*4+B*2+C*3 =35 how to find A,B,C which could satisfy the above eqn ? will you go for complete trial & error method ? OR there is some way which could help you to find results easily ?
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Alesha Alesha | 4 days ago
That is one equation with three unknowns. You have an infinite number of solutions. You can write any of the three variables as a function of the other two. In the absence of further information relevant to this problem, that is the best you can do. So the best you can do is not trial and error. It is to, say, write C and a function of A and B and compute C after you select your favorite numbers for A and B.
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Truman Truman
Let's find all possible solutions: 4A + 2B + 3C = 35. So 3C=35mod2 , C = 1 mod 2 put C = 2r + 1 into the eqn and get 2A + B = 16 - 3r, so B + r is even = 2s, and B = 2s - r. Plug that in to get A = 8 - r - s. Our general solution is then A = 8 - r - s B = 2s - r C = 2r + 1 Substitute anything you want for r, and s because 4(8-r-s) + 2(2s-r) + 3(2r+1) = 35 , is an identity. These are all the solutions both positive and negative integers A, B, C.
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Rex Rex
There are infinitely many solutions to this problem, unless ofcourse there is some restrictions on a, b and c example: if a = b = 1, then c would have to be cube root of 33. Edit: please do not delete this question it is a nice question and some good answer here, especially the guy who gave the integer solution form.
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Melville Melville
There are multiple solutions to this question. We would need more information to try to solve it in a particular context. However one possible set of solutions is (A,B,C) = (4,8,1). (Trial and error)
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Jolyon Jolyon
Do your own home work. What is this. Your 100th question asking about homework. Be UN selfish and help other people. Answer other peoples questions.
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